The Fox Demon’s Extra (Part 2)

When the fox had awaken once again, he had forgotten many things. He only heard from the youth in front of him that he had previously gotten hurt, that his name was Lan Yi, and that he was a fox demon.

Under the bone engraver’s guidance, he successfully materialized his tail. He looked at the tail going back and forth, but would always feel a bit empty, as though he had dropped something.

But when he saw Shen Hang Zhi, his tail could not help but sway- he himself would not know why his heart would grow happy along with it, and was unable to control his smile.

“What are you smiling at?”

Lan Yi also did not know what it was- he just wanted to smiled at the person in front of him, “I don’t know. But when I see you, I feel delighted, and want to smile at you.”

“Are you my wife?” Why is it that when I see you, my heart would tighten, and also feel happy.”

“I feel like you are the world’s most prettiest person, even prettier than the person from before.”

He had truly felt like this. Although the man who had stood here just a while ago was also good looking, he did not why- he felt that the person in front of him now drew him in even more. As if no matter what state the other person was in, he would be able to make himself extremely happy, to have affection in all sorts of ways.

This person seemed to be like a little lord, extremely cute. But Lan Yi did not understand why he would think this way.

He did not know what he said was wrong, but the little lord’s ears had gone a bit red, turned from embarrassment to anger, and covered his mouth as to not let him speak. When he saw that the other party seemed to be a bit angry, Lan Yi had thought a bit, and let his tail extend to tickle the back of the other’s hand.

He felt that the little lord would like this.

As expected, the little lord’s expression had relaxed a bit, and his features had grown gentle. When stroking his tail, his eyes would shine brightly as though containing the entire starry sky, extremely pretty. He had felt- his wife should be like this.

When he knew the little lord’s name was Shen Hang Zhi from his mouth, he would follow behind him everyday, and call him Zhi Zhi. The days would repeat on itself, as though he wouldn’t grow weary of them. At last, one day, the little lord couldn’t take it any more, and started to be more hostile towards him.

Lan Yi had felt a bit hurt, but when thinking this kind of little lord had a babyish temper[1], he felt it was extremely adorable.

As one expected, the little lord’s mouth was sharp as a knife, but his heart was made of tofu[2]. In the end, he had only told him go out more often, and not to always circle around his side. Lan Yi’s mood felt better in the next moment- the little lord indeed was concerned for his own body.

“But I like to just look at Zhi Zhi all the time.”

“Why is that?”

“Because Zhi Zhi is this world’s prettiest looking person.”

He didn’t understand which part had made the little lord unhappy, that it would make him even ask if he didn’t have this sort of appearance would he would no longer like him? Lan Yi had been put in a difficult position- because from his perspective, no matter how Shen Hang Zhi looked, he would be this world’s most most most most prettiest looking person.

His little lord, would always look the greatest looking.

Lan Yi had wanted to reply then, but then heard the little lord say it was fine. The other party did not seem to be very happy, thus, he transformed into a fox in an attempt to cheer the little lord up.

He wanted to tell the little lord, he would always always like him, no matter how he looked.

For the first time, the little lord that day permitted him to be in his bed, but only if he was in his fox form.

Naturally, Lan Yi could not hope for any more, but when the night came, that pain that would eat into his bones had come again. He tried his hardest not to wake up the little lord, but he had still woken up not too long after. The other person had lightly stroked his back, and softly hummed a small tune. Even if he was in so much pain one would want to die, the fox felt that he was this world’s most most most luckiest fox.

On that night, the fox had kissed his little lord as he wished.

Once he kissed Zhi Zhi, he would not be in pain.

He had unintentionally overheard that the day after the Flower God festival was the little lord’s birthday. One time, he had seen the bone engraver carving a wooden doll that was lifelike in appearance. He had begged him, and wanted to able to carve one by the time the little lord’s birthday came as his present.

Hiding day and night, he finally carved out a satisfactory product. On the day of the Flower God festival, he had placed the present in an inconspicuous corner, hoping to give a surprise to the other party at that time. He especially changed into red clothing and wore the fox mask to stick out in the sea of people, in wild hopes that the little lord up high would be able to spot him.

