Teacher and Disciple 007


While hiding from Heaven’s eyes, the days of waiting for reincarnation were bound to be solitary. He always maintained a habit of travelling all around, and then sitting by himself in Shen Qing Yi’s palace, not knowing who he was talking to about all that he saw and heard either.

When the overly lonesome him was passing by a small village, within the fire, he took in a demon that was being chased; the other person long already had a child’s appearance, so Chang Ge seal the demon’s memories, and had the person raised beside him, and gave him the name Chu Ze Yao.

If those people of the right cultivation were to know he had a demon by his side, they’d probably continuously raise a fuss, but what of it?

He had never minded these things.

Though he said he was lonely, but rather, it could be said that Chu Ze Yao was the same as him, and was not desired the same; and he just happened to also be missing a person by him, and thus had him put by his side.

Chang Ge tried to see how he could bring up a child, but instead discovered in the process of getting along with the other person, each and every moment would remind him of Shen Qing Yi. For example, how Shen Qing Yi would treat him, unknowingly, he too had seemingly become the role of Teacher, and treated his own little disciple as such.

Waiting was a extremely long process, but finally, he had still waited for Shen Qing Yi to come.

The other person’s first reincarnation became an undesired prince. Through his interference, he had wanted this person to have a taste of being not paid attention to; but Chang Ge couldn’t control his own heart to not treat the person badly. Looking at himself within the water mirror, with one look, had the other person firmly take root in his own heart.

Just like him, just by looking at the similar appearance, he would have no way of restraining his own thoughts, and was anxious to have the person enter his embrace.

Chang Ge purposely spread the rumours of the bone engraver, and specially had the other person find himself.

In that long hallway, that person gradually approached closer. Through the thin, light veil, the originally hazy features gradually cleared up. He suppressed his own urges, and pretended to be indifferent, as though coming face with an unimportant person.

Only the Heavens knew, how important the person in front was to him.

Ah, humans. With only just a little bit of enticing profit, it would make people moved. Though it was clear that there was a cost, they would still do it. The god who was reduced to a mortal was no exception, and he too was like that.

As a result of the influence from the part of the soul connecting with the reincarnation, the countering effects of bone engraving would befall him the same.

Only, in this lifetime, he did not engrave Fu Hong Wen’s bones.

It wasn’t just whether it was worth it or not, it was because of the other person’s imploring, making him go into a bit of a trance. It was as though he saw himself in front of him, lowly begging. It was truly an appearance that made people feel terrible and disgusted, but in the end, he still did not do it.

When he watched as Teacher forcefully pluck away his one weakness out without hesitation and control the entire country in one life, yet be all alone, Chang Ge could not help but laugh.

This person was the most passionate, yet also heartless; what should be cut off is immediately cut off[1], sure enough, was something this person would do.

The little disciple to the side still did not understand why he was laughing. He rubbed the other person’s head, stroked the folding fan that Teacher gave him in the very beginning, and only told the other person he was still young- wait until he grows up and becomes a bone engraver, then he would understand.

Love of various shapes and forms, yet this person’s love, should be the destiny he originally could not avoid.

But Chang Ge would also think- even though he was an outsider who could see everything so transparently, he just could to not let it go. This was perhaps the trial of feelings that he could not escape from.

In the end, he still did not have the heart.

During the second lifetime, though he clearly had that kind of prideful person degraded down into the dirt on purpose, and become a lowly and degrading prostitute, this person still was as sparkling and good looking, and the part of the soul that was him who was invisibly drawn in still could not avoid being attracted to him.

To be able to see Teacher at each and every moment, he even lived inside the Southern Wind Mansion.

He magnified the other person’s desire, and drew out Shen Hang Zhi’s thirst for living long without aging. After perceiving him becoming softhearted, he purposefully set his hands at the Flower God Festival, and led the person to fall from a high place, just like a butterfly that lost control, dazzlingly sinking down.

“Please, save him.”

Chang Ge watched the lowly fox demon plead. Even though he clearly knew a part of the soul was himself, he still could not help but be jealous- on what basis could this person obtain the other person’s attachment? He smiled, and held up the folding fan to his chin neither fast nor slow, “It’s possible. To save him, just bring out your internal pill and give it to him.”

It was an answer that was within expectation, yet his heart would be that much discontent, and even wanted to not care for that soul of his and have this person exterminated for the best.

He did not tell Shen Hang Zhi what a fox that lost its internal pill would turn into, only, when Lan Yi was about to disappear, the other person held a soon-to-be-dead fox, and pleaded him for help.

Chang Ge, on the contrary, thought about not caring about everything and asking the other person, at the time he was having a hard time like now, why did he never willingly hand out a tiny sliver of pity to him?

He only indifferently watched, lethargic and uncaring, but he himself was unsure as to what exactly he wanted. Was it to feel sorry for this person, and go against the promise and end this laughable gamble; or pity himself, that the person he had always chased after would not even give a leftover gaze from the corner of his eye?

“It’s no use, go back.”

But in truth, he hid from the Heavens and kept the soul, and continued to let it reincarnate.

Before leaving the Southern Wind Mansion, Qin Huai asked if he was ever a bit moved. He thought for a bit and discovered, after such a long time passed, within his mind, the few memories were all related to Teacher’s slightest expressions; though it was only a tiny impression.

He immediately replied with two words, turned and left with the little disciple. And after settling the person at Qing Lun mountain, he once again followed Shen Hang Zhi’s steps and stopped at the top of a mountain, and watched as this person gradually turned mad all day long, and watched this person ask over and over again where his fox was.

His hands light and quickly carved a block of wood, and a figure of a person gradually revealed itself. After completing the carving, Chang Ge very carefully put the wooden doll into a box. He watched the other person with a head of white hair, with his hand stroking the wooden doll that had been polished smoothly, with the dirty face carrying a reminiscing expression; he did not know what he recalled, but [saw that] the corners of his mouth raised up a bit.

As he followed this person step from mountain top to mountain top, on a certain day that this person couldn’t help but quietly cry, he still chose to take away that internal pill that did not belong to Shen Hang Zhi. That pair of eyes that already could not see anything appeared to light up, and the other person seemed to have sensed something. When he gradually breathed his last, he said “Thank you”.

Chang Ge did not know either whether or not these words would be considered a mockery.

He took away the wooden doll from Shen Hang Zhi’s hands, and returned to the palace that Teacher had once lived in. Even though it was clearly a matter that could be solved with a single word, Chang Ge still very patiently took up a cloth, and wiped all the wooden dolls once, no matter if it was carved by him or carved by Teacher.

Previously, to make him happy, Teacher would carve out many little figures related to him; but most of them leaned towards Wang Rui’s features, presuming the reincarnation was extremely similar to the other person’s loved one. As he wiped on, the wooden doll in his doll had turned into a ball of wooden scrap. As though nothing happened, he cleaned away the object in his hands, and then continued to wiped the next wooden doll.

As of late, as though the Heavens had detected something, the soul by his side still could not enter reincarnation as quickly.

[1] 当断即断- the opposite of, and based on the phrase 当断不断, in which means to fail/hesitate to do something when it should be done.

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