Eldest Sister's Extra (Part 1)

Warning: This particular extra has slight implications of GL, readers who are not comfortable with such topics are welcome to skip the following chapter and the next.

“From the mountains in front come strong rains that flow over the creeks, washing everything away completely, but even so, the world still filled with midsummer heat.”

Mo Yu Xi[1] faced towards the wind, and the rain outside came down with a patter. She recalled that the first sentence that she taught that child, was this very sentence.

The arrogance of the Mo family did not allow her to express her weakness outside, but nevertheless, she chose the most extreme method of dying for the Mo family. This beautiful face was originally the cause of misfortune- to destroy it would be good too.

It would be good too.

At that time, Mother had still not passed away. Although her face had withered away, the smile that had originally disappeared from the face emerged once again. Clusters of flowers reflected on that face, as though returning to Mother’s most beautiful year. Her pair of hands gently stroked the swelled up belly, and she waved her over, “Little Fishy, come over here and feel your little brother.”

The still young her brought her ear close to the surface, and the brimming childishness and innocent eyes looked at Mother’s belly, “Mother, why is it not little sister.”

That pair of extremely good-looking eyes once again grew gloomy. Mother’s originally smiling face then filled with sorrow. She stroked her hair, but did not say a single word.

She who had been protected under Mother’s wings, still did not understand what it was exactly that was buried underneath that sorrow.

As Mother said, it was a charming boy. The other person had not yet taken a look, but when she heard the midwife say it was a boy, she tightly gripped her hand, with a firm hold, “Little Fishy, hurry up and leave this carnivorous place, leave far far away, the farther the better……”

The farther the better……

She who had still not been able to comprehend anything looked at Mother who had breathed her last in front of her, and following that, saw the travel-weary Papa who hurried over here from a foreign land.

The Papa of that time was still the Papa in her heart. She had still not seen the Mo family head’s cold-heartedness.

She seemed to have seen his eyes faintly go red, but within the tear-ridden eyes, she could only see his indifferent face. Afterwards, he told those servants, “We’ll go with cremation.”

At this moment, oh how foreign this person was [to her]. That person that would always sweetly coax her in front of mother, finally, after the other person had left, had the beast inside the heart break free of the cage, and began to show off his own sharp teeth towards everyone.

Mo Yu Xi at that time had still not understood. It was clear that person had loved Mother that much- how could he be so cruel as to use a method as ruthless and extreme as cremation to bid farewell.

But this was only the beginning. After Mother was not here, his heartlessness aimed towards her, and towards that young little brother as well.

Mo Qi forced her to learn those techniques of seduction she had never come in contact with. If she did not obey, he would ruthlessly whip her, and then have her shut inside the firewood room. It was also that time, that she came to meet that little pitiful [person].

The little pitiful one was nicknamed Ya Ya[2], a servant girl that was born out of adultery with some unknown person. She originally should have been caught and steeped in the pig pen, but because of Mother’s prior inadvertent kindness, was then kept alive. But the body’s stains, no matter how one would wash, would not be clean. At that time, no one discovered Ya Ya that was in a corner, and had her locked up together inside the darkness where one would not see their five fingers if they extended their hand out.

She was also afraid, so she worked hard to talk with the other person in attempts to chase away the fear that was unknown to her. After a very long time, Ya Ya then let down her guard, and hugged her while sobbing.

After coming out, she told Mo Qi she wanted Ya Ya. Aside from learning those filthy things, in other aspects, the other person would not mistreat her. One day the Ya Ya who was personally serving her saw the book of bedroom techniques in her hand, and her face and ears grew red. The pair of eyes watery and bright was as though being teased, and instead made her heart itch with impatience, and could not help but have the person made fun of for a bit.

After having the person teased to the fullest, she then took the opportunity, and thought about teaching her to recite poems. At that time, the rain outside the house hit the tops of the eaves, making a clear ringing sound. She turned her head back and smiled toward the other person, “From the front mountain comes strong rains that flow over the creeks, washing everything completely away, but even so, the world still filled with midsummer heat.”

“This is what my Mother told me. This is the first line of poem that your Master has taught you, you must have it remembered well.”

“I’ll remember it.”

