Teacher and Disciple 008


During the long period of time, Chang Ge tried out methods of pulling out the soul[1]. He wanted the part of the soul interlaced with Wang Rui stripped, and after that, be able to possess his teacher in his entirety.

Oh, how cute the young teacher was- unversed in worldly matters, just like a piece of white paper, so easily deceived by his advantageous suspicions, so softhearted it was a complete mess; he even became a miracle doctor for that devil that everyone would go to beat up.

But he also quite liked this kind of teacher.

Unlike the usual loftiness, emotionless teacher; the little teacher’s eyes carried a light, and had this world’s largest kindness, although he still carried a hostility towards him. But that was of no matter- the demon head that the miracle doctor loved, was also him.

Was how Chang Ge consoled himself.

He told this person the only way of curing the demon head’s poison was to use a life in exchange for a life, and Xie Zhi An too agreed to the impractical[2] and absurd method without a care; he had a bit of an urge to take a look at the bones of this person, and see exactly whose name was engraved on them that would make him love like so, that he would not even care for his own life.

To be honest, after all was said, he only wanted to see. If it was Fu Yuan, he could lie to himself for a bit, that the person Teacher loved was him.

Fu Yuan did not have his bone engraved. The supposed amnesia was all due to him taking out all the other person’s memories. But even though it was like this, invisibly, the part of the soul that belonged to him would always uncontrollably be drawn in by Teacher’s reincarnation.

Chang Ge had no way of tolerating with this kind of result, this kind of unreciprocated love made him had enough. He had a scary thought come to him- if he were to have his own name engraved in Teacher’s bones, would they also come to love himself like such?

But he neglected something- how could a mortal’s bones endure a immortal’s name? He also did not know why, at the time when his name was engraved, it would always automatically fade away; he stubbornly wanted to leave a mark that belong to him, even if it was a single character, it was enough. At the time Xie Zhi An was about to die, Chu Ze Yao caught his hand in time.

The youth softly said, “Master, he’s going to die.”

As though being woken with a start, Chang Ge silently exchanged blood for this person.

That night, he locked himself inside the palace at Qing Lun mountain. He did not carve out little figures as usual, and did not take Shen Qing Yi’s items out and think of the person. He looked at the bright moon up in the sky, and only uncontrollably laughed out loud.

He could not leave his own name on that person’s bones, and at the same time, Wang Rui’s name was not there either- there were only a faint three words, Jiang Zi Yu.

That would probably be Wang Rui’s reincarnation.

What was laughable was, Shen Qing Yi no longer had a way of finding a second exact Jiang Zi Yu; so what if he were to find the reincarnation- a part of that person’s soul was his, there would no longer be a complete Jiang Zi Yu.

And with the kind of apathetic and selfish person Shen Qing Yi was, even if he loved Jiang Zi Yu, it was only a shallow kind of love, much more of it was just an unwillingness and desire was all.

Chang Ge did not know if he was making fun of Shen Qing Yi or himself either, and only felt those in this world were just all pitiful people.

Up until this world’s last moment, when Xie Zhi An called out Fu Yuan’s name, Chang Ge too was deeply affected. There was a fine, dense pain as though being bit by ants in his heart, and within the moment, he could not tell exactly if he was Chang Ge or Fu Yuan. Though there was no one in his embrace, he only lowered his brows and softly said, “I’m here, I am always here.”

From the beginning of spring to the decline of winter, to the green mountains and big rivers, no matter how the times changed, he would always be there.

In the final lifetime, he borrowed the convenience of a Guo Shi’s fame, and had the person brought through the gates, and took back the one soul from Zhou Jun Yan while he was at it; Chang Ge instead wanted to see, exactly what kind of outstanding person was the one that was able to make Teacher be constantly preoccupied.

But he was disappointed- it was only a useless and extremely ignorant puppet was all.

Perhaps due to previously being together with the soul, Zhou Jun Yan was intimate with him since young, and after growing up, even bore an unspeakable feeling towards him.

