Mo Qi’s Extra

When he was still a fifteen, sixteen year old young boy, he had been egged into climbing Liu Yuan’s maternal family’s walls. It was said that Liu Yuan’s family’s pretty daughter was extremely good-looking, so those playboys requested to take a look and see if they were as good-looking as was said in the rumours- he was only dragged along there.

He was still trying to get some studying done. If he had not grown to be particularly outstanding enough, and carried the title of Xiu Cai[1], he would have long met with a fate like the older brothers who had been sent out.

The prestigious families’ young lords typically did not look up to him. It only because he was Mo family’s person, that they were then willing to be nice to him; similarly, for the reasons of building up his own connections, he would only then cause mischief with these unlearned, unskilled players.

That young girl was truly good-looking- when they accidentally turned their heads, a tender and lovely face carried surprise and terror, and hurriedly hid within the forest of flowers. The profusely and disorderly flower petals brushed over the other person’s facial features, and at the same time, brushed over Mo Qi’s heart. In the Mo family, he had seen beauties of all varieties, but instead, he fell in love with this person alone.

And later, at the time Mo Qi became the family head, the grown-up young lady became his wife.

He had also once attempted to get this person’s love, and let this person crack a smile towards himself; but the other person was in low spirits from the beginning to the end, looking into the distance outside the window with their hands under their cheek, not even knowing at what time he walked to her side. Mo Qi knew, this person’s heart had someplace [else] to belong, but what of it? He himself only needed to treat her well every day, then perhaps, they would be able to turn their head to see his sincerity?

But that did not happen. Even if he took in one beautiful mistress after another, had a new love, a new child, that person would not be willing to give him a single glance. She would only once in a while coax the little daughter in her embrace in a soft voice, and then smile towards her.

Oh, how jealous he was of that child, even if they were a biological one.

That person knew of Mo family’s practices. If she only begged himself, and would submit to him, then he would of course not be so cruel as to lay his hands on his own child. For her, he even went against the elders, and let Mo Yu Xi become Mo family’s only child that grew up normally.

But still, this person would not pay attention to him for a bit.

Mo Qi thought it was no problem- time was still long enough. In the end, the other person who would be with them would be him. There would be one day when he would be able to replace the position of that person in her heart. He had not yet even fantasized about the wonderful life afterwards, and this person, not even willing to protect their own two children, let go and left the mortal world.

Even at the time before death, they had to see Mo Yu Xi once, and was not even willing to let him in to see her once.

Ke, how heartless.

He heard if people were unable to enter the earth, they would not be able to enter peace. If they were cremated by fire, they would then turn into an evil spirit and find the person they hated the most in the past life.

He had Mo Yu Xi sent inside the palace, and even raise Mo Jing Yu into a plaything since young, all to let that person not attain rest, and become a evil spirit and come find him in the night to seek vengeance. But it did not happen. In his dreams, that person had never appeared even once.

Mo Qi also tried to have all the items related to that person burned, but every time it turned to night, he could not help but lie in the bed that the other person once slept in, and then think back to the warm sensation of that time.

Year after year, he could only have all of his feelings put into his grand plans- only then, could he smooth out the scorching pain in his heart for a little bit.

Compared to her mother, Mo Yu Xi was much more similar to him; it was Mo Jing Yu instead, that was a bit more similar to her. Only, the more this child grew, the more he was like him, making it so that his only thought was no longer. And thus, he hated. When he knew Mo Jing Yu escaped, he took all the anger and released it onto that hidden guard’s body.

What a twisted mentality- because he himself could not obtain it, he was furthermore unwilling to see these people able to obtain the mutual love he tried to find even in his dreams.

Just as he wished, he had Mo Jing Yu sent far far away.

The more this child grew, the more he leaned toward him, but the personality, no matter how he taught, was much more similar to his mother a bit more. He had originally thought this person would be able to become ruthless and deal with himself, but he did not think that this child pulled strings behind the back for Sahada, and laughably, have this become the bargaining chip for obtaining him to torment [him].

