[Zhao Ge] Chapter 10

I realize readers may have a hard time recalling past footnotes with relevant info at times (especially with frequent references and puns based on names and especially more so later on), so I’ve decided to create a separate page with all the footnotes thus far. These will be updated after each chapter upload, and can be accessed via the main header under translations > Zhao Ge and not created so I can personally keep track of what I’ve explained so far and not have to reconsider doing this at a later time and increase my load

Chapter Ten, the Mortal Realm Has No Attachment, thus Freedom Belongs to the Immortal.
(红尘不恋, 自在为仙)

  Not knowing that Shen Chang Ge blocked off He Zhou half way for a fight after he left, Bai Li Shu did not directly return to his cave-dwelling, and instead went to the library pavilion located to the right of the main peak.

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