Bone Engraver and the Demon 003


He didn’t know if it was his own wrong impression, but Chu Ze Yao felt that ever since he came out of the blood pool, the entire being had become taller, his pair of normal eyes had a slight hint of bloodiness, and that it became a bit more easier to break into a rage.

Once his strength was elevated, just as he was about to go find Chang Ge, he was held back. Using a reason of guarding against the other person’s perception, they used some technique to have his body of demonic aura completely concealed; and at the same time, they let him wear a jade pendant- Chu Ze Yao felt it was a bit strange, but due to that slight hint of intimacy inside his heart, he did not pay much heed to it instead.

When he returned to Qing Lun mountain, he ran across Chang Ge by coincidence. He did not know how long the other person came back, but when they saw him, they seemed to randomly asked him, “Where did you go? I’ve come back for so long, yet did not see your figure at all.”

Chu Ze Yao who was lying to Chang Ge for the first time could not help but slightly lower his head, as to avoid himself meeting with the other person’s eyes, and said in a small voice, “Disciple had followed a different sect to go hunting demons, and did not know that Master had come back, if not, I would have come back much earlier.”

“No harm.”

Just when he thought he had him fooled, a wave of strong wind came in surprise; Chu Ze Yao had not yet reacted, but seemed to have a wave of power pull his body, letting him successfully dodge Chang Ge’s magic. While he was confused, he abruptly raised his head to look at the other person, and scarily thought if there was some place that revealed itself.

“Not bad.” Chang Ge retracted his folding fan, with a delight in his eyes, “Looks like during the period I was not here, you did not slack off. Your strength has had some advancement, but you still need to work hard.”

Receiving affirmation, Chu Ze Yao did not care for where that strange feeling came from, and considered it as something due to having normally trained in the demon realm and receiving an upgrade, he just unconsciously dodged the attack just now; the present him excitedly ran up to Chang Ge, extended his hand and made hand gestures, and excitedly said, “Master, look, hasn’t this disciple grown much taller?”

Chang Ge took a look, his eyes even carried an astonishment as well as a slight hint of snow being melted by warmth, and lightly said, “You’ve really gotten much more taller. Looks like you’ve recently really exerted yourself.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” The youth’s pure and innocent look was something that could make people be at ease and let their guard down the most. He swayed the other person’s sleeve, and said in a spoiled manner, “It’s been a long time since Master has accompanied Disciple. Since you’ve come back this time, can we go together for a walk [around town]?”

Seeing the other person’s look of deep thought, Chu Ze Yao also said, “Just take it in consideration of Disciple’s progress this time, Master. Just think of it as giving this disciple a reward, can you?”

Master was typically softhearted towards him.

Chang Ge hesitated for a while, and stroked Chu Ze Yao’s hair whorl, “Just wait for a bit, wait until after I take care of a matter, and then I’ll properly bring you to go around the human realm.”

Having heard the other person say this, Chu Ze Yao felt a wave of fury rush up from his heart, and couldn’t control himself for a bit. The hand under the wide sleeves tightly pinched together, and wanted to not care for anything and kill something to pacify his own feelings.

He even wanted to loudly ask the other person, exactly what kind of thing was there- was it Zhao Li Xin? Or Shen Hang Zhi? Or perhaps someone else?

Even though they were just some unacquainted mortals, on what basis did they have that was worth for this person to be so caring, that would make them worth being paid attention to so much more compared to him?

“Ze Yao.”

Chang Ge’s voice was like a clear spring. It brought his reason back in an instant, and the red that rushed up to his eyes instantly faded away. He raised his head and raised a smile as though nothing had happened, even those thoughts just now were only transient[1], not one person knew.

Chu Ze Yao hugged the other person, and rubbed against the other person for a while, “Alright, Disciple will listen to Master.”

When he lifted his head, the other person seemed to unhappily knit their brows. As he let go, Chang Ge retreated one step, and put some distance between the two, “Ze Yao, you’ve already begun to grow up. you should not be conducting this kind of improper behaviour.”

He pretended to look confused, and pulled at the other person’s sleeve, “Disciple has always been this intimate with Master, is it that Master has heard something, or perhaps Master wants to take in other disciples, and thus would say this?”

Chang Ge would never mess with him. Though he would not say those kinds of harmful things to him, when he met with a problem he had no way of handling, he would choose to be silent and not say anything; for Chu Ze Yao, it was much more hurtful to him than being straightforward.

He would give him the leeway to fantasize, yet would also use this kind of method to silently reject him.

Hah, was he hoping for him to have some self awareness?

With one side smiling, one side sneering at himself, Chu Ze Yao felt that this kind of him was extremely false, just like being separated into two people, playing different roles.

He was considerate enough to not want the other person to be in a difficult position, and furthermore did not want to force this person to say the resolute[2] words. Chu Ze Yao once again stepped back, looked as if to admit defeat yet naturally pulled the other person’s hand, and softly said, “Then, Disciple will obediently continue to with my own cultivation and not bother Master. But Master has already promised, after a while, bring Disciple to the human realm to play again.”


The other person’s hurried back figure leaving made Chu Ze Yao once again unable to suppress it in, and recklessly destroyed the flowers and grass beneath his feet. His teeth tightly bit down on the lower lip, and the darkness that wanted to exterminate everything continuously invaded his thoughts.

How great it would be if Master could look at him only forever.

How great would it be should Master’s heart only have him.

The two of them together, without an outsider stepping in, together in a place where they would not be disturbed by people, going through long yet interesting years.

The flowers and grass under his feet were crushed to point of losing their shape, all broken up into pieces to the extent that one would be unable to tell what they originally looked like. With a wave of the hand, he restored those flowers and grass that had not yet bore intellect, and Chu Ze Yao’s pair of tea-coloured eyes instantly turned into a dense, inky black. His fingers, purposely or not, stroked the jade pendant on his waist; in the next moment, the ink colour faded away, and the tea-coloured eyes still carried a feeling of being wronged, and he angrily flung the fade pendant hanging from his waist.

No problem. As long as he went to the demon realm as scheduled, and undergo a cleansing and have the body of mixed blood turned into a pure demon blood, it would be fine; wait until after his strength has grown, then, he will have no need to strenuously beg for the other person to stay like now, nor even excessively demand, to make use of the other person’s little bit of affection to discard those unneeded bits and only look at him.

Wait until he gets a bit stronger, and turn even more stronger, then Master would become his.

When night entered, Chu Ze Yao had a very long dream. Although it was said to be a dream, it was more like a perception towards the future, so real it was terrifying.

He saw that he became the master of the demon realm, and became the newly appointed demon god; he had Master locked inside the demon realm, unable to see the daylight, and could only see him alone every day. No Zhao Li Xin, no Shen Hang Zhi, none of those other people. In the entire room, was only him and Master.

The other person wore a suit of red, features clean and shallow, and coldly looked at him; but Chu Ze Yao felt extremely elated, because he finally could have this person monopolized for himself.

But after he came to, he felt empty inside again.

Because in his memories, Chang Ge seemed to not really like red, nor did he ever see the other person wear red either.

[1] 昙花一现- the period in which epiphyllum blooms, going away just as it appears. The expression comes from how short lived the flower is.

[2] 决绝- also, to break/sever off relations.

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