Engraved In Bone: The Unobtainable: Bone Engraver and the Demon 001

This is the last story of the novel! As the author has also commented, this is more like an extra, considering that the previous/main stories have been about the love triangle between Shen Qing Yi/Jiang Zi Yu/Chang Ge.


The young child’s face was all dirty. Behind him, the wave of heat scorched his back, and he raised his head to look at the bright and clear youth in front of him. On the waist of the other person hung a folding fan, the clean and good-looking hand lowered down and was placed in front of him, and they softly asked, “If you are willing to come with me, I will protect you without any worries.”

After doubting for a while, he rubbed his hand on his worn and tattered fabric, and after a long time, then dared to put it in the other person’s palm, and said in a small voice, “Okay.”

That was the scene in which Chu Ze Yao first met Chang Ge. At that time, he was still the demon child that everyone was looking to execute. And after that, not only did he have his name, he even became the disciple of the legendary bone engraver.

Within Chu Ze Yao’s memories, he had always gone through days of hiding from place to place. He was the mixed blood between a mortal and a demonic god- a half-human and half-demon lineage that was something not accepted by people. The people of the demon realm would look down on him, while mortals would be all fearful of him, and both had something in common- they all had qualms about and coveted his body of half-demon god blood.

He did not have memories of his parents- the few, were all the amiable looks from his foster father and mother, and in the end, even those all shattered to pieces, only leaving the ugliness of this world, as well the god he considered to be a lofty being.

Chang Ge had always treated him well- he would care for his food and clothing expenditures, teach him how to hide the demonic aura on his body, and even take him who did not know anything to fly upon the sword, and bring him to see the mountains and flowing rivers beneath the feet.

The Chu Ze Yao still of a five, six year old child peacefully nestled in Chang Ge’s arms, and the hand tightly grabbed at the other person’s sleeve with a heart hung high, yet also feeling stable and at ease.

“Are you afraid?”

The other person’s voice was blown away by the sound of wind into bits and fragments, but was still caught by him. With a face filled with excitement, he shook his head, then loudly said, “Not afraid.”

Of course he wasn’t afraid- as long as Master was by his side, there was nothing he could be scared of.

From Chang Ge, Chu Ze Yao received a small portion of warmth, and the other person would also use his all to have the greatest things under the sky given to him. This kind of conduct made him a bit light-headed, enough to make him neglect the one and only taboo placed on Qing Lun mountain, the place by the side of the palace where Chang Ge would always stay at—— a place that no one other than Chang Ge could enter.

With the other person’s favour in hand, he took advantage while they did not pay attention and secretly slipped inside, and discovered there was nothing in there considered to be a treasure. There were only many many wooden dolls placed, as well as many high-class wooden blocks and carving knives. He who still had a disposition of a child felt it was very interesting, and carelessly touched the wooden doll, but instead got burned.

Scared that Chang Ge would find out, he hid inside the blanket for a long time, that even when the other person softly asked himself, he would not dare to come out even if he was dead. At that time, Chu Ze Yao faintly perceived that he seemed to have already touched upon the other person’s bottom line, and thus would feel scared, scared that they would abandon him because of this.

Having been in solitude for tens of years, he no longer wanted to be forsaken.

Chu Ze Yao had always been curious- he had been Chang Ge’s side for almost one hundred years, yet never seen him go out. In the rare occasion that he did, it was merely taking him out on a stroll through the mortal realm, and finding some interesting things he liked. Hence, this kind of whole-hearted magnanimity from the other person gave him a kind of steady feeling.

That was up until the first person who came to ask to have a bone engraved, who broke this balance.

That was a very beautiful “woman”, but from how Chu Ze Yao saw it, in this world, there was no one who could compare to Master.

He had originally thought the other person would reject them, but he did not, and Chu Ze Yao even could see a kind of dim yearning from Chang Ge’s gaze.

The frequency in which Chang Ge went to that palace became more and more often, from light til dark, and the other person no longer put all his mind onto him; this kind of knowledge made him feel disheartened, and did not even hesitate to purposely hurt himself when expelling demons, in order to attract the other person’s concern.

This person had always liked the mortal realm’s rare and strange things- even when he got hurt, he would also follow the mortal realm’s ways to treating wounds. The other person would always gently use medicine to wipe over his wounds while lightly blowing on it, and ask him if it hurt or not.

Chu Ye Zao could not yet understand, even though a single magic art could solve the matter, why Chang Ge would take such great lengths. But thankfully, he did not have an aversion to this, and even similarly enjoyed that the other person would care for him so whole-heartedly like this. He would always purse his mouth then shallowly and bashfully smile, shake his head, and after the other person finished treating it, say in a small voice, “Thank you, Master.”

Just after becoming his disciple, each night, he would hide inside his room and practice- at what angle would make the other person feel sympathy, and what ways would allow for the other person’s gaze to remain. These were all things that Chang Ge did not know, the hideous side of his face.

Chang Ge lightly flicked his head, and teasingly call him a monkey child- to always scurry up and down outside, then after a body full of wounds, would then only know to come back to sniffle and cry to him. At this time, Chu Ze Yao would hug the other person and stick out his tongue, and lightly laugh, then, at place where the other person could not see, hide away that smile.

He did not like Chang Ge’s gaze looking at other people, and also did not like people or things other than himself occupying his mind.

Hence, Chu Ze Yao did not like Shen Hang Zhi, and furthermore did not like that Qin Huai who always liked to come near Chang Ge’s side. This person was only a rabbit gentleman who only rolled around in a place of debauchery, to think he would dare yearn for his master.


When the other person smiled at him, Chu Ze Yao purposely hid behind Chang Ge, and revealed one of those terrifying faces he’d see when subjugating demons to them. Just when Chang Ge looked towards him, he once again retracted his protruding teeth, and smiled bashfully and timidly toward the other person.

The look of an immature youth unversed in worldly matters.

Qin Huai’s face turned deathly pale, and from the looks of it, was quite frightened. Inside, he reckoned that they understood he did not like himself, that he then also sensibly did not come near his side.

This person did not come near him, but instead continuously ran towards Master’s side.

Chu Ze Yao could tell each time the other person looked at Master, their features would turn affectionate, the face a peach red- clearly a look when one looked at their beloved person. He would always think of ways to make the other person make a fool of themselves, but every time it reached the critical point, Chang Ge would always undo it. He’d come to the rescue for them, knock at his head, and then use words of a senior doting their junior, and a forceful yet also helpless tone of speech to warn him, “Ze Yao, don’t cause mischief.”

He opened his mouth slowly, not knowing what to say; seeing the other person with an unrelenting face, he once again turned into an obedient and coaxing look in an instant, and compliantly responded, “Yes”.

After all, he could not tell Master that he saw that this person had feelings towards Master, and that he did not want Master to come to like another person, and would thus be against the other person, right?

Or perhaps, that he only wanted to monopolize Master was all.

At this time, Chu Ze Yao would always think, why can’t he grow up faster- if he were to grow up, he could justifiably be together with Master, and chase away those people he felt were an eyesore; but at the same time, he was also reluctant to leave Chang Ge’s gaze that would look at him each and every moment. If he were to grow up, he did not know if the other person would still be like this either.

The contradiction born due to the reluctance, and the desire born due to that reluctance, would torment him at each and every moment.

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