[73842] Werewolf: the Circle Outside the Circle 3

“I Dirtied the Bed”/the Way to Order the Spirit Butler

A group of travellers have entered a castle. They came here for a vacation, and at the same time, this group of people were passionate fans of Werewolf. They requested the castle’s butler to be the referee, and wanted to play a real-life Werewolf in the giant castle.

Going along with the guests’ wishes, the butler’s would be loyal in their duties, and would take the travellers deemed as eliminated or killed to the third floor, and once the final game ends, the passageway between the third and second floor would then be opened.

The butler said, “Do be at ease, there will be no casualties within the game.”

「Player: Chi Yu」
「Role:the Dauntless Traveller —— 100%」
「Main Quest: 1. Your team wins
                             2. Survive
3. The original self survives」
「Special Quest: Solve the hidden setting」

Chi Yu crossed his legs, and seriously gave thought to it.

From the conversation he heard in the day, the games were just about the same as the often-seen limitless novels as one expected. The contents of the games would range from modern societies’ regular games to blackened nursery stories, to things from various movies…… if it was like this, could there be light novel plots or something similar appearing……

Can’t die in the game, can’t fail in the role, because this way, the obtained points would…… wait a minute!

Chi Yu suddenly thought to a possibility.

Can the lowest really be 0%?

If it was only 0%, then those veteran players, how could they immediately zero down their points in one game? That is to also say, there would also be negative results. Under this kind of circumstance, if each game’s points were not fixed at one hundred points……

Chi Yu immediately realized that there might really be not that many people fighting with him for those props or mission tools not worth a mention to exchange for points.

Compared to the failure to act, or being unable to complete the task in time, as well as the result created from being unable to get away from the game in time, coveting that bit of points was clearly not worth it. Also, this game seems to forcefully request people to go in, except, he did not know if there would be anything similar to a countdown to notify him……

If he were to suddenly faint while he was seeing Gu Wen Qiao, then that would be practically terrible luck!

As Chi Yu thought about this, he immediately lost his will to sleep. He confirmed that he shut the door and windows, and did not sleep early either, and thus planned on looking through the room, and see if there was anything left out.

The big palace-style bed hung with dreamy sheer curtains as thin as cicada wings, while the top of the bed’s cabinet was placed with a bell. The other side of the room had red rectangular tapestry. Other than this, the room still had a spacious study table and……

And many wall paintings.

Chi Yu swallowed his saliva.

These wall paintings were all living. Flowers constantly lightly drifted about, the windmills on top of the houses also spun around, these were still okay, but inside the one in the middle drawn with a black cat with their eyes shut, the black cat opened its eyes, but it seems that because the artist did not ink it, after that cat opened its eyes, it was only blank scleroses, looking to be extremely frightening.

Chi Yu looked at his role again—— a dauntless traveller.

All of a sudden, he felt like being a kingfisher was very lucky……

What does a dauntless traveller do at this kind of time!!! Just what should he do!

Chi Yu rapidly recalled those horror films he would occasionally see, then connected to the general plot from before, and suddenly understood his own role in an instant—— isn’t this the shitty teammate that loves heading to death!!!

After a shitty teammate meets with this kind of situation, they would definitely not leave, they would even……

Chi Yu looked towards the mirror in front of him.

The red curtain spoke of a kind of ominous atmosphere.

Chi Yu who wanted to cry bit down pulled open the curtain. Underneath the curtain was a mirror, and in the mirror, stood a pale-faced crossdressing youth, and behind the youth, emerged with a pitch-black ghost!

No wonder this was called a haunted castle!!!!! There are ghosts everywhere, mercy!!

Chi Yu practically wanted to run away, but the setting could definitely not be broken. Recall that last time, Turtledove only harmed his “daughter” on a chase, and the acting rate dropped to that kind of degree. Should Chi Yu appeared scared, this kind of conduct that was extremely opposite to the setting, as for how much the role would be deducted by, he practically did not dare to think!

However, the ghost in the mirror already grinned and reached out, grabbing Chi Yu’s neck. The feeling of finding it hard to breathe made Chi Yu’s head faint. He tried his best to struggle, but his hand could only pass by the ghost. At this instant, Chi Yu subconsciously had a worse feeling about the so-called third floor. The spirit butler only said there would be no casualties within the game, but for the spirit butler, only Werewolf was the game. They were not players, but travellers, and that is to also say, this survival game they were participating in would still have casualties!


Chi Yu finally understood why these veteran players in the game would clearly have that many points and could exchange it for tools yet would still continuously die or participate in repechages. Once their luck was not good and got a bad role, then you practically cannot possibly win!!!

Even if you entered a plot you were familiar with, you would be bogged down by acting the role and had no way of doing anything at all!

Before entering the game, Chi Yu was originally a patient, burdened by the not-small aneurysm in the brain. He basically never did any exercise, so his body physique was not considered good, merely considered to have the physical ability of a shut-in. Thus, not even a minute in, he started getting faint. In his struggle, he did not know where he retreated to, the paintings on the wall turned even more horrifying as he turned faint. Chi Yu arduously struggled, his body fell back, and he used strength in a rush to prop up the body, afraid that his brain would hit some hard object and immediately hang up, and it was at this time, that an ear-piercing bell resounded.

“Hello, guest, may I ask what is it that you need?”

The butler’s voice resounded at the other end of the bell.

Between a flash of light, Chi Yu hurriedly opened his mouth, “I need you to come to the room to help me for a bit!”

His tone was panicked, but the lack of oxygen made his voice very soft, thus, his tone had a slight, certain kind of ambiguous gasp.

The butler went silent for a bit on the other end.

Chi Yu suddenly recalled that the other person said they could only satisfy ordinary requests, like, like……

“I dirtied the bedsheets! I need you to change the bedsheets!”

“Alright, please wait for a moment.”

The spirit butler’s voice suddenly carried a slight unnaturalness to it.

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