Eldest Sister’s Extra (Part 2)

On the day Mo Yu Xi was to enter the palace, she had originally wanted to have Ya Ya knocked out, but she did not know where that wild girl got mixed into, and followed along right with her. All thanks to Mo Qi, the Emperor had not even seen her yet and already made her into a Promise[1]. And after the service of sleeping, she was immediately made an exception and raised to one of the Four Imperial Concubines.

Men, after all, were all shallow people.

That girl who bathed her cried so much she could not even speak. The overly hot water had heated her skin until it was red. She extended her hand that was mottled with marks to wipe away Ya Ya’s tears, and gently consoled her, “It’s ok, aren’t I fine like this? Don’t cry any more.”

Was she fine? Mo Yu Xi herself too did not know if she was fine. She took in the high honours, received the Dragon’s favour, but every time she sat like a puppet in the grand and majestic palace, she would always recall the warming sensation from the time her Mother would touch her.

She was still a brat of a girl, one that originally could not even be a threat toward those consorts and concubines of the back palace; the enormous favouring had pushed her up to where the winds and waves were the highest, but those people had no way of putting her hands on her, and so found an excuse to have their hands extended to the Ya Ya that was by her side.

At that time she held the fainted Ya Ya, and using the authority of one that was stripped of being a mother(?), had each and every one of those women dragged into the water. She came to terms with the Emperor, and used all her skills to have the other person become extremely enchanted with her, so much so that he did not even care for the officials’ opposition and crowned her as the (highest) Imperial Concubine, and even once wanted to repeal the Empress and let her become the history’s most youngest Empress in one leap.

Having only applied what she had just learned, she suddenly had a feeling of wanting to laugh. Those filthy things Mo Qi had forced her to learn had unexpectedly become her most beneficial weapon within the palace.

She had been spoken of as the country’s number one beauty, and became the number one troublemaker.

Mo Yu Xi had also thought of using the Emperor to deal with the Mo family before, but Mo Qi had Mo Jing Yu brought into the palace- in pretty words, it was to let the two siblings meet together, but she knew this was a threat.

The young child had a few parts of similarity to her, but even more so was more similar to the already late Mother. Just like Mother, this child would lightly close their mouth to smile toward her, And the eyes that seemed to be able to speak would also carry a type of innocence that belonged to a child, sparkling with a brilliance. Learning from Mo Qi, he used a childish tone and said “Greetings to the Imperial Concubine” to her.

She beckoned with her hands, motioning for the other person to come to her side. The spacious palace clothing was truly a hindrance, but she still hugged the other person, and softly asked, “Jing Yu, is it? From a standpoint of seniority, you should be calling me eldest sister.”

“Eldest sister.”

This was her mother’s little boy that she was pregnant with and gave birth to. If she were to know he was also used as a tool by Mo Qi, she reckoned even if she were underneath the ground, she would not have her eyes closed in death.

Time had passed by quickly in the moment. Without having even conversed a few sentences yet, Mo Qi called for him, “Little Fishy, you should follow Father out the palace now.”

Little Fishy was Mother’s pet name for her. Now, taken by Mo Qi and used to call Mo Jing Yu, Mo Yu Xi felt it was a bit mocking, but also did not know who exactly Mo Qi was deceiving himself with.

Watching as Mo Jing Yu’s little figure gradually disappear within the veil of snow, Mo Yu Xi lamented a lot, and the inside her heart was in an extremely terrible state. At present, the wild girl that in the current day was comparatively stable Ya Ya had a cloak draped over her shoulders, and in a small voice, “Miss, Ya Ya will always be together with you.”

Yes, she would always be together with her.

But that wild girl that would hug her and cry until her snot came bubbling out, instead, would never come back.

Having stayed in the deep palace absent-mindedly for another good few years, Ya Ya had grown more and more moving. That pair of eyes still kept its purity, not worn away by the carnivorous back palace. She (Yu Xi) saw the Emperor constantly, intentionally or unintentionally, signal at her. She pretended to be jealous, and insinuated the other person was sitting in the fortune of a completed person[2].

Hah, [what a] self-indulgent monarch.

Thinking that while the Emperor had not done anything to Ya Ya just yet, she had the person sent out the palace, but was instead blocked off by the Empress, who devised a plan and had the person drugged and sent off to the Emperor’s bed. The girl whose body was filled with marks all over hugged her. Without a single tear coming out, that pair of eyes was flooded with mist. She lifelessly looked at her, and called out to her in a mutter, “Miss.”

She personally attended to this girl, in a manner just like how this girl would serve her countless times.

Ya Ya suddenly grabbed her hand, and had her pulled into the bath tub. The water drenched Mo Yu Xi’s clothing, but she could not care for it. The person within her arms told her she was dirty while in a sob.

