Bone Engraver and the Demon 004


Chu Ze Yao felt he was going to go crazy.

On one side, he hoped that Chang Ge would not perceive that he went to demon realm to cultivate, yet on the other hand, he also hoped that the other person would be able to pay attention to him.

Right now, Chang Ge was in the human world looking at someone else, and he was tossed aside on Qing Lun mountain all by himself. He truly could not come to an understanding- it appeared that Master had a strange feeling of rejection towards the people of the mortal realm, but why did he always like to go down to observe those various faces?

This person at first liked to look at Zhao Li Xin, and then only watched Shen Hang Zhi, and now again appeared a Xie Zhi An.

Chu Ze Yao did not know who else there would be next time, or whether this person would take a fancy to another. Just, when he thought about how they were to like someone, his heart would be scorched into a terrible state, then could not wait to have all the people who entered the other person’s eyes all broken apart, and have the person monopolized afterwards.

Only, he could not. It was not the time yet.

He was anxious to go to the blood pool a few more times, and then grow a bit more, just a bit more, just enough to have this person he longed for to enter his embrace.

Chang Ge did not allow him to find himself so frequently.

He saw that under circumstances where there was no other person around, this person would use a gaze full of affection to look at Xie Zhi An. He also saw this person stroke the cherished wooden doll in his hand, and then very tenderly smile, not knowing what he was thinking of; but he knew, not once would it be about him.

Under the circumstances where that person did not know, he hid in the dark again and again, just like a pitiful bug that had no way of seeing daylight, and silently and secretly fantasized about some things he should not have; then once the sun went down, turned back into a harmless youth again.

He once again grew taller.

When he elatedly hugged Chang Ge, the other person would always unconsciously put some distance between the two, and then either on purpose or by accident, look at someone else, or do other things, “Ze Yao, have you properly cultivated on Qing Lun mountain lately?”

This person borrowed the excuse of training his willpower to have him thrown off to Qing Lun mountain to cultivate.

Chu Ze Yao let down his features, laughed once, unable tell what meaning it held either. He only saw him very respectfully take a bow, “In reply to Master, Disciple these days has been training very diligently, and have gone to cultivate according to instructions.”

“Is that so. Certainly, in these days that I have not seen you, you’ve looked to also grown a bit as well.”

He laughed and did not say anything else, and only quietly looked at the other person. This person too seemed to have no words, as though not knowing what to say. But from how Chu Ze Yao saw it, the other person was just anxious to go see his new favourite, and had no time to attend to himself was all.

If one’s strength increased far too quickly, it would be easy to self-destruct- hence, Chu Ze Yao had already not gone to the demon realm for a very long time, and obediently stayed at Qing Lun mountain to cultivate. Speaking of which, it was also strange. Once he left the blood pool, the speed of his grown had slowed down a lot, and as of late, he did not grow all that much, and did not change much either; only, since Chang Ge did not pay much attention to him, and the memories regarding him still stopped at the point from before, he would thus feel like he had grown fast.

“Master, didn’t you previously say you would accompany Disciple? Since we are in the human realm, let’s go walk around.”

This person unexpectedly wrinkled his eyebrows, making his heart clutch when he saw it; the other person kept silent and did not say anything, and in the end, Chu Ze Yao forced a smile, “Now that I think about it, it’s fine. Lately, there have been a few parts of the book on arts that I didn’t understand. Disciple still needs to carefully study and meditate, and understand those parts.”

In the end, he still didn’t want this person to be in a difficult position.

But his heart hurt, and very much wanted this person to look at himself. Even though when he was still small and the two depended on each other to live, it was so great; but how is it that after he grew up, everything changed? He wanted to ask this person, what did he take him as? A pet that comes as soon as they’re called, and leaves with the wave of a hand? Or only a good disciple that followed their master and restrained themselves.

Yet this was not what he wanted.

“Chu Ze Yao.”

