The Rabbit Gentleman and the Fox Demon 010


Shen Hang Zhi had burned the fox’s bones into ash, put them in a small jar, then buried it in the courtyard. He hung the jade pendant on himself, and left the wooden doll by his bed.

The Shen Hang Zhi that obtained the fox’s internal pill as he wished did not go legends said, eternally youthful. After the fox had left, he instead grew older and even faster. He knew- this should be the remuneration the bone engraver spoke of.

Bone engraving was a thing that defied the heavens and changed destinies- there would be an equal price to pay for it.

What he had cared for the most now was being taken from him bit by bit.

Shen Hang Zhi looked at himself who had already approached old age in the mirror, unable to bear the rising sense of disgust, yet felt delighted, and begun to let out a loud laughter.

He was so afraid- afraid that he would grow old at every hour and moment, afraid he would lose his looks that he bore pride to. Now that he had become an old person with a face full of wrinkles, he had hated this face like so, yet also felt joyful.

How nice it would be to wait for death everyday, just like Lan Yi before- to experience the silly fox’s feelings. This kind of retaliation could not suit him more.

The Southern Wind Mansion had never provided for idlers.

Ever since Shen Hang Zhi had turned old, those on the side who didn’t know of the situation would praise it, and even throw stones down the well, taunting him at each and every moment.

“Today the Little Father had said, there would no longer this person called Shen Hang Zhi- the head spot had long been given to big brother to occupy.”

“Shen Hang Zhi, did you commit too many sins or something? Even the heavens could not watch on and had to punish you.”

Shen Hang Zhi had also felt the same. Perhaps he had committed too many evils, even harmed Lan Yi, that the old man in heaven would punish him like this.

He dug up the fox’s ashes out, tightly hugged onto them, and staggered as he left, off to somewhere no one knew of.

When Shen Hang Zhi left, no one had even noticed.

Qin Huai originally wanted to give Shen Hang Zhi some expenses for travel. It had been so many years, even if one raised a dog, they would still have some feelings, even more so for a living human being? But he had quietly left with that fox just like that.

How strong of a person he was, Qin Huai was the one that was knew best.

When the bone engraver knew of Shen Hang Zhi’s departure, he stopped carving for a second, then started again, his mouth hummed that small tune- if one were to listen carefully, they would notice it was the one and the same as the one Shen Hang Zhi hummed that night.

The little disciple propped up his cheeks while looking at him, and thought that his master was really good looking, but also felt this kind of thought was not appropriate of him, and thus lightly coughed to conceal his thoughts, “Master, why did you not tell him- with an internal pill, no matter what he does, he cannot die?

This lifetime, he was destined to live on with that appearance.

After blowing on the dust of the wooden doll, the bone engraver smiled prettily. He placed the finished wooden doll into a box, and after closing it, he tenderly cared to it as though like a lover, “Even if I tell him of the end, it would still be the same.”

Not only that- in Shen Hang Zhi’s lifetime, don’t even think he would be able to see his fox ever again.

Shen Hang Zhi carried the fox, and went to the top of a mountain no one recognized. After a long time had passed, he had used many ways, but in the end to only discover he could not die no matter what. He could only see the old man in the bronze mirror all day long in the end, making the same face as himself.

Shen Hang Zhi went crazy.

He would always go to the bottom of the mountain to ask some of those people passing and going. First, he would tell them the story of the former glorious life of the Shen family’s little lord, then continuously ask the other person, if they had seen his family’s fox, a fox that would carry a fox mask on its face.

Gradually, people came to know that the there was a lunatic on the foot of this mountain. There would often be small children going to tease him, joke with him, and say that he was formerly that world’s greatest looking little lord of Shen, then scornfully call him a little rabbit figure.

One time, a child took a rock and threw it at him- upon trying to dodge it, the lunatic had fell off the cliff. The child who knew he was in trouble went back home to hide trembling, but on the second day, that lunatic had stood there same as always- when he spotted them, he would patiently repeat his story.

That was a monster.

The people of the neighbouring village had thought through many ways- burning with fire, cutting down with a sword, drowning the person…… everything they did could not kill the lunatic. Every time they checked, the person would still be in the same place as usual. Only, after the face had gone through so many times of wreckage, one could no longer make out the original appearance, making people feel like vomiting even if they just looked at it once.

