Bone Engraver and the Demon 006


A body of demon blood was an effective tool at temptation. A low-level demonic being from somewhere slobbered over his blood, in hopes to be able to help rise its own power through the consumption.

From the looks of it, the other party had just gained intellect, and did not seem to be all that smart. When it saw that he did not move at all, it thought he was no longer angry, and thus wanted to wildly take bites at him. With the help of the demon arts, Chu Ze Yao stared into the other party’s eyes, and used the time created while absorbing the soul to firmly bite down into the other person’s blood, then hurriedly absorbed the small bit of pure demon aura within it.

As the warm blood slid down the corners of his mouth, Chu Ze Yao clearly understood that from that point on, he already completely fell and became a demon.

Through this kind of method, he did not know how many demonic beings he hunted down and ate. He also had good luck and met some mid-level demonic beings on occasion. Through the demonic aura he scraped up, he recovered his limbs bit by bit, and turned from a disabled person into a someone who could stand normally.

As it had been a long time since he cleaned up himself, he was long unkempt to the extent of being a complete mess, that one could not tell apart the look of the former elegant little lord. Between hiding in various places, he set his sights to those lone wandering immortals, and then, without hesitation, extended his fangs and broke the other person’s neck, and absorbed their power through the consumption of blood.

There were other methods in which the demon realm used to absorbed other people’s power, just that Qi Feng did not teach him in the beginning, so Chu Ze Yao could only use the most primitive method to convert it into his own strength. Through the use of rough methods, he began to gradually turn merciless.

When he travelled through the mortal realm to find those wandering immortals, he had also once sat in the inns and listened to their concerns, and naturally, would sometimes also hear of rumours about the Bone Engraver by coincidence.

“I’ve heard that day, there was thunder and lightning up on Qing Lun mountain. It looked like some mighty being was ascending, but I couldn’t find a single bit of pressure. Is it actually true or is some person on the side fabricating the truth?”

“Shhh, quiet. I heard that that person’s master willingly separated their soul, and entered reincarnation to suffer through the hardship of reincarnating forever. Say, a proper and upright god like him, if he didn’t meet with something during a trial, why do you think he would not be willing to return?”

“Che, what going through a trial- I heard, it was his disciple.” That person looked all around, and said in a small voice, “In the beginning, the god wanted to take in another child as a disciple. It was just that he took in the wrong one, and the latter also went against principle and came to love his own teacher, that the two would then break off relations. That supposed trial, I’ve heard was only the god wanting to find his lover and hence entering the realm.”

“I don’t understand, don’t understand. If you ask me about these feelings, how could it be better than the path to immortality. Us normal folk can’t even obtain it even if we beg for it.”

The wind during the night was a bit cold. The two who drank some wine felt icy winds rustling down, but when they wrapped their bodies in thick clothes, still felt a bit of a frost that pierced into the bone.

The two who had no awareness, did not discover that the place that they were at never had a change in scenery at all.

From a hidden place, the figure of a person gradually faded away.

Before Chu Ze Yao went to the demon realm, he quietly returned to Qing Lun mountain once, and instead discovered there was not a single of trace of being lived in; this place seemed to have not changed at all, but he could not feel out Chang Ge’s aura here at all.

Even though that person had clearly said before that there would be no relationship between the two anymore, he did not know why he would come back here either. Before returning here, he was still nervously thinking, if that person were to find him, what kind of reaction would the other person have, and what should he say? Should he tell the other person the process of how he difficultly lived on; or should he turn his back without a word and leave?

But he discovered that he practically could not do it, because he did not even know where this person was.

This person was truly cruel. Even though he had lived together with him for that long, in the end, he was not as good as his beloved person.

What was truly laughable was that this person raised him for several hundred years, he even yearned for the other person for so long, during the entire time, he could not get him to turn his head back and give him a look in exchange, nor could he even make the person turn back slightly, or even hesitate a bit.

Just who was it exactly that said, a sincere heart can receive a sincere heart in exchange?

His one tone of fondness, became a one-sided wish[1].

Even if he could not see Chang Ge here, he could still reminisce about the other person from each blade of grass and stalk of wood. He really wanted to hug the person and ask, how has the words he said before about protecting him without worry all turn in vain? To not even leave a single morsel for him.

In the end, Chu Ze Yao took a look at the place of memories that raised him, and then, without turning back, quietly pinched the fire talisman in his palm without hesitation.

He went to the demon realm, and hid in a secretive place. As of right now, his power was still not enough to let him take revenge. He was only able to draw strength from the low-class demonic beings bit by bit; he was just like a parasitic bug- once he set his eyes on something, he would use all his power to draw away the other person’s life span and power.

