The Rabbit Gentleman and the Fox Demon 005


When Shen Hang Zhi saw Lan Yi again, the big idiot was unlike his usual self brimming with energy- his whole face was a pale white, and extremely weak. But when he saw him, he still smiled at him.

“What are you smiling at?” Shen Hang Zhi asked.

“I don’t know.” Lan Yi shook his head, but still smiled. The pair of fox eyes narrowed as he smiled, “But when I see you, I feel delighted, and want to smile at you.”

“Are you my wife?” Why is it that when I see you, my heart would tighten, and feel so happy.”

“I feel like you are the world’s most prettiest person, even prettier than the person from before.”

Lan Yi should be referring to the bone engraver.

Sweet words came out like river water endlessly flowing out, to the extent that Shen Hang Zhi’s ears felt a bit embarrassed, thus he directly blocked the other party’s mouth, and lightly coughed a few times, “It’s fine, don’t say any more. I know.”

The Lan Yi whose bones were engraved had already forgotten his own name, and what kind of person he was. But when once he sees Shen Hang Zhi, he would eagerly follow along; when the other party was angry, he would materialize his fluffy tail to coax him.

“Zhi Zhi, are you really not my wife? But when I see you, my heart would be in joy, and feel so happy. I think I originally really liked you.”

“Zhi Zhi, pay a bit of attention to me. If you are not happy, if you just touch my tail, you should be happy.”

“Zhi Zhi, why is it that I have a tail, but you don’t?”

“Zhi Zhi……”

“Shut your mouth.” Shen Hang Zhi had been annoyed to the point of feeling a bit irritated, and directed his anger at the other person. But when he saw that pitiful appearance of Lan Yi’s, he unconsciously softened his speech, “Go out by yourself and walk around, don’t just stay by my side to look at me.”

Lan Yi stared blankly for a second, then smiled again, “But I like to just look at Zhi Zhi like this all the time.”

“Why is that?”

“Because Zhi Zhi is this world’s prettiest looking person.”

After a moment of silence, Shen Hang Zhi’s voice was a bit muffled, and asked, “If I destroyed my face, or if I were to become old one day, and not have the appearance I have now?”

Seeing Lan Yi’s face in distress, he laughed, and his lips could not help but purse, “It’s fine.”

Shen Hang Zhi, take a look, see how many people admire your looks. If there was one day where you turned old, no longer elegant nor talented, would these people really love you? For Lan Yi to be so nice to you, it is just because your were born good looking.

And if you were not good looking?

As though perceiving Shen Hang Zhi’s unhappiness, Lan Yi transformed into a fox’s body, and lept up onto the other person’s lap, then used his fox mouth to give the other person’s hand a kiss.

Zhi Zhi, don’t be sad.

Shen Hang Zhi quite liked this kind of Lan Yi. As he touched the other person’s soft fur, the warm feeling had made him truly perceive the other’s presence.

For the first time[1], Shen Hang Zhi had permitted Lan Yi to be in his bed, but only on the condition that he had to transform into his original form.

To be even just a little bit closer, Lan Yi had felt it did not matter what form he was in, and was long already turned into a fox, curled up in the blankets and waited for Shen Hang Zhi to arrive.

In the middle of the night, Shen Hang Zhi had discovered the fox in his embrace was constantly shivering.

As though afraid to interrupt his sleeping dreams, the fox’s body started to cramp. Within the silence of the black night, one could clearly hear the sounds of breaking bones and a fox’s low whimpering sound. As though inadvertently, Shen Hang Zhi moved his hand, and brought the fox in his embrace even closer.

Since he could not see the fox, he could only faintly make out an outline. When a warm feeling had moistened his hand, Shen Hang Zhi had froze for a second.

This big idiot that had always smiled, seemed to be crying……

Can foxes cry? Shen Hang Zhi did not know, but the fox in his embrace, seemed to be really crying in pain.