He suddenly recalled that when that person was mad, they would bite his hand angrily, and then they would even indignantly curse at him how he was a lunatic. At that time, he really felt this person was like a cat, scratching him in a manner that was neither painful nor itchy, only that his heart was in so much pain it wanted to die.

The present Mo Jing Yu was also the same.

So idiotic it was innocent, thinking that doing this would humiliate him. But he who was much more similar to his mother was the one that was a more lethal existence.

In his lifetime, he only personally instructed two children- one was Mo Yu Xi, and one was Mo Jing Yu; he would always think, if he were to mistreat that person’s children like this, would she come into the dreams at night to criticize him for a moment. Even if she had come in seeking for his life, he would be willing to see her.

But he did not think that after all these years, he had not once seen that person, and instead raised a child that was like her.

“No, I think in all of my lifetime, the greatest accomplishment perhaps was to bring up you.”

In this lifetime, Mo Qi only dealt with these two children each one time. One time was when that person was still alive- when Mo Yu Xi was just born, he had personally changed out the diaper for this child, and then lifted her up highly. Only, perhaps time had passed by too long ago, this child at the time was very young, and long did not remember this past; for this child, Mo Jing Yu, perhaps it was this time.

He was just like an ordinary father that took in pride for a child, and gently spoke towards this child.

After the talks had failed, his body gradually weakened. The countless doctors those subordinates had found for him could not see what kind of problem ailed his body; the Mo Yu Xi inside the palace even personally brought the Imperial doctor, but her face was expressionless, and could not see whether she was upset or happy.

“When I think of how you might die this simply, I’m just a bit upset. How could the Heavens treat you so kindly like this, and let you die without even a bit of torment?” She said.

No, the person that the Heavens could not forgive the most was him. Otherwise, how could he live within the torture everyday, that he could not even take a proper look at that person’s features.

He thought, perhaps this was the one time that the Heavens favoured him, and could finally bring him away, no longer letting him suffer through the pains of yearning.

Lying down on the bed, his life wore away bit by bit, but Mo Qi felt this little bit was not at all monotonous- because, he laid down on that person’s bed, as though sharing the same bed and pillow with that person, feeling a sliver of the other person’s warmth just before death.

Ever since the other person left, he had not called out that person’s name. When time turned long, he did not hope that the other person would come see him, and went through the few warm memories in his own mind to relieve himself of the suffering of yearning.

Truly unfortunate and low- the people of the world all praised him, admired him, spurned him, but no one knew how his days went by every day.

It was no matter. In any case, the Mo family was to be destroyed within his hands. In the end, the abnormal system could only stop within history, and he, too, was a speck of dust within the long river.

On a certain night, Mo Qi felt heavy, and could not tell clearly whether or not he was within a dream or in reality. He saw that person that he had not seen in a very long time. The other person’s facial features were emaciated and pale, in their eyes carried hatred and bloodstains, but in his eyes, it was just as good-looking as when they first saw each other.

Just like that year, in the courtyard’s forest of flowers. Within the flower petals blown by the wind, he saw that person hiding within the flowers. The face carried an anger with the colour of an evening glow, a pair of eyes misted with water, watching him with that appearance.

Truly good-looking.

“It’s been so many years, finally, you are willing to come see me.”

[1] 秀才- rank of a scholar, one who passed the imperial examination at a county level.

2 thoughts on “Mo Qi’s Extra

  1. Between studying, online classes, and Animal Crossing in my free time, I have completely forgotten to publish the bloody chapter.

    In my initial translation of the arc, I called this the suffering of ‘leaving loved ones’, which may imply some directionality in translation. In truth, as readers may notice, it can go both ways. In hindsight, it’d be better to call it parting with loved ones- whether you are the one leaving a loved one, or someone you love is leaving you, there is pain on both ends.


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