The Rabbit Gentleman and the Fox Demon 004


Shen Hang Zhi was really bothered by Lan Yi, so much that he couldn’t even carry on with business.

Every time a customer entered his room, Lan Yi would come out from somewhere, then use some unknown technique to have the person leave, and bother him again to have him go back with him.

This Lan Yi was a brat that came from some unknown place, what could he give him? He didn’t even have a single silver, for what reason should he go with him?

Towards customers, Shen Hang Zhi would smile and be kind, but every time he smiled towards Lan Yi, it would be obviously thin, “Go back with you? Are you the Emperor or a Prince, or are you perhaps some noble with royal powers? Once I go with you, what will I gain? You can’t even redeem me[1]– after I go with you, would I still be able to live the life of stars bowing before a moon like I am now?”

“What? You think if you just simply say so you can really make it happen?”

Lan Yi was not familiar with how to coax a person. He only recalled how his father looked when he would coax his mother, then asked in a low voice, “Zhi Zhi, I’ll let you touch my tail, so don’t be angry any more, okay?”

Not waiting for Shen Hang Zhi to even sneer at him, Lan Yi took the initiative and brought a tail out and swayed it in front of the other person’s eyes, with his eyes shining with a ‘please praise me’, “Zhi Zhi, my tail is the prettiest in the clan, touch it- after you touch it, don’t be angry any more.”

The sudden appearance of a tail had made Shen Hang Zhi become speechless. When he saw that snow white fluffy tail, he dumbfoundedly asked, “This is yours?”

Having thought it was not enough, Lan Yi brought out the other eight tails, and desperately swayed them in front of Shen Hang Zhi, anxious to have him touch every tail, “That’s right, Zhi Zhi. Within the clan, I am the one with the best talent as a nine-tailed fox- I can make my tails to all come out. Mother said, each time she touched Father’s tail, she wouldn’t be angry any more.”

“You touch too. After you touch it, you won’t be angry any more.”

With trembling hands, Shen Hang Zhi went to touch it, and the soft feeling instantly awakened his senses.

This was the legendary fox demon! A nine-tailed fox at that!

He did not know if was out of fear, or if it was because he couldn’t inhibit his own joy, but Shen Hang Zhi’s heart would not be calm.

“So there really are demons.”

After building up some courage, Shen Hang Zhi deeply breathed in. When he touched all around, the tactile sensation of every tail each felt just as real. But even now, he did not dare to believe that the fox demons in the legends actually existed.

Then, that legend about eternal youth, is that true as well?

While suppressing his own excitement, Shen Hang Zhi spent a lot of strength to return to his usual expression, “It’s fine, I’m not angry anymore. Go out quickly, I need to rest.”

“Then Zhi Zhi, when will you come back with me?”

“Can you get even more annoying?” Shen Hang Zhi had met with the clean and shallow eyes. When he thought to the other person’s identity, he held down his temper, “I know- I’ll properly think over it.”

Seeing that Shen Hang Zhi had finally given in, Lan Yi could not help but give the other party a peck. Taking advantage of while he had still not reacted, he quickly made an exit.


After Shen Hang Zhi who was unable to catch the demon came back to his senses, he could not bear any longer to grind his teeth. But once he thought back to that legend, he could not help but lightly laugh out loud.

Willingly from the heart? He could not do it, but that Mister could.

One day, Shen Hang Zhi managed to break away from Lan Yi, and used the time to his advantage to block the bone engraver. As for why he could coincidentally bump into the other person, in face of the thirst for beauty, he did not think too much, and directly asked, “I want to engrave Lan Yi’s bones, what do I need to pay up?”

To trade one thing for another item- that was the first principle Shen Hang Zhi learned when he came to the Southern Wind Mansion.

Throughout the Southern Wind Mansion, everyone knew- Shen Hang Zhi had brought back a pretty human clinger from somewhere, who seemed not leave his side every day, who would even chase off those customers away. Many people had laughed that if Shen Hang Zhi continued on like this, he would be toppled over later. But each of them was clear in their hearts- they were just simply jealous themselves.

Although Lan Yi’s character was simple, his way of loving was just as pure[3].

Who in the Southern Wind Mansion could not see through this world’s shallow men? Something like this pure heart akin to a newborn was the thing that would move their hearts the most. But at the same time, it was the thing they would scorn upon the most.

Among those who have experienced a lot, who wouldn’t know- on matters of romance[4], once they were truly moved, they would be doomed eternally[5].

“When the time comes, the Heavens will naturally receive its payment.” The bone engraver looked up and down at Shen Hang Zhi, as though asking his soul, “The person whose bones are engraved will forget everything from before, and will suffer the pain of bone engraving every night. Would you be so ruthless as to make the decision to let him be in so much pain that he would want to die?