Shen Hang Zhi did not feel regret, but there would be a wave of unspeakable emotions from the bottom of his heart spreading open. Perhaps, if he were to hug it, it would make it better.

Didn’t this big idiot like him the most? Perhaps if he hugged him, the big idiot would not have such a hard time?

Smiling in an attempt to deceive himself and others, Shen Hang Zhi had brought the fox in closer and tighter, and mimicked the actions of his mother in his memories, lightly stroking the other person’s back, and humming a small tune from his mouth.

Shen Hang Zhi was well known for his qin and dance, but his voice was not bad either. After going through some practice, it had developed a bit of a special style. The light tune had carried a calmness of a youth who was not familiar with the ways of the world, like bringing people back to their own childhoods.

It was when he was still the little lord of the Shen family. In the night, the storm had come forth with tremendous peal of thunder and a rush of rain. He was also extremely sick, and constantly threw temper tantrums not willing to sleep. Within all the thunder and lightning[2] , the inside the room would be last place of comfort. Mother would be like this, humming a small tune, lightly swaying him, and stroking his back, removing all of his unease bit by bit.

“My Zhi Zhi would be this world’s luckiest child, because his father and mother loves him very much.”

But Mother, Zhi Zhi was not happy one bit.

Zhi Zhi was no longer Shen family’s little lord. The people of this world liked to call Zhi Zhi a little rabbit figure, or teasingly call him little lord.

What that person said was not at all wrong. He had really fantasized that he was still that Shen family’s little lord. But he had long already grown up, and was no longer that Shen family’s little lord; other than the big idiot always wanting to call him Zhi Zhi.

Perhaps it has been too long since he was called Zhi Zhi, so long that when the fox had called him in the same manner, he would think upon that little lord and those memories.

Originally, he was the one coaxing the fox, but now on his face appeared two streaks of tears. Although the fox’s body was still trembling, his big tail would mimic his actions from earlier, then with a quivering voice, lightly stroke his back, “Don’t cry. Don’t cry, Zhi Zhi.”

Truly, a big fool.

Shen Hang Zhi had suddenly felt, it seems that he had overdone it a bit.

The Lan Yi in his memories liked to stick to him, like a playboy that grew up being spoiled by his family, unaware of the ways of the world, forever unable to understand all those faces of intolerance he would send him; he also liked to narrow those pair of fox eyes of his, and grin cheekily while calling him Zhi Zhi.

No matter what he did, Lan Yi would still accept himself, as though having no temperament of his own, always being concerned with himself.

No matter if it was before the bone engraving or after it.

Shen Hang Zhi had suddenly felt like kissing Lan Yi. He looked at the fox before him, as though he turned back to that originally arrogant little lord, without carrying any malicious intent, who only had a bit of wilful tone, “Hey, fox, turn back into a human form.”

“I want to kiss you.”

When the tone had fallen, the fox in his embrace had turned back into a human in an instant. The Shen Hang Zhi who was accustomed to the darkness, borrowing the moonlight, he saw that Lan Yi’s forehead was covered in beads of sweat. That pair of eyes was like it had been lubricated, shining brightly. He asked very carefully, “Zhi Zhi, can I?”

The little lord who had long knew the ways of the world had reddened his face, and rolled his head over, “If you don’t want to, then I will just go sleep.”

A soft feeling had been transferred from the lips in that moment. Shen Hang Zhi’s eyes was covered by Lan Yi’s palms, unable to see anything. Within the darkness, the five senses were the most sensitive. He could hear the watery sound from the interaction between their mouths, as well as the big idiot’s muttering that had some crying notes.

“If Zhi Zhi kisses- if Zhi Zhi kisses me, then it won’t hurt.”

When the frozen Shen Hang Zhi had returned back to his senses, he had responded with more passion for the other person.

Lan Yi, I’m sorry.

[1] Without precedent; epoch-making

[2] Also an expression for throwing temper tantrums

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