[73842] Werewolf: the Circle Outside the Circle 2

The Newbie Who Doesn’t Understand the Rules of the Game and the Seemingly Very Incredible Veterans

“Let’s sit down first, don’t stand,” The short-haired girl casually pulled out a chair to sit down on, and both her hands crossed and were placed on the table, “Which three are the repechage players? Because of you guys, this game would have a hidden setting added to it this time, hurry up and say it, don’t conceal your identities and drag everyone down.”

These words from the short-haired girl immediately made the atmosphere between the eleven people turn nervous, but it was at this time, the completely idiotic Chi Yu opened his mouth.

“Excuse me, but what is a repechage?”

The group of people sunk into a strange silence.

Chi Yu awkwardly wished he could just hide, he even could read a bit of a slight dislike from the surrounding people’s eyes.

“Um, actually, I don’t know either,” A familiar voice resounded. Chi Yu looked towards where the source of the sound was, and discovered the other person was actually Turtledove, but Turtledove did not look at him, with an expression like he did not know him at all, then scratched the back of his head and revealed a smile, “I’m also a new player.”

In an instant, the people who took on this kind of sizing up became Chi Yu and Turtledove, and to not have them be a burden, the short-haired girl sighed, and started explaining things.

The so-called repechage, was a single survival game that would come once when a player’s points turn to zero. If they fail, they would immediately disappear, but if they succeed, they will obtain a hundred points, and could still continue participating in the following games.

Chi Yu immediately went on guard.

—— Since points are this important, there must be many people competing with him to take quest props to sell!

“But I think, players who can be reduced to a repechage…… they must have made a very big mistake in the previous game, right? Repechage players, please come out and talk about what kind of quest you guys did.”

After a while of silence, there was finally a big and thin, black-clothed man opening his mouth.

His looks were very plain, but his body carried a kind of gloomy air, and when speaking, that hoarse throat would make others connect him with wizards.

“Just call me Black Walnut. The last one was a twenty-man game, and in the end, there were only three people surviving, me, Salt Fish, as well as Pineapple.” Once he spoke to here, his face suddenly emerged with a kind of terror.

“Those who enter the game cannot possibly break away from it. You guys know too, the Creator is only gentle on Fridays and Saturdays, at other times, if your luck isn’t good…… at that time, we…… were pulled into 《Sinister》.”

The white-haired man beside him lazily opened his mouth, “As for the next part, I’ll talk. In that last one, Black Walnut was forced to play Sinister’s male lead, the mental impact he took on was far too much.”

“I don’t know if you guys ever saw this movie, so I’ll just talk about the general contents of it. A ghost by the name of Bughuul can go through film reels to control the youngest child in a family to kill the family, and the male lead, to find inspiration, and moved into a home whose last family was exterminated. We had a total of twenty people and were randomly given roles. When it was Black Walnut’s turn to enter, he saw film reels that were just like the ones in the movie, in other words, the actors from before all died.”

“Then how did you guys still have a repechage?”

“Yes, under normal circumstances, we should be like the others from before- either failing on the choice of role, or getting killed, and in the end, dying in the way we should have died originally…… but fortunately,” The young woman who cut in was Pineapple. She smiled, “In that family we three were at, the one playing the youngest child was Salt Fish.”

These words seemed to be like a banter, but Chi Yu suddenly felt there was another possibility.

The guess he had was asked out loud by the short-haired girl.

“Is it his ability?”

“This ability doesn’t need to be hidden, so I can tell it directly to you guys. Any enforced mission needing me to complete it can be postponed for a period of time. If it is a group mission, it can also be postponed for a while before starting.”

Salt Fish’s eyes held an unclear implication to it and looked towards the short-haired girl, “This wouldn’t be considered dragging you guys down, right?”

Pineapple spoke up, “However, the added conditions might not be taking the last game’s settings and superimposing it into this one, furthermore, the name of this stage is Haunted Castle’s Werewolf, I don’t feel that only playing a single game can end a survival game.”