Chang Ge’s chilly voice brought back Chu Ze Yao’s mind, and he saw that he did something that he only dared to think of—— firmly grabbing the other person’s hand, without leaving any leeway for the other person to escape.

This person’s weapon was in his hand, and looked to be ready to hit him at any time; this guarding stance had pierced into eyes that it hurt a bit.

He hurriedly released his hand, and lowered his head as though in regret, “Disciple had only been possessed[1] for a moment. I don’t know what happened, but I hope that Master would forgive this.”

This person looked truly good, so it was no wonder that there were so many people and immortals willing to bow to his feet; but the other person’s eyes did not carry a sliver of warmth. When he looked at people or immortals, it would be as though he was looking at ants, like there was no one was good enough to enter his eyes.

But those people that this person treated differently, perhaps…… Those people were Shen Qing Yi?

He had once heard from the demon realm’s people that Qing Lun mountain’s disciple’s relationship with their teacher broke apart. He had never seen the supposed ancestor, and he who stayed long-term on Qing Lun mountain, had also never seen another disciple.

So they probably were.

There was also a rumour about how they did not know why Shen Qing Yi died and dispersed their cultivation and entered reincarnation, and did not know if that was true or false either.

But what of it- that was his master. No matter who the other person was, no one was able to occupy their heart.

That was the god that he could not obtain. No one who could be first to drag the other person down into the earthly realm before he did.

“Chu Ze Yao?”

This person was still calling him.

Chu Ze Yao raised his head, and smiled brightly, “Master should go attend to his things first. Disciple suddenly recalled there was still something not yet done, so I’ll come to see Master again in the future.”

He turned and left as though there really were other things still unfinished as he said, without a bit of a reluctance, completely unlike when he was young- to be unhappy if he were to leave Chang Ge even for a bit, wanting to tightly hold onto the other person’s clothes and follow from behind.

He left riding on his sword, and dropped in front of a secret entrance off somewhere, then pushed aside the obstructing overgrowth of grass, slightly bent his body and entered; it was wet and damp inside, slightly dark, and also had a bit of a rotten smell to it. Chu Ze Yao stepped over the things on the ground, walked for a while, and finally saw a small bit of light.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, he exited the cave. Unlike the light outside, this place’s sky was grey and dusky. When a person with ox horns saw him come out, he respectfully said, “Young Master.”

“Is Right Guard[2] here?”

“Guard is in the main palace taking care of affairs. As Young Master has come today, he is waiting for Young Master to go over there.”

“Guide me there then.”

After following the demonic being for a while, Chu Ze Yao finally saw that person’s true face: without a black fabric blocking it, this person’s face was filled with warped scars. It seemed to be the marks of being burned, and looked to be a bit scary. When he saw him constantly staring, he was stunned for a bit. The other person stroked the scars on his own face, and smiled, “These are all old scars from a long time ago. If Young Master finds it unsightly, this subordinate can cover it up.”

Chu Ze Yao found it quite unsightly, and originally wanted this person to use a magic art to have the wounds disappear, but he did not know why- when those words reached his mouth, it instead turned into a different meaning, “No matter. The demon realm relies on strength as the basis for respect, nor are you a charm demon. No need to deal with it.”

He did not know why, but he saw that this person’s eyes faintly held in some tears, the corners of his mouth raised up, and that voice that was usually as still as death to him at this moment turned a bit joyous as a bird, “Yes, Qi Feng understands.”

The other person composed himself, “Is there something that Young Master has come for this time?”

“No, I came to only tell you.” Chu Ze Yao restrained his expression, and his hand tightly gripped into a fist, “Your proposal last time- I will agree to it.”

[1] 鬼迷心窍- To be blinded by ghosts, or possessed by them. Expression for being so obsessed that one turned blinded (by that desire). By no means have any relation to being possessed by demons/devils (走火入魔).

[2] 右护法- In demonic cultivation, is the title of one of the two highest ranking subordinates to the leader. Think, the minister or personal secretary. Can lead on behalf of the leader. The title is translated more in reference to maintaining order, the law.

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