Bone Engraver and the Demon 005


Behind Chang Ge’s back, he secretly learned the demon realm’s techniques. He didn’t know whether or not he was being affected by the techniques, but he found that he could not control himself more and more, and began to find wreaking havoc as a form of enjoyment. At the start, it was with the flowers and grass, then demons and spirits in the later stages, and finally, even people.

Chu Ze Yao had long already become a handsome youth. In the places that Chang Ge could not see, his eye were filled with a sunken ruthlessness. For things that were even slightly dissatisfying, he would have the person dealt with; of course, in front of Chang Ge, he looked to still be a harmless disciple.

He loathed Zhou Jun Yan, and also loathed Xu Hao Ran.

Zhou Jun Yan was only just a single mortal, and yet dared to yearn for his Master, and Xu Hao Ran was just a normal person- on what grounds was he able to attract Master’s attention.

All of this person’s affections, before descending to the realm, was all his; but after he entered the realm, all was given to those despicable mortals. He loathed the secular realm, and loathed these self-righteous yet ignorant humans.

Out of jealousy, he told the entire truth to Xu Hao Ran, and wanted to see when this person knew of the betrayal by their beloved one, how exactly they would fall apart, and how magnificent that kind of face that brought with it despair and beauty was.

The other person shook, and begged him to not say anything more.

The greatest feeling of elation rose up. He had a solemn appearance, and told the other person that he was only acted on the friendship of being apprentice siblings under the same teacher, and could not bear him being stuck in the dark again.

As to why, in reality, he himself was very aware.

“Senior, you like Master.”

“But what of it- Master would never look at you even once.”

He could not suppress his own rampaging mentality, clenched his teeth and let the other person shut his mouth; but he was quite certain inside that what the other person said was the truth.

Just when he couldn’t hold in wanting to do something to the other person, his body instead seemed to be restrained, and could only watch with his eyes as the other person safe and soundly left. After the other person left, the shackles on his body was released in the next moment, and he saw Chang Ge appear from a dark area.

Right, how could he have forgotten- this person always watched the other person, and was always there.


“You’ve been possessed.” Chang Ge’s eyes dimmed down, and Chu Ze Yao could not tell whether the other person was angry at this moment, “Chu Ze Yao, what did I tell you.”

He suddenly knelt down, and lowered his head, not daring to raise it to look at Chang Ge, “Stay far from the demon realm.”

The other person did not say anything for a long time. He couldn’t bear it for a bit, and raised his head and saw this person’s back-light, and an obscure face, unable to tell apart his expression, “Master, Disciple has wronged, Disciple was wrong. I should have not learned the demon realm’s techniques, and should not have not listened to your advice……”

Chu Ze Yao rambled on, not even sure what exactly he himself was saying either, but he did not want to be discarded by this person in front of him like this. He pulled at the other person’s clothes, his faced turned afraid, “Why is it that Master you would no longer look at me now anymore.”

“Were we not always together very happily? Why would you look at others.”

“Why can’t you…… can’t you try liking me for a bit?”

He practically yelled out the last few words. He too did not know what kind of look he had at this very moment, but he only saw a span of black in the other person’s eyes, and could not see himself. Chang Ge quietly looked at him, and lightly pulled his hand away from his clothes, “Ze Yao, did you know, Master once was like you too, desiring for his love.”

“But you are no good, you have no way of insisting, no matter which way it is said.”

“You and I are only of a master and disciple relationship.”

This person’s thin lips slightly opened, and said this world’s most cruellest words. The other person crouched down over his body, and tore out the jade pendant on his waist, and tightened his hold bit by bit.

Chu Ze Yao seemed like a wandering soul drifting about, watched as his own eyes turned red, and see the face warp, wanting to take back that jade pendant, so unfamiliar that it made him feel scared.

“To be able to hide from the Heaven’s judgment, you would not even spare and leave a child in attempt to possess it.” The jade pendant in Chang Ge’s hands gradually turned to ash. Once the other person opened up his hand, and with a blow of the wind, nothing was left, “I owe this child, and so I have to protect him.”

“I had originally thought it was only a personal item, but in the end, it was still mixed in with these little impurities.”

Chang Ge indifferently looked at him, “From now on, you are no longer my disciple. If you want to become a person above others, then just return to the demon realm. In the end, that is the place that gave birth to you; and I, will no longer allow demonic being that has already turned pure.”

Chu Ze Yao whose brain turned into a jumble of chaos did not know what he did at all, and did not know what Chang Ge did either- his body only turned frail, and would always feel like the deepest parts of his soul had something being gradually stripped off, completely muddled, unable to make out which direction was where.

Paralyzed to the ground, he watched Chang Ge’s back figure gradually leave. When he opened his mouth, he discovered he was muted, nor did he himself know what to say either.

Chu Ze Yao went to the demon realm.

When Qi Feng who went to greet him saw that the jade pendant on his waist was no more, in an instant, his emotions turned agitated. The hand that caught his shoulder shook a bit, “Where did the jade pendant that I gave you go?”

“Where did it go? Tell me!”

He faintly perceived something, and indifferently said, “Already destroyed by me.”

At a time he had still not reacted, the agitated Qi Feng had his four limbs all twisted off, and tightly choked his neck, making him unable to let out even an sound of pain, “You’ve destroyed my hopes, you’ve ruined all my hopes.”

Chu Ze Yao was a bit dazed.

Then how about his? Where did his hopes go.

Before he fainted, he saw that terrifying and warped face of Qi Feng’s, and suddenly felt that the person in front was just like himself. Even though he was running after it, throughout the entire time, he could not even touch the existence that he wanted.

When he woke up, he discovered that he surprisingly enough did not die. He only had a consciousness, but his body had no way of moving, so he watched the heavens and earth, and watched the forest and shrubs; at this moment, he actually wasn’t terrified, and was not even afraid if there would be a demonic beast suddenly coming out and pulling apart his body.

He was afraid that at a time long ago, Master had already perceived there was something not right with him. It was just that the other person already did not care for him was all; or perhaps he was waiting for a chance, waiting for an excuse that could allow him to abandon him without a single qualm.

Or perhaps, from the moment that person appeared, this person felt that he was a burden, and long made plans to discard him.

Was he willing?

Certainly not.

The corners of Chu Ze Yao’s mouth were seeped with bloodstains. Relying on the strength in his abdomen, he shifted over bit by bit; the body had long already been covered in wounds, and any random movement would make him feel pain. But to him, there was no pain stronger than the one in his heart.

His god did not want him anymore. That person said of the most wonderful of promises, yet did the most cruellest thing- breaking the promise.

And what he wanted to do, was to live on…… Live on to become even more stronger, and then have that person firmly locked to his side, and monopolized for his own use; let them no longer see other people, allowing them to only have him in their heart.

Just like him, wholeheartedly and fervently loving the other person like him.

Lowly like him.

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