Salt Fish said, “Since the setting requires a team to win, then let everyone use their own ability. The losing team can go find a cellar or skylight, but as for the last two settings……”

Chi Yu obediently played his part as a newbie, and was squeezed to the two positions by the main seat along with Turtledove, because these two spots were far too close to the place the spirit just sat in, it was avoided by others, but beyond Chi Yu’s expectations, that couple sat across from them.

“Hello, I’m Red, he’s Rock.”

The red-lipped young woman extended her hand at Chi Yu.

Chi Yu was a bit taken from the attitude, and hurriedly reached out to grip, and due to courtesy, also introduced himself, “I am Chi Yu.”

“Pond(Chi) Fish(Yu, second tone)? What kind of ability is this?”

“Chi Yu, third tone.”

The situation right now was very clear.

Everyone used abilities as nicknames, only Chi Yu’s was a real name……

And in the entire game, other than him and Turtledove…… eh, wait a moment?

Chi Yu’s line of sight stopped on a person diagonally across from him.

Isn’t that Zi Mo?

However, it was clear Zi Mo did not want to be acquainted with them, Chi Yu straightly also pretended to not know him.

And at the same time, the other people at the long table also introduced themselves. The short-haired girl was Flying Cat, and according to the seating, starting from Chi Yu, was: Chi Yu, Turtledove, Pigeon, X, Flying Cat, Long Aotian, Black Walnut, Pineapple, Salt Fish, Zi Mo, Rock, and Red. And according to the exchange of information, for the time being, the only player with an ability was Salt Fish alone.

From the looks of it, the group of people discussed quite fervently, had all sorts of guesses regarding the hidden setting, when suddenly, Salt Fish suddenly coughed, “There’s about five minutes before it starts. I won’t have everyone say their role, I’ll have all the possible versions written out, and if it doesn’t have your role in it, then we’ll push it out. As for what kind of occupations there are in a twelve-man Werewolf, the spirit did not say, so at the very least, let’s confirm this before it starts.”

Salt Fish’s gaze swept around, and looked at Chi Yu, “Let’s start from you.”

Chi Yu stood up with a daze, and looked at those versions—— is there still time to say he doesn’t know how to play Werewolf.

However, he could not possibly let other players help look at his own card, even if it was Turtledove, he might be a part of the other team.

Thus, Chi Yu quickly looked over the occupations on each version. This process only used a few seconds of his time, he did not push any one of the versions, and turned and left.

The other people on the scene had a piece of information flashed through their minds—— civilian, or perhaps the most basic werewolf.

Once Chi Yu looked at the card, Turtledove also stood up, but he did not stand to look at the cards but to turn and block Chi Yu, and opened his mouth like he was interrogating, “This isn’t fair, Salt Fish, aren’t you exposing people this way?”

Salt Fish laughed, and lazily used both his hands to prop up his chin, “How can this be called exposing? It is merely to confirm which version we got. The fool, witch, seer, wolf mystic, wolf king, guard…… with so many roles, if we don’t know which version it is, we have no way of playing, right?”

X, “Only werewolves would want to know the identities of the theocrats on this side, right?”

Red, “Chi Yu is a new player, don’t bully the person this much, alright.”

Long Aotian, “There is no need to be so quick to make yourself a good guy by stepping on Salt Fish. Salt Fish does have a point, we must get a clear understanding of which version this is, but this kind of method is no good.”

Salt Fish spread his hands, “Then I don’t have any other way, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll just remind for a bit, there is only one minute left.”

Pigeon, “Never mind, let’s just expose……”

“Good evening, travellers.”

The spirit appeared once again.

This time, it wore a butler’s uniform. That dim orchid fire-like head did not have any facial features to it, but made people feel a kind of icy alienating formality.

“Each traveller’s room has already been prepared, each person may find their own rooms on the second floor to rest—— do remember, you cannot casually exchange rooms.”

Chi Yu could not help but ask, “Then what about the game? Which version of the game are we playing?”

The spirit turned to him.

The instant he got looked at, Chi Yu felt a kind of nervousness of being paralyzed in fear, being face-to-face with a living being that had no features whatsoever practically made people’s hairs stand.

