Mo Li's Extra

I know I said it’d be a few days, but then I remembered Animal Crossing came out with its new game and kinda got lost there for a few more days.

A huge fire broke in the village. He locked up the couple that normally mistreated him during the day inside the home, and escaped all by himself. Then, he was captured again by people and sent to Mo family’s back mountain, raised into an extremely loyal hidden guard who would not bat an eye when killing people.

He lied to the little dumpling that took him away from the mountain of corpses- he could remember very clearly as to why the village had been on fire, and could also remember the couple who bought him from the human trader; the only truth was probably just, he really didn’t remember what his biological parents looked like.

It had been far too long ago- he already did not remember exactly whether he was sold to the human trader, or if he was kidnapped.

The feeling of hugging the little dumpling in his arms was quite nice- soft, unlike the cold iciness of a sword. There would be warmth, and it would also sweetly call out the name he gave himself.

They were truly a little dumpling child that made people love dearly. One small little hand would wrap around his neck, and the other held his little pinky; on the corners of the mouth hung two small little dimples, when looking at it, that face was extremely lovable and cute, “With a hook and a hang, promise not to change. If one lies, they will swallow down a hundred needles.”

The gentle sensation seemed just like a feather, scratching at the very tip of his heart. He opened his mouth wanting to say something, but also felt that all the emotions was being stuffed up by something, unable to get off his chest.

The only thing he knew was that the little Master said he only had himself. What a coincidence- he too also only had the little Master.

The other person gradually grew up, and matured into a handsome young boy. Every time he went out, he would draw in those people to stop in their footsteps and look back. A secretive jealousy and delight would always rise up from the heart of his at this time- jealous because those people could very openly look at the little Master, and he instead could only secretly look at the other person’s back, or at times when the other person was deep in sleep. He would silently watch, and take the happiness inside the heart hidden away very carefully.

He also was happy that despite there being so many people under the sky, the little Master only cared for him, was concerned about the wounds on his body, and helped him put on medicine while blowing on it and consoling himself.

With such a beautiful and despairing love, he could only deeply hide it inside himself; throughout the entire time, he strictly abide to his own duties, and used chains to have the beast inside of him locked up.

He, as a hidden guard, came to like the master who gave himself a name.

But the other person slowly grew up. As to what kind of ending Mo family’s pretty children would have, in this cage where one ate people, everyone knew without another word. When he heard that Sahada’s Khan would come, Mo Qi had the person lured into living in the Mo home. During that time, the servants would use that kind of pitiful and unrestrained greed of a gaze to measure up his little Master, making him anxious to have the other person’s eyes gouged out, to make this person have no way of dirtying his god.

Mo Li knew, he could not solve anything like he was now.

Under the long period of pressure, he could not even control himself and ended up hurting Nai Man Jin. If Master’s voice had not been so stern that it almost approached berating, perhaps in the next second, the sword in his hand would come in contact with the other person’s neck.

His senses knew what he did was not right, but yet on the inside, he felt wronged as before.

That night when the little Master let himself take him away, ah, how happy he was inside, and the original injustice in the next moment dissipated. But they already understood- they would be caught very soon, and then what awaited them, would be an even more terrible fate.

The teary-eyed youth raised his head and looked at him, and said to him, “A’Li, let’s go back.”

Let’s go back.


Even though he knew how he would be treated when he had the person returned, he let the other person be wilful. As long as he said it, he himself would definitely not say the opposite.

That was the first time he endured Mo family’s penalty head on.

When he was sent back drenched and dripping in blood, that young boy trembled. He wanted to tell the other person not to be afraid, but he himself already had no strength to talk any more.

He was forcefully detained inside the courtyard to recover by the other person.

Every day, Mo Li would lie down on the bed, unable to be by the other person’s side, yet knew what was it that the other person was doing. He also relied on the servant’s conversations and heard, “The young Lord and that Khan’s feelings are so nice” and such rumours. His heart was jealous—— long when he came to like Master, he had already lost the qualifications to be a hidden guard.

He who had never dared to overstep, for the very first time, threw a temper tantrum towards Mo Jing Yu.

And then, the other person straddled onto him, with his eyes seemingly filled with rays of light, sparkling here and there, just like two gemstones giving off light. He said, “Is a’Li jealous?”

“A’Li, do you perhaps like me?”

Approaching at a close distance, he could faintly smell the fragrance of Mo Jing Yu’s body, as well as the another smell mingled together that made him jealous. Within the black night, he borrowed the wavering candlelight to mentally trace the little Master’s appearance in detail.

“That’s right, I like you.”

That was the very first time in his life that he expressed his feelings towards the other person, and was also his very last time.

Because of Nai Man Jin going back on his words, he couldn’t not have the plans that he made with Mo Jing Yu shifted earlier. They stood on top of the castle wall from back then, and this time, they finally went out.

And then, they were captured back.

Every time during training, he would caution himself that he needed to work even harder- just a bit more harder, so that he would be able to be fierce, and then take his little Master and fly high and far away. Getting number one each and every time dizzied his brain, and gave him enough confidence in himself.

But in truth, he had no way of escaping with the other person from the hands of the ten or so elites.

Even if he was by himself, there was no way.

This was the second time he was mounted on the wooden frame. Those that he had knowledge of, and no knowledge of, were all were added onto his body, and was even perhaps further intensified.

He wanted to call out Master’s name, but could only tightly bite himself, and not let himself let out a bit of sound and make the other person worried. The pain gradually took over his thoughts, and so he desperately thought of Mo Jing Yu’s appearance to chase out the pain from his mind.

With great effort, he opened his eyes, wanted to take a proper look at how the other person looked, and tell the other person not cry; but the fresh blood muddled his vision, and the dim situation made it more harder to distinguish which direction the other person was in. He could only look toward an area using sound, and attempt to get a good look.

After opening his eyes, he did not know why- he recalled at a time long long ago, the soft and small dumpling, nestled in his arms, very seriously hooked pinkies with him, and then used a very babyish tone to tell him he could not lie.

The eyes of the little dumpling were bright, just like that time when he asked if he was jealous- those eyes were also bright as well.

Just as though the entire starry sky fit inside of them.

In his entire life, he had not gone to any other place, but he felt that the magnificent scenery was one by Mo Jing Yu’s side; all the best mountains and rivers under this sky, all were within the eyes of the other person. With one look, one would fall in, and be unable to get out.

“With a hook and a hang, promise not to change. If one lies, they will swallow down a hundred needles.”

“If you pass away before me, then you will be a damned liar.”

“Even if it’s one dual-hour less, one minute less, then it won’t be considered as a lifetime.”

He thought, in this lifetime, with his hands stained with this much blood, he reckoned he would go to the Palace of Hell[1] later on; he’d probably have to go to the eighteenth level of Hell, and suffer the pain of swallowing down needles.

[1]阎王殿- or, Yama’s palace. Total of eighteen floors of hell.

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