Little brother’s beauty was something that could be observed since he was small, though to use this to describe a male child was certainly not the most proper. At the time she knew what Mo Qi’s plans were, when she rushed over ready to go for a round of reasoning, the other person instead savoured a sip of tea, nor fast nor slowly, “Either you go to the Imperial Palace to be a concubine, or you pair of siblings can go see your Mother.”

She really wanted to pull out this man’s heart to take a proper look, to see how dirty this person’s thoughts were[3], how black it could be, that they were not even willing to let go of their own son[4].

After Mother had left, when she formally faced this world, only then did she discover how much darkness Mother had exactly kept away before, why was it that she previously would always have a long face, and why her smile was never restored.

“I’ll go. I’m willing to enter the palace.”

Due to the reason of having Mother protect her [before], it was just before entering the palace that she only then had to choose a guard. And before that, she had even especially went out of her way to take a look at the courtyard Mother had lived in all of her life, as well as the neglected little brother that been left inside it. The little dumpling had already grown quite a bit compared to when he was first born, and could already sit by the door railing waving about his own little hands not knowing what he was babbling on about, not knowing where the servants who were supposed to look after him had hid to goof off.

Just when she was about to go forward, she was blocked off by someone, “Miss, you should go select your hidden guard.”

She randomly chose a person- whether they were tall or short, she didn’t really know. Either way, the other person was just someone that Mo Qi sent to keep tabs on herself.

Once she thought about how there would be a person inside the house watching her, Mo Yu Xi felt a surge of nausea, but what made it a bit better was having Ya Ya carrying in a hot cup of tea, joyfully greeting her at the side, using that pair of watery bright eyes full of admiration to look at her; if she were to have the person teased to fullest, the other person’s face would glow red from anger, extremely pleasing to the eyes, just like a peach blossom that would make people feel content with.

She pinned the other person’s deed [to the person] on top of the table, and stroked her gradually softened jet black hair that she meticulously took care of, “Ya Ya, this is your deed. Wait until after I have entered the palace, then leave this place with this and some silvers. Open a store, find a good person, safely and soundly, harmoniously and happily live out your life. Think of it as living out a lifetime in my place for me as well.

The untamed girl hugged her crying with her nose full of snot and tears, the body of good silk tossed and turned out of shape, and her throat was all hoarse from telling her she did not want to leave Miss.

She extended her forefinger and poked the other person’s forehead. She who was usually particular on cleanliness did not throw a tantrum, and only softly spoke, “Silly girl, that is the Imperial Palace that eats people whole without leaving out any bones. If you were to follow me in, you might not be able to come out this lifetime.”

“If I can’t go out, then let it be so.” The untamed girl’s snot bubbles had already come out, and the usually considerably cute appearance at this time had eyes already swollen from crying, ugly and cute, “Where Miss is, I will be there. I only like Miss, and only want to follow Miss.”

The heart skipped a bit due to the unexpected and sudden words, but after composing herself, Mo Yu Xi couldn’t help but smile, “You silly girl.”

“You only saw that this Miss was good-looking, and thus lusted after beauty, wanting to rely on me an entire lifetime.

Putting on a moping expression, Ya Ya once again rubbed her dirty face against her clothes a few times, and used a tubby old-man voice, “I am indeed lusting after Miss’ beauty.”

Mo Yu Xi who had always loathed this face of hers, for the very first time felt that it wasn’t too bad like this.

[1]莫雨溪- The Yu and Xi respectively are words for rain and stream/creek, in reference to the waters in the poem above that would wash away everything.

[2] 丫丫- single 丫 means slave girl. Similarly, 丫鬟 and 丫头 also means servant girl (but the latter can be used to just simply refer to a girl as well, just in an informal way) . The nickname is likely derived from those words. People are essentially calling her slave.

[3] The word for heart (the organ) is 心脏. Coincidentally, thoughts/concerns are called matters of the heart (心事), and the word 脏 also means dirty aside from also referring to organs.

[4] The way they refer to ‘son’ is reveals that he is born from the legal/main wife, 嫡子, (as opposed to being born from mistresses or secondary wives, called 庶子). Note that he isn’t a the eldest son (长子) that makes no distinction from whose wife the son is born to, whereas the sister (长姐) is the eldest of all the daughters.

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