The Rabbit Gentleman and the Fox Demon 006


From that night on, Shen Hang Zhi’s tolerance for Lan Yi had risen up a lot. From time to time, he would stare at the jade pendant he took from him.

It seems that towards Lan Yi, he had become more softhearted.

When he saw his own gaze come over, the idiot that was currently silent doing something raised his head and smiled at himself, and even called out to him with “Zhi Zhi”.

He unconsciously turned over his head, and the corners of Shen Hang Zhi’s mouth could not be held down from slightly curving. But once he thought of something, the curve had been held down again in an instant.

Shen Hang Zhi, what are you doing? You’ve become softhearted towards a demon? Or should it be said, your heart is moved?

At the time the thought came up, that beating heart skipped a beat. When Shen Hang Zhi looked at Lan Yi once more, his heart felt like it had wanted to jump out from beating so much, beating without a stop.

Shen Hang Zhi, Shen Hang Zhi, you seem to have lost your mind. He is a demon, while you are a human. From the start, was it not because you wanted his internal pill that you went to have his bones engraved? What kind of sickness have you contracted, that you would back away when you’ve arrived at this point in time? Let alone, the reason why he would be so good to you is all due to the bone engraving……

He could not help but make a mockery of himself. Shen Hang Zhi, you truly have lost your mind- up until now, how have you still not understood that?

But when he thought like that, Shen Hang Zhi would feel a little suffocation from his chest, his eyes would ache as he blinked, and even his lips would tightly purse.

A fluffy tail silently brushed over his arm. When he took a look, Lan Yi was smiling, simple-mindedly letting his own tail fill into his hands, “Zhi Zhi, touch my tail, don’t be so upset.”

But the person you’ve wasted so much time and effort coaxing, was someone who is thinking of every possible way to steal your internal pill.

Shen Hang Zhi touched the tail in his hands, stroked it bit by bit, then gave Lan Yi a smile without any care for gain, making people stunned from it.

The bypassing bone engraver had momentarily stopped his steps, and then dragged the little disciple back to the residence. On the entire way, the little disciple could not stop blabbering away, and his mouth would open and close nonstop, “Master, has this Shen Hang Zhi looked upon that fox demon?

“Didn’t he previously have that stupid fox’s bone engraved? Why is it now that he likes him?” The little disciple had thought about it, then laughed, “But what use is there if he likes him, that stupid fox already had his bone engraved, it’s not like he really likes him anyway.”


The little disciple pressed on his head that had just been hit, and looked at the expressionless bone engraver with teary eyes. His intuition had told him the other person was not feeling very happy, even perhaps a little bit despicable.

When he saw his little disciple use a gaze of complaint to look at himself, the bone engraver simply indifferently looked at him, and said, “Noisy.”

Like? If he truly liked him- that person had once said, if he really liked him, then he would not let the other person suffer the pain of bone engraving. And the result? Heh.

It was a single laugh, but he did not know who he was laughing at.

The annual Flower God festival had arrived at the Southern Wind Mansion. Every year, the opening ceremony consisted of having the top performer dance upon red silk up high. Shen Hang Zhi had already occupied this position for five years. Without exception, for this year, he would also be doing this opening dance.

Shen Hang Zhi was looking from up high towards the mass of people. With one look, he could spot Lan Yi donning the same red outfit as him, with his face also wearing the same fox mask as when they first met- it was very showy. With the people cheering from below, the red fabric silk that spread all over the sky was as though the whole world was celebrating, congratulating a new pair’s marriage.

He had suddenly thought- the situation right now is actually pretty good. If time could just stay still at this very moment forever.

The tips of his toes stood up steadily as though on bare ground. The fabric lightly dipped down, and with his body as light as a swallow, Shen Hang Zhi swayed the flower branch up in his hand.

The silk fabric was staggered, that person was also at the top dancing, as though lingering with it, their gaze could not help but lock on Shen Hang Zhi’s face. Nobody had noticed the slight ripping sound either.

Just as he skipped onto a different piece of silk, Shen Hang Zhi’s toes had used a bit of strength, and the smooth action of jumping that was expected did not happen, but the fabric had slipped over his legs. The person had not yet reacted, and was unable to grasp onto the silk above in time. The suddenly weightlessness that had come forth made him terrified in that moment.

Shen Hang Zhi even could not take a look at Lan Yi in time, and could only feel the sense of strips slipping by him.

The fear of death quickly approaching gradually spread, and again, he desired for there to be someone to come save him. The first person Shen Hang Zhi thought of was Lan Yi.

He desperately looked around the crowd to look for that red figure, only to be blocked by the red silk. And then, he had suddenly seen the other person- the fox mask on Lan Yi’s face had been thrown away someplace, his face was filled with panic, and he was arduously moving from the crowd towards him.

Oh, he had already forgotten. After having his bone engraved, Lan Yi had long forgotten how to use his techniques. Transformation was simply just the body’s natural ability.

He deserved it. He truly did.

An intense pain from all over his body was transmitted to his brain. Those loud echoes he heard had made it all the more scary- don’t even mention the sensation from his four limbs wringing and the gradual loss of life. Shen Hang Zhi thought about how terrible he must look now. He again recalled how his mother had looked when she had died, and the fear overtook him as though drowning him out, making him feel helpless.

No…… He didn’t want to die in such a terrible fashion. He did not want to be like his mother……

His vision had been blurred by the colour of blood. Faintly , he seemed to have seen a flustered Lan Yi. The other person was in a complete mess- his clothes was full of scrapes in many places he gotten from somewhere. If it was a normal day, he would definitely make fun of this person. But this time, Shen Hang Zhi was truly afraid. He wanted to grasp onto Lan Yi’s hand and beg him to quickly save him.

Hurry up and save him. He still did not want to die. He was still young, his time was still filled with talent, he should not be as ugly as this.

However, Shen Hang Zhi did not even have the strength to lift his arms. The mere thought of just moving had made his hand hurt even more.

He had regretted just a bit. If he had not engraved Lan Yi’s bones, how great it would be. If he had not, maybe Lan Yi could still save him. He could have other ways to preserve his beauty forever.

Two streaks of tears had fallen across Shen Hang Zhi’s cheeks. He could faintly hear Lan Yi’s hoarse voice, calling out to him with “Zhi Zhi” nonstop, telling him he could not fall asleep.

“Want to save him?”

When Shen Hang Zhi who was about to sink into darkness heard this, he felt like he was a bit clearheaded, but only heard the other person say this as he smiled,

“It’s possible. To save him, just bring out your internal pill and give it to him.”

His finger could not help but move a bit. Shen Hang Zhi had felt that this person was directing his words to Lan Yi. He was afraid the other person would say “No”.

Of course, he knew how important an internal pill was for a demon, but he did not want to die. He really didn’t want to die.

Didn’t Lan Yi’s bones get engraved? Didn’t he like him the most? He should bear the most heartfelt love towards him!

He had already thought about it properly. If Lan Yi was willing to save him, and he could live on, he would definitely repay him well; Wait until he lives on, then he will redeem himself from the Little Father, follow Lan Yi whole-heartedly, return with him back to his fox clan, and be his wife.

Please, save him.

When he once again recalled that rotten flesh being bitten by various flies and bugs, as well as that faint, rotting smell that would not go away burning away at his nose, Shen Hang Zhi was truly afraid.

When Shen Hang Zhi forced himself not to give up staying awake, he had finally heard Lan Yi say, “Okay”.

“I will use my internal pill to save him”

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