Guo Shi and the Young Master 005


Jiang Zi Yu bitterly smiled, “I should go back. If I don’t go back, my mother would start getting suspicious.”

Just as he finished, the point of the knife was once again closely held up against his neck. He heard the other person hoarsely ask, “Are you going to go back to expose me?”

The young man’s head slightly lifted up, and the frail area, without any defence, exposed itself in front of the other person. Following the faintly incoming moonlight, he saw the other person’s cold gaze, as though he would cut his through without any hesitation in the next moment, “If I wanted to expose you, I could have done it just now. I only wanted to let you withdraw is all. I don’t want you to die.”


“Because I like you.”

Mu Ying Sheng’s hand shifted back a bit, and his eyes carried a bit of a confusion, “What is it that the Young Master likes about this small citizen? If it is this face, I can have it destroyed; but if Young Master only simply wants to play, then you should distance yourself from me, and not court disaster towards yourself.”

“As long as you haven’t committed anything wrong, then you are not a disaster.” Stubbornly looking at the person in front of him, the youth bit down, and bet that the person in front of him would not have the heart to hurt himself, and approached close step by step. As it was originally a tight space, in the next moment, he embraced the person in front of him, “If it’s a disaster, then let it be so. I will protect you without any worries.”

“If I want to commit the crime of regicide, how does Young Master intend to protect me.”

His heart skipped a beat, and Jiang Zi Yu then tightly held Mu Ying Sheng’s hand. He could feel the sweat on his palm, but could not tell if it was the other person’s or his own, “No problem, it’s not a problem. The crime you commit is also my crime.”

Since he had no choice but to choose one, then he will take up all of the sins.

“Young Master, it’s not worth it.”

No…… It’s not like that.

Like a dragonfly skimming water, he marked the other person’s lips. Jiang Zi Yu saw the other person still with an unchanged expression, as though all the things in world would not affect them, and disturb the other person’s heart; but Mu Ying Sheng’s each and every movement, even if it was his own kiss, could make him at a loss, “No, you are worth it. Only you are worth it.”

Perhaps in his past life, he really owed Mu Ying Sheng something, and so he was to atone for it in this lifetime; or perhaps in the past lifetime, they loved each other so deeply, that the unobtainable turned into this lifetime’s hard and strenuous insistence.

A melon forcibly obtained is not sweet[1], but the other person’s attitude also tacitly permitted him to take a step even closer, no?

The light in Mu Ying Sheng’s eyes flickered, making one unable to tell what it was exactly he was thinking. He put down the dagger, his hands stroked Jiang Zi Yu’s cheeks, and he asked in a soft voice, “Is Young Master willing to do anything for this small citizen?”


“And if I killed the person you are most close with?”

He smiled. The youth’s smile was no longer amorous and wayward like before, and his eyes filled with tears, “Then I will bear all the sins for you.”

“I only wish that you are alright is all.”

After a long sigh, Mu Ying Sheng arched his body and exited out of the fake mountain, hid inside the darkness, and did not leave him a word.

Jiang Zi Yu stared at that span of that thick, inky darkness for a long time. Not long after coming out, he encountered Shen Qing Yi. In an instant, the heart skipped a beat, and he forced a smile, “What a coincidence, you also came to sober up?”

The other person stared at the wound on his neck for a long time. When his hand lightly touched it, the pain he imagined did not come, and instead only felt warm. And after a while, the feeling of pain disappeared. Shen Qing Yi took out a handkerchief and gently wiped the bloodstain on his neck, as though with the affection one had when treating a lover, and in a muffled voice, “It’s him, isn’t it.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t like him any more, alright.” The sensation on his neck turned heavy, and the normally green pupils of Shen Qing Yi filled with a inky black colour, giving him a sense of danger, “If you liked me, I would treat you well for an entire lifetime. I would not let you grieve, and would not let you be in a difficult position.”

He could not help but retreat one step back, but the other person’s other hand instead firmly immobilized the back of his head. He lowered his head and slowly came close, “Try to like me for a moment, alright?”

Jiang Zi Yu knitted his brows, and held back the urge to give the other person a slap. He wanted to struggle, but the other person’s hand seemed to be sticking. No matter how he tried, he could not break free, “Release me.”

“I won’t loosen up.” Shen Qing Yi lowly laughed, “Why is it that you can like him without any reserve, but not be willing to turn back and look at me once all this time.”

“At first, I did not understand this feeling, but I only know that I hope you can like me in the same way you like him.”

“I can have all your memories wiped away, but even if forget him, you would still like him with a single glance.”

The tip of the finger lightly drew over Jiang Zi Yu’s cervical vertebrae, and a numbing feeling rose up from tailbone, gradually spreading in all four directions of his body, with a wave of terror coming out from the inside. He swallowed his saliva, and at the time he was about to say something, the other person instead used his finger to press his lips.

“Shh. Why is it that you can love him so profoundly, but cannot be like that with me? I want to see whether or not his name is even inside the bones. Perhaps, if I have his name erased, and engrave my own name on it, would you like me the same way you like him?”

In the end, when Jiang Zi Yu took a look at the other person, Shen Qing Yi[‘s figure] was against the moonlight, and his shadow was drawn on his face.

The next day when he woke up, Jiang Zi Yu felt like his brain was in a whirl. He only remembered he was drunk after the palace banquet, but the things after that, he could not remember too clearly. He did not even remember how he came back.

At the time he returned to the Guo Shi residence, when he saw Shen Qing Yi, his body unconsciously hid from the other person. Seeing the other person at a loss on their face, he slowly opened his mouth, but did not know how to console Shen Qing Yi either, “When I went back last night, I was too tired. Perhaps I over drank, and have not come to until now.”

“No matter. Go get some proper rest for the time being.”

The other person’s gentle attitude made Jiang Zi Yu secretly worry, and felt he himself was quite odd, but he did not know why- his heart was not as intimate with the other person like before, and even could be said that some vigilance had come into being.

Having stayed at the Guo Shi residence for a few days, after interacting with Shen Qing Yi again, he once again felt that he was previously overly sensitive. The other person did not even fuss over his own attitude, and in comparison, Jiang Zi Yu became much more ashamed.

But he did not know whether or not he was over-sensitive- he would always feel that the other person would intentionally or unintentionally touch himself, and when he looked over, Shen Qing Yi would turn his head, or his face would have no guilty conscience nor any other expression. Holding back his own suspicions, Jiang Zi Yu attentively studied all the knowledge that the other person imparted at the Guo Shi residence.

On a certain day, the other person grabbed his hand that was painting, and suddenly said by his ear, “Mu Ying Sheng has been sent to prison.”

“Your Imperial Grandfather is on the verge of death.”

Jiang Zi Yu honestly could not associate Mu Ying Sheng and the Emperor together, and the news that Shen Qing Yi brought hit him hard like thunder. The ink dropped onto the painting, and the dense inky colour in the empty area of the completed picture made Jiang Zi Yu’s pupils contract. His brain faintly hurt, as though able to recall, but also unable to catch that tail that disappeared in the next instant[2].

“I need to go find him.”

“It’s no use.”

He only saw Shen Qing Yi smile as though bathed in a spring breeze, “He will be executed in a few days.”

[1] 强扭的瓜不甜- an expression that means, nothing that is forced is going to agreeable.

[2]转瞬即逝 – or in English, written in water.

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