The feeling from this kind of progression was quite odd. Chang Ge did not know if this could be considered as Teacher’s desired person coming to love himself, but this person was also not complete, and was also not the one that Teacher actually loved.

On the contrary, he wanted to see, if Xu Hao Ran’s beloved person came to love himself, would the other person also have his figure in his eyes?

Just like how Teacher saw him.

The other person’s jealous gaze made him extremely hurt, but yet also very comforting. This made him felt that this person seemed to be paying attention to himself, completely and whole-heartedly. Deluding himself all day, he gradually became twisted and lost himself, that he even could not wait any more, and wanted to end this kind of ridiculous gamble.

Zhou Jun Yan forced Xu Hao Ran towards ruination, and fulfilled him in the very end, allowing him to be able to quickly make Teacher return.

But he never expected that the dispirited Teacher would willingly give up on returning, and become a complete and thorough mortal; and even split up his own soul. He could turn into many people, but his teacher would no longer exist.

This person was truly cruel- from the time he began, he should have known how superficial and heartless he was; but the entire time, he idiotically fantasized, that at the time the other person was able to give up, he would be able to turn his head to look at himself.

Even if it was a single glance, was enough.

But this person did not. This person was sick of a long life, sick of him, sick of everything, and then left easily and without any pressure, not bringing anything with him.

He left Qing Lun mountain without a single word left for Chu Ze Yao, and even used magic to not let them find himself. Chang Ge passed through mountains and river, watched the snowy scenes off from tall mountains, and saw spider lilies on the road to the River of Forgetting, and saw many, many people, and also saw many shadows of Teacher.

However, none of them were Teacher.

He thought, perhaps Teacher discovered Jiang Zi Yu was no longer Jiang Zi Yu, and would thus be willing to throw himself into reincarnation, and disappear from the realm of immortals.

In the mortal realm, there would always be a kind of rumour. The immortal from the top of Qing Lun mountain would always suddenly appear at a certain place one day, and then the people who received his advice would live a peaceful lifetime, and even obtain a small figure gifted from the immortal.

But what made people curious was, the little figure that the immortal gifted, was nothing alike the person.

In the very very end, the bone engraver too only became an immortal within a legend that no one ever met again.

One day, an old and worn out residence somewhere by Qian mountain suddenly turned anew. Due to not many people passing by this place, no one discovered it yet. The Chang Ge who had not grown old all this time placed the folding fan beside the stone stool that Shen Qing Yi once sat on in the past. He sat on it, and carved out the wooden figure in his hand bit by bit.

As the evening colours soon approached, Chang Ge lied on the stone stool, not knowing why, he entered a dream again. In the dream, was a time of when he was still Wang Yu. The other person sat on the stone stool, and he leaned on the side of the other person’s leg, and used a moistened gaze to look at the them. Shen Qing Yi affectionately stroked his head, with a tender gaze, and gently called him “Yu ge’er”.

Not the Chang Ge that carried an implied meaning, not anybody’s replacement either- he was Wang Yu, the Yu ge’er that the other person called on.

The young child hugged the other person, and cried in the next moment without a sound.

[1] In translating this arc I realized I haven’t explained something regarding the ‘soul’. You may have seen me confusingly translate Chang Ge’s soul as one part or whole in the previous chapters, which technically isn’t wrong. His ‘one soul’ (一魂) comes from the idea of three souls and seven ‘spirits’/mental spirit (三魂七魄) that makes a person’s complete soul.

[2] 天马行空- literally, the sky’s horses running at a rapid pace, as though flying through the sky. The expression, when used as a metaphor for poetry, implies a unrestrained, powerful style of writing, but when used to describe a person, means that the person is fickle, filled with blunders, and unstable, or unreasonable/unrealistic.

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  1. And hence, the story between Chang Ge, Jiang Zi Yu, and Shen Qing Yi comes to a close. No one gets what they want. Next story will be between Chang Ge and his own disciple. I want to see if I can finish the last story within two weeks and start on a new novel starting September, but we will see how much motivation I can pump out with the heat wave going on these days.


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