As though listening to the most funniest joke, Shen Hang Zhi laughed coldly and shallowly, yet also looked like a beautiful half-human snake in the legends, seducing people’s souls, “It’s not me that is in pain, why would I not be able to make that decision?”

As long as he reached his goals, it would be good enough.

“As you wish, then. Just bring the person on the night of the full moon.”

Once Shen Hang Zhi obtained a certain answer, his hands could not help but tighten up. To directly bring Lan Yi, he was no fool- he would definitely not be willing. He should ask, with what method could he get Lan Yi to knock out.

The day before the full moon, Shen Hang Zhi had found out Lan Yi’s secret, “Zhi Zhi, if this jade pendant leaves my body, on the night of the full moon, I would be no different from a normal human.”

Shen Hang Zhi laughed, with the pair of eyes filled with admiration, “This jade pendant is the treasure within your clan? It’s so beautiful, I’ve never seen such a jade in the mortal realm before as beautiful as this one.”

Seeing how happy the other party was, Lan Yi was also extremely elated. He took off the jade pendant and stuffed it in Shen Hang Zhi’s hands, then locked the fingers on both hands with the other person, “Zhi Zhi, feel it- isn’t it quite cold, but also pleasant to the touch? Wait until after the night of the full moon, then I will bring you back to the clan. Once the clan leader approves, you will really be my wife, then I will be able to give this jade pendant to you.”

As he gripped the jade in his palm, Shen Hang Zhi forced down the feelings of discomfort, and smiled happily.

That’s right. After the night of the full moon has passed, your internal pill will become the object within the palm of my hands.

On the night of the full moon, Shen Hang Zhi had specially let Lan Yi enter his room. He flirted until the person’s face and ears became red, and when the mouthful of alcohol went down, he pulled off the jade pendant with ease. When Lan Yi looked at him confusingly, he counted down inside for when the other party would go down.

The alcohol had drugs inside it. Shen Hang Zhi was afraid Lan Yi’s demon body only looked the same as any ordinary person’s, so he especially put in more. As for himself, he had already drank the antidote long ago.

The jade pendant Shen Hang Zhi obtained was liberally tossed onto the table. When he stroked Lan Yi’s hair, he had even thought how nice it would be to feel Lan Yi’s tail again.

The bone engraver had reminded him- bone engraving can either make the person love with all his heart, or hate someone as deep as their bones.

He naturally had enough assurance to make Lan Yi love himself to the point of dying and living for him, but he still wanted to stroke it again- stroke the tail of the silly idiot who clearly had come face with the world’s dangerous and evil person, yet had not put up any defence to his heart.

As his face went cold, Shen Hang Zhi called someone in to carry Lan Yi to the bone engraver’s small residence.

Before the gates, the bone engraver had smiled at him, with eyes carrying some unknown emotion he could not tell apart, and asked, “You must think clearly. Once the bone is engraved, he won’t necessarily be that Lan Yi that was genuine and sincere towards you any more.”

“I’ve thought it through.”

What does he want with genuine sincerity? Only with bones being actually engraved, can he be at ease, and have assurance that Lan Yi would be willingly give him his demon pill. And then, he would have everlasting youth, and be able to keep this eternal beauty.

[1] Redeeming a prostitute or a slave means to pay enough money to buy the person from its previous owner, to buy back their own freedom.

[2] 登徒浪子- The expression originates from a story of a doctor (last name Deng/ 登 ) from Chu during the warring period, where the doctor claimed in front of king of Chu how lecherous he was. Song Yu, however, argued that to his east lived a girl- no matter her face or body, her entire being could only be called beautiful, with many people in love with her. This girl would climb over the wall to take a peek at him, and for a whole three years, he would not even approach her. Regarding Deng’s wife, her hair was constantly in a mess, her ears would curl, her lips full of cracks, her teeth were sparse, her back was crooked, and she also had a fallen to a disease- yet Deng had liked her, and even had five children with her. It was clear who was more lecherous in comparison, hence the phrase was since used to call upon particularly lustful people.

[3] The words ‘simple’ and ‘pure’ is the same (单纯), simply that it does not make sense to call someone’s character pure nor would it make sense to call someone’s love simple.

[4] 风花雪月- An expression that calls upon the natural beauties of each of the four seasons- Spring has hundreds of many flowers (花), autumns have the moon (月), the summers are filled with cool breezes (风), while the winter has its snow (雪). This expression later also referred to romance as well as the life of debauchery. Take your pick.

[5] 万劫不复 – Not even going through ten thousand disasters would turn around your situation, hence doomed eternally.

4 thoughts on “The Rabbit Gentleman and the Fox Demon 004

  1. Mc this time really is a typical villain scum. Stupid to the point. Actually generally humans are such stupid creatures. He is greedy. What use is there to protect your youth beauty when you will be just lowly prostitute all your life. Or does he like such life. Can’t bear to separate from luxury? What use of wealth when you are alone and no meaning of living. What use is it.


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