Qi Feng’s Extra

At a time when he was still a low-level demonic being, he met a person who he would never forget in this lifetime.

That man sat up top, and casually smiled, “Quite interesting, make it him then.”

From the battlefield, he underwent a sudden transformation, and became the Demon Lord’s slave. After arriving at the Demon Palace, it was unlike how he imagined it to be- the inside was a bit quiet, with not much life to it.

Qi Feng honourably became a member of the Demon Palace. He withdrew from the slaughtering battlefield, and quietly became a useless slave that did nonessential things.

The Demon Lord did not mind that there was another person in the Demon Palace, and after that time, never again met with his eyes again.

Every time the Demon Lord came back from outside the demon realm, the other person’s body would always be filled big and small wounds. The blood would soak the black clothes, and the strong scent of blood would flood the entire palace; the Demon Lord’s body of high-class blood, to the kind of low-level demonic being like him, was a delicious meal that he was unable to reject. Qi Feng would hide in a dark corner, then always quietly stare at the Demon Lord treating his own wounds, and firmly suppress his own desires.

The Demon Lord discovered his presence a long time ago, but he did not know why the other person always tacitly allowed himself either.

On a certain evening, the other person undid his top garments, and revealed a wound still seeping out blood. He looked towards his direction and lightly waved his hand, “Come over.”

Qi Feng hesitated for a while, then very carefully drew near. The fragrance of the legitimate demon blood continuously congested his nasal cavity, but he forcefully suppressed his instincts. Even if his eyes were filled with blood, he would bite down and maintain a certain distance, preserve his reasoning, and not let himself do anything improper.

The other party was the superior Demon Lord.

Perhaps seeing him struggle so pitifully amused the other person, the Demon Lord brought the wound on his hand up to his lips, “It would be quite wasteful for this blood to flow too.”

After obtaining permission, he extended out the tip of his tongue and licked for a bit in a probing manner. After confirming it was not an error, he then grew out his courage, and piously held up the other person’s hand, and swallowed all the demon blood seeping out without any remaining into his stomach.

The Demon Lord stroked his head, and laughed, “Do you know why the Demon Palace is this deserted?”

“Because those low demonic beings could not control their own instincts, and madly wanted to attack me, thus, I very lightly, twisted their heads off.”

The body beneath the palm then seemed to have frozen up, but his reaction appeared to have made the Demon Lord especially happy, “However, you are the only one that could control his own instincts. What are you called?”

He raised his head to look at the Demon Lord, and did not say anything; the other person knitted his brows, and deeply thought for a moment, “I forgot you should have no name. Qi Feng, this is your name.”

“Would you be willing to follow me to your life’s end, and become a sharp blade under me?”

He looked straight into the other person’s eyes, and saw that inside of them was an endless solitude. He willingly lowered his head, and served his new owner. The first time he opened his mouth after coming to the Demon Palace, was only to offer up his loyalty, “Qi Feng, is willing to serve the Demon Lord for all his life.”

As long as one used their names to make a vow, the Heavens would see it.

Through gaining experience and the Demon Lord’s blood, he went from a low-class demonic being to a high-level demon. Each night, the other person would be like petting his beloved child, and stroke his head, then lightly mutter, “Drink slowly, no rush.”

His appearance was originally just plain-looking, but due to rescuing the Demon Lord, his face was interlaced with scars from blades. Compared to the other person’s handsomeness, his own ugliness and inferiority was like a shadow following its figure. He also once asked the other person if he could get rid of his face’s scars, but was instead stopped.

“The demon realm relies on strength as the basis for respect. You are neither a charm demon nor a low-class demon, why do you need to mind it.”

“Furthermore, those are the medals of honour from saving me.”

Precisely because of these words, when he saw this person again after several hundred years, he unexpectedly reddened his eyes, so excited he was unable to free himself, “No harm, the demon realm respects those with more power. You are not a charm demon either, so there is no need to care for it.”

That year when the demon realm was riddled with war, the Demon Lord’s consciousness was sealed in jade pendant as a vessel, and his soul was stored and raised using a blood pool; the Demon Lord that previously calculated out the disaster had especially left a son in the human realm—— a child of human and demon mixed blood was easier to possess, and it would be fine once the body sprinkled in impure blood was cleansed with the blood pool.

That child was his one hope, and was the only way for the Demon Lord to resurrect.

From the edges of the other person’s immaturity, it was as though seeing the Demon Lord he had not seen for several hundred years, but he endured his own excited heart.

He already waited for several hundred years- he did not mind waiting for a couple ten more.

And before the Demon Lord returns, he needed to have the prospering[1] demon realm at the time his lord came back, all returned to him.

But the other person destroyed all of his hopes. Chu Ze Yao once carried his biggest ambitions, but in the very end, forcefully ripped it all up. At this moment, he was like a beast that broke free of its cage, and no longer suppressed his own senses. He had this person that once made him fill with expectation and fall into despair destroyed, and then tossed in some place left to his own devices.

And then, he alone, sat at the place the Demon Lord once sat, and took in all the desolation of the mortal world.

Listless and without aim, he once again went through far too long of a time. When that child came back, his body carried with him the aura of the Demon Lord; the other person used a gaze of hatred to look at him, just like looking at an ant, that it even looked like the Demon Lord’s nonchalance he saw in the beginning.

The violent king consumed his blood, but he could clearly see that the other person’s eyes were flooded with mist, making the eyes that gave him a sense of familiarity overflow to the point of being beautiful.

He had waited for close to a thousand years. He finally, awaited his Demon Lord.

Qi Feng stroked the other person’s head, and lightly said, “Drink slowly.”