“You’re not dirty. My Ya Ya is not even dirty in the slightest.”

Since entering the palace, this was still the first time she shared a bed with Ya Ya. She tightly hugged the other person, and lightly coaxed, “It’s alright, I’m still here.”

Ya Ya had been granted the title of Constant[3], but due to having accepted her request, she still lived in her palace. Mo Yu Xi originally was afraid of what kind of silly things this person might do, but not too long after, Ya Ya returned back to normal, and instead comforted her.

That night, Mo Yu Xi suddenly felt her heart palpitate, and in the next moment woke up from a dream, then noticed Ya Ya was on the bed side. Once she saw her wake up, she laid against the bedside, with her eyes sparkling, and with an unclear expression. She said, “Miss, do you like Ya Ya?”

“I do.”

“Is that so?”

Ya Ya smiled, but also seemed to be hiding words, looking like she wanted to say something but not, and in the end only looked at her, and softly spoke, “Miss, go quickly sleep. Ya Ya will wait until Miss has slept and then go.”


And then, after waking up, the palace servants knelt at her bed side asking whether Constant Li was there or not.

She headed towards Ya Ya’s little palace in a run while stumbling, and did not even have the time to wear her shoes. She thought perhaps it might have been the Constant of the same last name Li, but when she stood in front of the door gasping for breath, the door that was usually only opened wide when she came at this time was completely open. After the the palace servants saw her, they all bowed down in greeting.

The girl who had still asked her whether or not she liked herself from last night, in this very moment, laid on the floor with her body ice-cold, and the eyes that normally liked to smile were tightly shut. Mo Yu Xi also did not know what she was doing, or what she wanted to do. She only lightened her steps and slowly approached, and laid by the other person’s side in front of everyone, tightly holding onto the person.

Last night, this girl was still speaking with her. She must be playing tricks again.

After those people saw that she wouldn’t budge after pulling her away, they broke away her fingers one by one, and then had her sent back within her palace.

The lofty Emperor tried to persuade her she was only a servant girl, so why must she hurt her own body like this.

The Empress who felt extremely delighted also acted wisely and stabbed at her wound with a knife.

Inside her own palace, she had constantly pondered- who was it exactly that harmed Ya Ya. Was it the Emperor, or the Empress, or if it was…… Herself.

On a certain day, after the Empress who was not self-aware she was an annoyance again swayed in front of her, she sent the other person a smile, and then, without any explanation, directly took a broken fragment and scraped the other person’s face- but what did it matter, the Emperor who favoured her, only put down a prohibition on the surface, and did not do any substantial harm to her.

She heard that Mo Jing Yu brought Sahada’s army and attacked all the way to just before the castle now.

At the time those people were about to detain her, she broke free. She wore palace clothing and exited out of her own palace in a dignified manner. After seeing the already matured Mo Jing Yu, she suddenly felt that this child was unlike Mother, and was instead more similar to Mo Qi.

His disposition was also similar- if it was like Mother, no matter what, he would be not be able to be so cruel and do anything to Mo Qi.

She and those people were detained in a certain courtyard. After having drugged those people, she secretly returned back to the Mo residence, and changed into her most favourite clothing before entering the palace, then took her body that was filled with evil within the sound of rain and hung the white silk upon the house’s eaves.

“From the front mountain comes strong rains that flow over the creeks, washing everything away completely, but even so, the world still filled with midsummer heat.”

“Declining crows and the end of trees, a descending and swimming horizon, all is the mass of scenery and weather that is autumn.” She stroked that child’s head, “Mu Qiu[4], Li Mu Qiu, this is your name.”

That child smiled quite happily, “Miss, Ya Ya likes you the most.”

That’s right, the person whom Mo Yu Xi liked the most, was also Li Mu Qiu as well.

[1] 答应- of the ladies who enter the harem/back palace, the lowest ranking.

[2] 齐人之福- Meng’zi refers to a completed person as one with one wife and one mistress, and the ‘fortune’ is the referring to this happy assembly.

[3] 常在- similar to Promise, but one rank higher, but still one of the lowest.

[4] 暮秋- deriving from the poem in the same paragraph- an aged autumn. Or, you can argue that the 暮 character is to be defined by its common use, dusk/evening/sunset, or late/declining. Not only a signal to the end to the day, but also a signal to the end to everything.

One thought on “Eldest Sister’s Extra (Part 2)

  1. The naming in this extra is particularly cruel. Between Mo Yu Xi’s name that essentially means despite being able to bring big waves, nothing around will change, and Ya Ya’s formal name, as mentioned above, implies the end.

    Or maybe I’m just translating things wrong because the poems leave such open interpretations. lol


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