[Zhao Ge] Chapter 220

Chapter Two Hundred Twenty, Return, oh Spirit, Back To Home.
(魂兮归来, 反故居些)

  Chu Zhi Yuan gasped for breath, and descended down to the top of the wall with a pale face.

  When he saw fog raptors pressing on the city, he already knew everything ended- no matter if he made it or not, it ended, Meng Pass could not be kept.

  But he still came.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 219

Chapter Two Hundred Nineteen, Li Xin and Wan Bai, Henceforth, and Afterwards.
(厉歆晚白, 从此之后)

  There was not a sound by the ears.

  Li Shu could not hear anything at all. There were no sounds of war drums, no sounds of blades colliding with each other, no sounds of killing nor yelling. The world only remained with that giant drum, the hand of the person beating the drum, and his own heartbeat.

  His heartbeat turned calm.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 218

Chapter Two Hundred Eighteen, Attack on the City, Armoured Soldiers for Miles.
(攻城之战, 万里甲兵)

  The Wan Zhen disciple was considered a bit more reliable, and with the wine spilled, he immediately cursed out while taking out materials and spirit stones from his ring to set up a formation. During these few years, war was in a critical state- it was not the first time Jiang Chen heard Wan Zhen Sect’s disciple curse to and back that the materials these cheating paupers gave to prepare formations were not enough at all.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 217

Chapter Two Hundred Seventeen, the Past of Bai Li, a Distant Time.
(百里往事, 遥远时光)

  Airs of death hung down.

  In the deathly-still world, thick and heavy black-iron doors stood loftily. Nine black-iron doors erected in the light-less underground, while the doors themselves were like they formed into a independent space, where Jiu Xuan Sect’s main peak was the only entrance to it. This space it stood in was a bit similar with the Battlefield of Di Fen connected to Bing Province’s Qing Ming tower.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 216

Chapter Two Hundred Sixteen, Dance of the Fog Raptors, Pillar of Yan Men.
(雾鸷之舞, 雁门天柱)

  Daylight lit up slightly, and the world was flooded with a faint fog.

  Xie Yi shook off the blood on his blade, and slightly gasped for breath. That elegant Xue Li blade reflected with the daylight, clear and bright, like a cold spring on a winter day, with the curves graceful as before.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 215

Chapter Two Hundred Fifteen, Coming Without Stop, the Torrent of the Generation.
(亹亹而来, 时代洪流)

  Once the person draped in the blood-red mantle disappeared in the air, the complete red iron and bronze liquid gathered within the black-watered river with white hazy vapour sweeping up and spreading out. The young woman dressed in silver robes stood on top of the shambles of the lone island surrounded by the black water and scarlet iron and bronze liquid, and watched that existence disappear.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 214

Chapter Two Hundred Fourteen, Blood of White Emperor, to Return in the End.
(白帝之血, 终将归来)

  As the starlight in the skies scattered from the canopies, Xie Yi’s black overcoat’s magnificent embroidery shined brilliantly, just like a fire, like the stars, like all the splendid and pretty things went in blossomed on top of his clothes.

  Lou Shi Dao stepped back, and distantly looked at this battle in the dark night.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 211

Volume Four, Battle of the Heavens.
Chapter Two Hundred Eleven, Jiu Xuan of Yore, Battlefield of Bone.
(九玄往日, 白骨战场)

  In a place not far from Bing Province City, at a small and narrow pass named “Meng”.

  The heavens were like an overturned basin, where tens of thousands of arrays of stars were sprinkled above the deep-night’s skies, and starlight fell from the tops of the canopies tens of thousands of zhang above, illuminating every blade of grass and tree within the narrow pass. It was already not far from Bing Province’s Yan Men Prefecture- if a cavalry sped [from here with] a day’s time, they would get there. At the start of the year, this place was re-constructed into a toll gate, as the buffer for when Yan Men Prefecture was attacked.

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