He could feel the other person’s pressing actions turn more leisurely, and the pain spread out from the wound. He even seemed to feel that there was a warm liquid flowing past between his neck. After a long sigh, he confirmed without a doubt, the person at this moment was still his Demon Lord, but because the jade pendant was destroyed, the other person only had a demonic being’s instincts left.

Chu Ze Yao’s violence, was because this person was still here.

The two souls sharing a single body, was destined to not live long.

But that did not matter much. He could leave a step first before the other person, and then, when the Demon Lord followed, let him go through it quite comfortably.

In this lifetime, Qi Feng followed his own heart for the first time, very carefully suppressed his own instincts, and kissed the other person’s lips, and piously kissed his Demon Lord.

This was his lofty, all-powerful Demon Lord. It was the person that he wanted to chase after exhausting all of his life.

The body gradually broke down, but Qi Feng’s heart was elated. Not only did he see the person he wanted to see the most, but he even did something that he did not dare think of when the other was still alive, and fulfilled the wish that he had for an entire lifetime.

If there was a next world, he would definitely become the slave that belonged to the Demon Lord again, and devote his entire being to the other person. Then, use up his entire life, and love him through all the thick and thin.

[1]蒸蒸日上- literally, steaming higher every day. More and more prosperous.

8 thoughts on “Qi Feng’s Extra

  1. Finally finished! I’ll be taking a break for the second half of the month, and start setting up the next novel I plan on translating (and hopefully build a good stockpile enough for consistent releases ;;), as well as use the time to go back and reword some chapters and fix some tenses.

    Thanks for reading!

    Edit: So apparently, the initial chapters still make me cry. Truly, it’s like my tears aren’t worth anything. It’s been a hard moment to try and fix old mistakes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thank you so much for translating
    wait im getting confused was the original love triangle between sheng qing yi- jiang dude- actor dude then sqy did bone engraving on jiang??
    next life it was between sqy- jiang dude as wang rui – and completely unrelated chang ge? or was chang ge the reincardnation of actor dude or someone else important?


    1. Shen Qing Yi never engraved on Jiang Zi Yu. However, in the four lifetimes that he made the bet with Chang Ge, he has always asked Chang Ge to engrave their bones. Did the bone engraving for those times actually happen, then? No, because then Chang Ge would suffer from the effects of it as well.

      Chang Ge, Jiang Zi Yu’s twin in the next life, was a ghost infant placed in the mother’s body and was given his destiny so that Shen Qing Yi would mistake him for who he actually sought after. Not completely unrelated, since this was the sorcerer’s revenge on Shen Qing Yi for having engraved his bones and getting their own lover killed. In the story, Chang Ge tries to set up Wang Rui with the reincarnation of his fated one (Mo Li/the actor), but unfortunately, that person was completely wiped from existence after being found out by Shen Qing Yi so that Jiang Zi Yu and his future reincarnations would no longer have any one he is fated to be with.

      You might have mistaken it with some part during Chang Ge’s arc where he goes to engrave Shen Qing Yi’s bones when he was reincarnated as a doctor, where he tries multiple times but could not get his name engraved at all for particular reasons.


      1. thank you so much for clearing that up i hope you dont mind this discussion being on your comments
        so i take it that the master and bodyguard act was between the start of it all? and reading the teacher and disciple arc i take that the only reason sqy and jiang even had love fates together was because of chang ge’s sliver of soul in jiang?
        they all had issues but i cant help but feel for chang ge then again he turned around and did exactly what sqy did so the cycle continued …
        man this was depressing


      2. No problem haha the comment section exists for such things anyways.

        That is essentially where it started, yes. There was never a fate of love tied between Shen Qing Yi and Jiang Zi Yu, but rather, in cultivation novels, you will find that when a cultivator hits a certain point, they need to undergo a ‘trial’ bestowed by the heavens, usually in the form of a series of lightning, or meeting with a love that could spell their doom if they don’t overcome it properly. That is what it is.

        Shen Qing Yi who was fixated and grew an obsession towards Jiang Zi Yu had a means to go find his reincarnation. The woman who he helped engraved her target’s bone had that can track him down more accurately, which the sorcerer used to his advantage to misguide Shen Qing Yi to mistake Chang Ge as Jiang Zi Yu’s reincarnation. It wasn’t really about Chang Ge’s bit of soul in Wang Rui, but the part of Wang Rui’s soul in Chang Ge.

        There was never meant to be a happy end haha pats


      3. Hi kahka.
        Thank you for your translations. I really enjoy the story and the pain here :’)

        I read the comments, and I am confused with your sentence “Did the bone engraving for those times actually happen, then? No, because then Chang Ge would suffer from the effects of it as well”

        How did you know Chang Ge didn’t do bone engraving? I didn’t get the clue. Could you explain or maybe tell me the clue i missed in the story?


      4. Hi night!

        The answer is actually found during Chang Ge’s arc, specifically, when the tutor was brought in for the engraving. He wipes their memories instead of going through with the engraving. As the story mentions, the technique is not exactly forbidden, but rather, defies the Heavens’ will, and using it would exact punishment in the form of karma. The only time Chang Ge actually tries to do it is during the cycle with the doctor and the demon, but as it says, it fails for some reason and in the end he is unable to engrave his own name onto his teacher. By interpretation, you can say that the resulting endless chasing on his part is due to the use of the technique, making him unable to let go of finding his perfect and complete teacher.


  3. Oh, I see.
    Thank you so much for the explanation!
    Now I get it 😀

    Thank you kahka!
    I really enjoy your translation. Your translation is the best!
    Thank you for picking this. I really love this kind of story.

    Liked by 1 person

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