[Zhao Ge] Chapter 6

Chapter Six, His Identity in the Sect, the Leader’s Disciple.
(宗门身份, 掌门弟子)

  A third word had not yet been exchanged, and the two started fighting each other.

  However, the Jiu Xuan Sect disciples to the side had long already been accustomed to the unusual. Jiu Xuan Sect had nine peaks and eight ranges. Each peak and range’s representatives all were prideful people, and these representatives, for the most part, all fought with each other since they were young. At what time they would be able to politely talk with each other, would then be the day the Heavens collapsed.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 5

Chapter Five, Inside Jiu Xuan Sect, its Disciple Brothers.
(九玄门内, 师兄师弟)

  “I hate [this]!”
  A Xuan Li[1] Peak disciple wailed after finishing morning sword practice, and sat with his bottom down on the floor, moping and groaning, very much in a manner where one could drop a few manly tears at any given moment now.
  “I only knew that the skies would have unforeseen storms, but I didn’t think that even the daily gamble could be variable too.”

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 4

Chapter Four, Jiu Xuan’s Jade Harmony, Easy to Turn Level for the Cranes.
(九玄璧雍, 易为鹤平)

  The Jade Harmony Pavilion.

  Situated on top of Jiu Xuan Sect’s main peak, it had water surrounding on all four of its sides. In the east, west, south and north each stood a bridge, respectively named: the River Bridge, the Ten Thousand Mile Bridge, the Chess Star Bridge, and the Narrow Bridge. The Jade Harmony Pavilion wound with water on all four sides was shaped like an octagon, with a total of nine stories, corresponding with the Jiu Xuan Sect’s nine peaks and eight ranges exactly. All of the sect’s rituals and offerings along with discussions of serious matters would be convened at this place.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 1

Let’s not go with a novel that has a vice-grip on your heart this time.

This particular author has a tendency to be very precise with her wording and word count (especially in the later chapters where the word count will end with x000, and any more would be in increments of 1000), perhaps one of the biggest offenders I’ve seen. Word count per chapter ranges from 1000 to a gross 9500 words, but I will otherwise be aiming to have a chapter released every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, at 4 PM PST.

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Qi Feng’s Extra

At a time when he was still a low-level demonic being, he met a person who he would never forget in this lifetime.

That man sat up top, and casually smiled, “Quite interesting, make it him then.”

From the battlefield, he underwent a sudden transformation, and became the Demon Lord’s slave. After arriving at the Demon Palace, it was unlike how he imagined it to be- the inside was a bit quiet, with not much life to it.

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Bone Engraver and the Demon 005


Behind Chang Ge’s back, he secretly learned the demon realm’s techniques. He didn’t know whether or not he was being affected by the techniques, but he found that he could not control himself more and more, and began to find wreaking havoc as a form of enjoyment. At the start, it was with the flowers and grass, then demons and spirits in the later stages, and finally, even people.

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