The little lord up high looked similar to a god- his features would roam about with coldness, but after seeing him, it appeared to turn warm.

Lan Yi did not know if he saw it wrong, but he did not care- the little lord probably also liked him too.

He watched as the little lord dance gently on top, and just as the people were immersed, fall like a broken butterfly. How panicked he was, and also angry- why did he have to stand so far away. There was no end to crowd of people in sight, like numerous mountains and streams blocking the his path to save his little lord.

As he held the little lord that was gradually losing his vitality, Lan Yi experienced the taste of what it meant to be in despair.

Was he not a demon? Then why couldn’t he remember any techniques? Why could he not save his little lord?

“Want to save him? It’s possible. To save him, just bring out your internal pill and give it to him.”

Even if the other party would tell him over and over again, that losing an internal pill was equivalent to consuming his own life, Lan Yi did not mind. He only wanted his little lord to be okay.

The little lord had lived on, but his own body had gotten worse with each passing day. Lan Yi looked upon the gradually aging self in the mirror, and then the still charming little lord. He was a bit afraid, and even felt like he did not want the other person to look at himself.

The pain that ate into his bones had increasingly became harder to endure; the pain emitting from his bones seemed to wear away him lifespan bit by bit. At last, he had become old, unable to hold onto his human form any more.

The Lan Yi who had turned back into a fox had felt his own life slow down. He recalled the wooden doll that had been hidden away, then after he had taken it out, he had painstakingly put it in front of the other person. The little lord’s birthday had already passed, yet he could not even say a word of congratulations to him.

The little lord took out a jade pendant from some place- once he put it on, he remembered everything. That night, he took advantage of the fact the little lord was sleeping to transform into a human to hold the other person, but he would not let them look at his old self.

He wanted to resent the little lord, but just by thinking about it, he would not have the heart to do so. He also thought the other party could wait until he reincarnated, but he then remembered his mother’s words- if he could not overcome his life’s trial, his body would die and his cultivation would disperse, and he would no longer exist within the Six realms[3].

Forget it, if he really won’t be able to reincarnate any more, making the little lord all alone, he would be very upset.

The Lan Yi that returned to a fox had lost his consciousness, and became a regular old fox. Every night, he would suffer from the pain of bone engraving, and would experience the feeling of his life slowly coming to a stop each and every moment. Even so, the conscious Lan Yi still did not regret it- he only wanted his little lord to be okay.

The New Year came- Lan Yi forcefully kept his last breath to the very end, took a look at the little lord once more, let out a long sigh, then slowly laid down.

The nine-tailed fox clan was a clan that receives the blessings of the heavens, and could sense the heavens’ plans. But this time, the fox could not feel the way to heaven. With this, he understood- he did not have a next life where he could see his little lord any more.

The fox thought, it turned out that his life’s disaster started long when he first met the little lord. But even if the little lord did not take the jade pendant, even if he did not engrave his bones, if the little lord had wanted his life, he would accept it with all there was to come with it.

When he closed his eyes, the fox thought back to when the little lord had asked if he destroyed his face, or became old, no longer like before, if he would still like him all the same.

Of course he would- because the little lord was the one of its kind in this world.

But the fox could no longer tell this to the little lord any more.

[1] 奶凶奶凶的 – to look like a small cute/baby pup when getting angry. Think… an equivalent to the ‘tsun’ part of ‘tsundere’- finding someone cute when they are showing hostile behaviour towards them. There isn’t an exact word in English for this except a description of the term.

[2] As one can naturally interpret- their words were sharp and hurtful, but their hearts would be kind and gentle (soft), indulgent and forbearing.

[3] The Six realms- in reference to the realm of gods, immortals, human, demons, devils and the ghost realm. In cultivation, there is no such thing as a physical body that won’t die, only a perpetual spiritual body. Everybody would go through the other five realms before reincarnating- to no longer exist in any of these means he would be removed from the cycle of reincarnation.

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