Bone Engraver and the Demon 002


Chang Ge taught him many, many skills and principles, yet never taught him his most pleasing craft. Every time this person carved a wooden figure, he would have the extremest of patience. Once he sat down, he would be able to sit for an entire day, and finely polish his own most pleasing work.

All the carved little figures were of one person- every frown and smile, true to life, as though they were just before him.

He heard that it was Master’s teacher, but he did not have a heart of respect [for them].

He wanted to learn too. He wanted to carve out the most good looking little doll for Chang Ge to see, then take pleasure in the other person’s admiring gaze. At the same time, he wanted to carve out Chang Ge’s looks, and put it atop his own heart at each and every moment.

Chang Ge would never teach him this field of craftsmanship; similarly, he would also never make mention of Shen Qing Yi’s existence in front of him either. From other places, he heard that the origins of bone engraving came to because of this god’s obsession that he could not put down.

However, he did not have interest in these things. He only yearned for Master.

When he was still young, Chang Ge used all the power he had to have him protected on top of Qing Lun mountain. This person’s spacious sleeves were blown by the wind and flapped on his face, and the sound of wind mingled with this person’s voice, “Ze Yao, when you grow up, is there something you would like to do?”

For example, take back the demon realm, and become the master of a realm; or become a leisurely and carefree wandering immortal.

Chu Ze Yao thought for very long- each kind of result flashed by through his mind, but what he discovered he wanted the most, was just only to be together with Master for a very, very long time.

But he also knew this went against principle, and so he did not say it aloud. HeoHe shook his head, then said in a small voice, “To reply to Master, Disciple has no other intentions for now.”

After leaving the Southern Wind Mansion, Chu Ze Yao finally did not have to see that Qin Huai’s ugly face. He relied on his fairly young looks, wound around Chang Ge’s side, and affectionately pulled at the other person’s sleeve, “Master, let’s never go to this kind of place ever again in the future.”


“Then how about Master always be with me.”

Chang Ge did not say anything. Chu Ze Yao obstinately wanted to wait for an answer, but when the other person looked at him, he nervously looked down, and did not dare to meet with the other person’s eyes, scared that that small thought of his would be discovered in an instant.

The other person did not say anything, not even a single sound in response.

Chu Ze Yao deceived himself by thinking, perhaps the other person tacitly approved of it?

In the end, he was still cast off to Qing Lun mountain. That person did not even utter a sound, and he completely could not find the their traces, did not know exactly where the person was either, and could only sit in the palace and quietly wait day after day.

He waited and waited, waited until the sun and moon alternated, waited until stars swapped, waited until his subordinates came to receive him back to the demon realm, but in the very end, did not wait for Chang Ge to come back, and lightly say to him, “I’ve returned.”

Chu Ze Yao even thought, did this person already forget his own existence.

As long as he thought of this, thought that in the other person’s future, there would perhaps be another person taking over his position, he would furthermore be driven in an uncontrollable rage. Just then, at this time, the demon realm’s people gave him a choice.

“If Young Master is willing to return, you would then have the power of the demon realm. As for Change Ge, a lone immortal, how could Young Master be worried about not getting him to remain?”

Even if Master had once warned him that none of those from the demon realm were good people, even though he knew the other person was probably coveting his body of inherited bloodline, he still could not resist the desire of monopolizing Chang Ge in his heart, and in the very end, chose to follow these people back.

Unlike the demon realm in his impressions, the place he imagined to probably be more dark and dim, a place where one could not see a sliver of light, was a place of grey overcast in the day time, and was lit with lights in the night time; only, on the streets, one could see people in revealing dress at any one place.

Wary of these people that brought him here at every moment, Chu Ze Yao would always feel that these people did not bear good intentions, and might knock him out at a time he was not careful and do some unfavourable things. He pinched the charm that Chang Ge gave in his hand- if there was something wrong, he would immediately run away.

The ghastly black-clothed person moved behind him, a scorching feeling then spread from between his fingers, and in the next moment, Chu Ze Yao let go of the charm in his hand. Once the yellow piece of paper fell, it immediately lit up that not even ashes were left.

“Young Master, just be at ease. This subordinate would not do things that are unfavourable for you; and just think of me as someone on your side, don’t be too nervous.”

Chu Ze Yao that still had not reacted yet stroked his hot fingers for a while, and revealed out a harmless smile, “Since this is not Qing Lun mountain, if I did not have even a bit of precaution, what would I do if I were to not even know how I died?”

Right now, he was still too weak. A single hand would be enough for these people to crush him dead.

“Young Master should stop that little idea of yours. I am not like Chang Ge that tactless kind of immortal, to not have even a bit of precaution against you; after all, the half of Young Master’s body is the demon realm’s blood.”

The contempt this person had for Chang Ge made Chu Ze Yao extremely unhappy. When he becomes powerful, he would definitely have this person reduced to flying ashes and smoke.

After being lead a series of left and right turns, he was taken to a bloody red pool. It emitted a strong, rich bloody smell from within, and was still bubbling with a gurgling noise. Chu Ze Yao was a bit afraid, but as he was hesitating, that person spoke up, with a gentle voice that carried a hint of temptation, as though to draw out people’s innermost, deepest desire, and take hold of reason.

“Doesn’t Young Master like Chang Ge? If you were to obtain a paramount strength, wouldn’t that person become a matter of the stretch of the hand?”

“Or perhaps, Young Master wishes to one day lose his most loved one?”

In front of his eyes, Chang Ge’s indifferent expression emerged, and the back figure of that person who tossed him to Qing Lun mountain without hesitation and turned away.

As though that was a existence that he would not be able to touch even if he exhausted his own life.

Biting down, Chu Ze Yao lept in without waver[1]; the pool filled with fresh blood seemed to have a mind of its own, and wrapped around him with the tide, and gradually swallowed him…… Covering over his mouth, nose, eyes……

The pair of eyes lifelessly watched the wooden beams up top, and when a hint of death rushed up to him like suffocation, Chu Ze Yao subconsciously pinched the transmission charm that Chang Ge once gave to him.

That person said, as long as his life was in danger, just call for him, then he would immediately appear.

Chu Ze Yao was wrapped up tightly, just like a cocoon; he was struggling inside, wanting to escape from the terror of being bound, and constantly thinking, perhaps wait a bit more….. Wait a bit more, then Chang Ge would come.

And just like before, a god, lofty, who did not allow for disrespect would suddenly appear, and then break through the brambles and thorns for him, and say to him, “Master has come.”

But after waiting for a long time, struggling inside for so long, Chu Ze Yao whose consciousness gradually faded away, in the end, did not wait for that person who said would save him as long as he as in danger.

What was laughable was, the moment before he lost consciousness, Chu Ze Yao still hoped that by the time he opened his eyes, Chang Ge would appear by his side and show concern for his comfort. That person would treat him with compassion, yet his body also carried a feeling of being unable to overstep their boundary, an existence that made him unable to touch in any possible way.

His god.

[1] 义无反顾- Also translated as hesitating, but unlike previous ones (that use 犹豫), this one specifically is translated as without turning back, in pursuit of justice/one’s duty.

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