The last person he absorbed was Qi Feng. He purposely used the jade pendant that already did not exist to sway the other person’s state of mind, and put to use the art of absorbing souls that he taught himself to control the other person’s movement. It was only an instant, but it was enough to let him bite the other person’s neck.

This person’s face had a smile, lightly stroked his head, and even told him to “drink slowly”.

He truly could not understand the other person’s intention, but from the process of consumption, he could instead feel the other person full of grievance and pain like it was his own, as though experiencing it for himself. This kind of feeling, was something when he could not obtain his master, the emotion that he could then only experience.

In the very end, he became the new demon lord. He was ruthless- if he was even slightly dissatisfied, he would clean out the people beside him. He made all the subjects under him go to find the traces of Chang Ge, and if they could not find him, he would then have the person tossed into the blood pool, and turn into nutrition for it to let him nourish his limbs.

There were some that said that he and the previous demon lord, also his father, were extremely similar.

So what if they were extremely similar- in the end, he was not like that person, unlike the person Master secretly admired.

He flipped over the heavens and the earth, yet could not find that person even once; the years alternated, and in the end, the people of the demon realm all left due to his cruelty and heartlessness. The entire demon realm slowly became a single castle, and then, the people in the castle gradually left as well; he went from a demon lord, to the lord of a castle, and then, the demon realm turned into a empty castle.

Chu Ze Yao did not know how long he waited in the empty castle either, and did not know how many times he went to Qing Lun mountain either, but during the entire time, he was a single person, all alone.

He turned more and more manic, and in the very end, could not even control himself. He immersed himself in the blood pool, and absentmindedly looked at the wooden beams. He heard thunder outside roaring loudly, but did not have a single reaction to it.

It was no matter. In any case, he could not find that person, so even if his body died and cultivation disappeared, it was all the same.

When the trial of thunder came down, throughout the entire time, Chu Ze Yao did not prepare a single countermeasure, and the pain that permeated into his bones spread out. He could faintly feel, under the eyes of Heaven, there was no one capable of defying the Heavens.

Just like his blood pool, just like bone engraving.

It wasn’t that the Heavens did not know, but it long already thought up of the retribution for the art of bone engraving. And being unable to obtain what one wanted, was the punishment that the Heavens gifted to the Bone Engraver.

Within his trance, he subconsciously lightly muttered a line,

“Master, Disciple finally understands.”

[1] 一厢情愿- or, wishful thinking. Literally, one party being willing.

3 thoughts on “Bone Engraver and the Demon 006

  1. There’s only the extra left, so I’m just going to make it one day earlier and post my afterthoughts of the story here.

    I have a fondness for stories with a visible end in sight. As far as novels goes, I don’t think I encounter many that start tragic and end on that same note. There is no light at the end of this tunnel, so to speak. The one who made this happen, Shen Qing Yi, in his obsession for Jiang Zi Yu, gives up on his pursuit and consequently, his eternal life and splits his soul just because he could not be with a complete him. Chang Ge, stubbornly goes off to chase his teacher’s reincarnations only to find that they too will never be the same person again, but continues pursuing all the same with that sliver of hope that it would be. Chu Ze Yao, too, chases after Chang Ge, but after seeing it not bear any fruit, lets the Heavens claim his life after acknowledging that he will never get what he want either way. None of them did, and that’s the point to the novel.

    Writing-wise, it’s not the best, but it’s acceptable. It has its merits for making me cry the first few stories, and from then on it was all anger then pity mostly for Chang Ge and then Chu Ze Yao. It’s a decent novel if I don’t find myself taking a break from reading it because the story is taking off in some cringey direction.

    I’ve taken a look at the extra sequel to this that is suppose to re-mend the relationships into a happy end (Minus the above three people and the couple from the Emperor/Traitor arc) and have come to the conclusion, it’s not worth my time and resources. I get the premise that their reincarnations, without the interference from Shen Qing Yi or Chang Ge, are to reciprocate their feelings and be together happily ever after, but the chapters are quite short, the style of the chapter itself is even more shorter and kind of jumpy. If on the off-chance I do translate it, it will be in between what I’m planning to translate, if I want a break from time to time.

    For the readers who have come to this point and stuck with the story, thank you for reading, and thanks for putting up with my shitty writing that I am aware of, in particular in the first and earlier chapters. It took some time to go from something borderline back-to-ESL translation to something with proper English grammar and sentence structure. I’ll see you guys in a new story.

    I’ll also find time during this down period to go fix those. Maybe find a more lighthearted story. Peace.


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    1. Thanks for your translation. I look forward to read your other projects.
      This love triangle or love square turn from love to obsession. Characters are all pitiful. No happy ending but I love this novel. I actually binge read it.


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