This was too frightening.

However, beyond all the people’s expectations, the spirit answered, “Twelve people will separately play three wolves, one wolf mystic, five civilians, one seer, one witch, and one guard. In the night, there will be fog in the hallway. After civilians go out the door, they will only be able to see the path back to their own rooms. You might meet with a theocrat in the fog, but they might be a wolf too. Wolves can congregate, but can only kill one person each night, however, wolves and theocrats can all think of a room number in their hearts, and then let the fog guide the way. Are there any other questions?”

Obviously, none.

Chi Yu gave his thanks overwhelmed by the honour, and after returning to his own room, his mind could not help but flash with the spirit’s frontal face.

After carefully locking the door, Chi Yu prepared to go on the bed and sleep, but it was at this time that suddenly, his head was draped with a black cloak, and the clothes on his body instantly turned into a long white dress.

Chi Yu: ……

Why can he feel something hard on his thigh.

Chi Yu stepped onto the floor with his bare feet, then gripped the dress bit by bit in the palm, while the other hand moved up along the supple-lined calf.

On the fair thigh, Chi Yu touched a silver leg ring, and beside the leg ring, fixed with an object.

With this pose, he could not feel just what it was, and thus sat on the bed, separated his two legs, and completely pulled the dress up.

—— A white candle along with the pedestal, was fixed onto the leg ring.

When Chi Yu took it down, his eyes very arduously moved away from his lower half.

…… So if you were crossdressing, even the underwear would turn into a women’s underwear……

The white lace underwear that was as thin as a cicada’s wing wrapped over the soft lower half of the body, and the genitalia seeping with pink along with the fair skin at the base of the two legs appeared pure and yet also lustful due to the underwear. Under the divine white colour, the barren genitalia made people’s faces red and hearts jump.

Chi Yu himself was very ashamed from looking.

He even started sympathizing with Turtledove.

Thinking about it, Turtledove wore women’s clothing for that many days……

While Chi Yu thought, he looked at the candle in his hands.

The white candle had a pedestal that could be held in the hands. He tried to push open the door, and leave while holding up the candle, and then discovered that the candle lit up.

Good fellow! So when civilians come out they would have a candle that can be used?

However, because he thought to the spirit’s suggestion, Chi Yu still quickly returned to the room.

However, the candlelight was still seen.

“Who did the seer(pure-white) check? Going away that fast?”

“If we were quicker, we could have killed the seer right now.”

“This version isn’t that friendly to the seer. Once that candle of hers lights up, even with fog, we can also catch her.”

“Whatever, stop dawdling around, the guard must have already chosen a person to protect, wolf mystic, check someone.”

“Alright,” Underneath the curly long hair, a pair of red lips curled up, “Why don’t we first check X, those words he said in the day seems like he has a special identity.”


“Then who are we killing?”

“According to the way we came out from,” Red thought about it for a bit, “The seer disappeared from the right side. Among the rooms on the right, let’s randomly choose one.”

The rooms on the second floor for resting was in the same layout as the seats the players sat in downstairs, and at this time, the four wolves had a meeting, and recalled the positions in the day. To the right, naturally only had Salt Fish and the rest.

Salt Fish opened his mouth, “Rock and Zi Mo, who do we kill?”

“Let’s go with Zi Mo, he looks to have some motives.”

“Why not kill your boyfriend?” Salt Fish coldly opened his mouth, “Wolf mystic, don’t be……”

“I won’t.”

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  1. Clarifications regarding Sinister the movie:
    According to wikipedia, in the movie, the main character, to find inspiration, moves his family into the house of a family who got killed. He finds these strange tapes, which contain footage of families being murdered by their youngest(who is holding the camera).
    For those people before Black Walnut, the roles they were assigned were evidently these families.
    No one is alive because a) the youngest in each family, according to reports, goes missing and b) everyone else is killed by the youngest.
    And spoiler alert: the main character and the rest of the family is set to die in the youngest’s hands by the end of the movie.

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