There was no choice- the people moved away from here, and gradually, this mountain had gone into obsolescence.

The lunatic now did not even dare to look into his own face. He would always say, if the fox saw it, they would definitely not like him. But he could not find the fox. He spent a very long time, but was unable to find his fox.

He would ask the mountains, ask all things on earth, only to not dare get close to any place with bodies of water[1] the entire time. But finally, one certain day, he could not take his own ugly face and that shrivelled up skin, and thus the lunatic endured the pain and blinded his own eyes.

When the lunatic had become blind, he became even more crazy.

He had passed by trees and flowers, stepped over mountains and river, and did not know how many countries he had gone over, nor how many dynasties he had experienced. He had wanted to see Lan Yi so much. That’s not right, he was already blind. He only wanted to touch Lan Yi- to touch his face would be enough.

But he could not find it. He could not find back the fox he had lost.

The lunatic had wanted to see the fox, and even wanted to see his father, mother, but he did not have any way to.

During the night, the lunatic would lie on the ground, and listen to all the noise of the people. He would lightly sleep for a while, and dream of being little. His father would always hold him, and let him ride on big horses. His mother on the side would laugh brightly, and tell his father to be more careful, not to fall on the ground.

Just like this, the little lord grew up. One day in the town during the Flower Lantern festival, when he turned, he saw a man wearing a fox mask. When he took off that mask, that pair of fox eyes would make the little lord feel a bit of familiarity. He smiled, rounding his eyes, and happily asked if the little lord would be willing to be his wife, and follow him back to see his parents.

This time, the little lord did not throw any temper tantrums, and only blushed his face, and use a small voice to speak with the man, “If you are to marry me, you need to pick me up in a large sedan carried by eight people[2].”

Afterwards, he came dressed in red and wearing a fox mask, and welcomed him with a eight-manned bridal sedan.

The little lord held the man’s hand to his parents, with his eyes sparkling, “Mother, I brought a good looking wife for you to see.”

The faces of the people in the image were hazy, the only thing that was fresh and alive was probably the red that would cover the skies. The lunatic had wanted to clearly see those people’s faces, but following the transformation of the man into a fox, gradually lying down on the floor without moving, the lunatic had woken up.

When the lunatic was awake, his world was still pitch blank. He listened for sounds, with one hand holding onto the fox’s jar of ashes, and one hand squeezing the wooden doll. The fingers would finely stroke over the grains on the surface of the doll. He could not see, and could only stroke it over and over again just like this.

The lunatic did not have much in his possession. Not long after, he walked off into in an unknown direction. Time had long overwhelmed his back, dyed his hair white, and even in the end, he could no longer remember the face of the person who was most important to him.

The fox’s little lord, in the end, had followed along with him.

[1] Civilization/ populations typically settle near bodies of water. Hence, he avoided people all along.

[2] In ancient times, sedans are usually carried by two to eight people. Civilians would typically use two people, but as you go up the ranking, the more people you have to carry the sedan, the more wealthier you typically have to be. e.g. the imperial household would have as many as ten or thirty to carry the sedan of a family member. For high ranking officials, if they were to marry within the city, they would have four people carrying the sedan whereas if it was a marriage outside the city, they would have eight people.

4 thoughts on “The Rabbit Gentleman and the Fox Demon 010

  1. (Relevant) Author’s note: The little lord that once had the most shiniest eyes in the end could not bear it, and blinded himself. Upon a glance, he may seem like a lunatic, but he was extremely clear-headed inside. He only did not want to face the truth.

    The next few chapters will be the extras. I’ll be taking a short break after that for exam season _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):


  2. Oh gosh… thank you for translating this story. You did great!! Sorry I just comment in this chapter, because I was too immersed in the story and want to finish it first.

    I want to say that I love this story. It’s not your typical bl and romance story. It’s agonizing! But, I love this. Including the little lord Hang Zhi, I love him. At least he redeemed himself (even if it’s just a little bit).

    Finally, thank you. I’ll wait for next chapter. Take your time, though.


  3. I feel that it’s really too scary to be unable to die… I’m crying so hard.
    Thank you so much for the chapter, I love it!!!


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