[73842] Werewolf: the Circle Outside the Circle 4

I Only Lifted up the Hem of the Dress to Let the Butler Take Down the Leg Ring, But……

The spirit butler immediately appeared in the room, also carrying a set of bedsheets in his hands. The instant he appeared, that kind of strange manifestation in the room immediately stopped, and Chi Yu finally regained the freedom to breathe again, and could not help but gasp in big breaths. He felt like right now, he must look very dishevelled, but he could not care for too much, used both his hands and feet to stand up straight, and stood to a side, then said to the spirit butler, “Thanks for the hard work.”

Even if he just escaped from death just now, he still very politely said these words.

However, from the spirit butler’s perspective, what he saw was not a dishevelled traveller.

Reddened corners of the eyes, a hard-to-contain gasping, wet corners of the lips, slightly transparent tears.

Even those words, “I dirtied the bedsheets”, also created an uncontainable strange thought.

The spirit butler reached out and held up the blanket on the bed, and unexpectedly saw a neat and clean bedsheet. He did not say anything more, just that his actions actually carried a bit of irregularity to it. Chi Yu thought it was inconvenient for him to spread it himself, and wanted to help, but suddenly stopped.

If the butler leaves, then would other ghosts come out again!

Chu Yu thus stood there without moving. After seeing the spirit butler finished making the bed, he had no other excuse, and actually daringly opened his mouth, “Other than this, also help me take down the thing on my leg too.”

Mercy! Would he be rejected? He absolutely would be! But there was already no other excuse!

Chi Yu who was so anxious inside pretended to be calm, and could be said that he completely interpreted the word being dauntless.

“The game costumes and tools you guys prepared are quite realistic, but the leg ring is pressing against me.”

Saying this, Chi Yu even lifted up the hem of the dress, but he still remembered that he was wearing an embarrassing sheer lace underwear, and thus only lifted to the base of the thigh, stopping when he completely exposed the leg ring.

“Look, it tightened on my thigh so much it’s gotten uncomfortable.”

It was very hard to say what the feelings of the faceless spirit butler were like.

However, that smooth arc on the fair, soft, thigh, tightened by the leg ring, formed a slight indent and bulge, all bearing a slight pure and open desire.

The long white dress was pulled to the base of the thigh. The skin underneath, compared to the white of the clothes, appeared much brighter. The bend of the thigh was all that alluring, while the shackle of the leg ring made people unable to move their eyes away even more.

Help the guest take off the leg ring.

This really wasn’t some ordinary nor reasonable request.

“Can you?”

Chi Yu pursed his lips and asked once again.

Only the heavens knew how much he did not want to stay in this room by himself again! If he wasn’t afraid of breaking the setting, Chi Yu might even hang himself on the other person’s body and not come down!


Chi Yu immediately let out a breath in secret inside, but in the next second, after the spirit butler’s hand reached towards his thigh, Chi Yu practically had even his fine hairs all stand up.

But obviously, he could not possibly tell the spirit butler at this time, never mind, you can go, and thus could only forcibly hold in the discomfort of having the other person invade his private territory. Once the white glove was placed on the thigh, and the fingers pinched at the leg ring, Chi Yu could not help but hiss a bit.

This kind of feeling was far too peculiar. The two were too close to each other, the pose was far too intimate, so this made people get a kind of misconception, as though in this moment, they were not in a paranormal horror room, but the bedroom of a tryst.

Chi Yu leaned against the white wall to his back, and held his breath in. The long dress blocked the line of sight below, and he could only feel that kind of strange feeling through sensation. His leg was held in a game NPC’s hand. The muscles in the thigh, in the instant it was touched, immediately shot out a shivering electric signal along the nerves right to the brain, making Chi Yu feel like all his fingers grabbing the hem of the dress was a kind of hardship.

His body lost its strength, and needed to completely rely on the white wall behind him for balance, while the entire person appeared with a shivering frailty.

The thumb pressed on the tender skin, while the other four fingers gathered in, seizing the leg’s flesh. A bit of white seeped out from the leg ring and the tip of the finger, like a half-melted ice cream in a summer day, making people want to lick it, and savour the fragrant and sweet air.

However, at this moment, limited by the obstruction of the line of sight, no one saw it, only the hand holding the thigh slightly squeezed the skin beneath the fingers.

Emerging with a faint peach colour.

The other hand also went in beneath the dress. Two fingers pinched the leg ring, moving it slightly. The tip of the finger neither lightly nor heavily scraped by the inner thigh, and another much stranger, numbing, and unspeakable nervousness made Chi Yu hard to control his conditioned reflexes, and tightened his thighs, clipping the spirit butler’s hands in the middle of the legs.

The delicate legs closed together, like a soft, slippery jelly, quite flexibly and gently wrapping around the hand beneath the dress.

Chi Yu let out a sound in surprise, awkwardly parted his legs, and had that “pitiful” left hand of the spirit butler’s released, then endured that slight numbness, and reached out to grab the other person’s fingers that were seriously trying to take down the leg ring. This fingers gravely and seriously made trouble on his thigh, fanning and lighting flames, truly making people unable to hold it in.

“No need anymore, y-y-you can……”

Chi Yu stuttered, yet could not find a much more appropriate excuse.

He wanted the spirit butler to stay, but also did not want to suffer this kind of overly intimate contact, but what other excuse could he use? In the end, he turned incoherent, and panicked too much, “My pillowcase also needs to be changed! The blanket covers also needs to be changed! Y-you don’t need to take off the leg ring anymore!”

However, he suddenly lost his balance, and was held up by the person. Both his legs were placed over the man’s arm, while the other hand was still holding his thigh. Chi Yu grabbed the spirit butler’s collar in a panic, and wrinkled the other person’s fitted medieval formal wear, while the other hand anxiously grabbed at the dress. The fine and white ankles were exposed quite clearly, and the soles that were red from getting cold while stepping on the floor immediately lifted up, and quickly fell down again. Chi Yu was practically going to faint, “Put me down!”

He started getting flustered.

Even though the spirit butler looked to be not that bad, he was a spirit, after all. Compared to these scary paintings in the room and that ghost that would come out after looking into the mirror, it was hard to say who was scarier. When he was held in the other person’s arms, that face-less flame-like dim blue head would be that close, making people much more scared.

However, the entire weight of Chi Yu’s body fell onto the other person’s arms, and even had to depend on them. He wanted to escape, yet also tightly grabbed the other person’s uniform, afraid that if he was not careful, he would fall down.

But his worries were all for nothing in the end. The spirit butler’s hands were very steady, carried him to the bed, then placed the person down, and flipped open the hem of his dress without allowing for any resistance. Chi Yu struggled, and thus an entire bare left leg as well as a right leg still hidden beneath the dress were all exposed. The profile of the mellow and full butt was shaped beautifully, the arc was pretty and alluring, but was not too big, nor was it considered very plump, everything was just enough.

If the line of sight moved up a bit, one would be able to see some thin white butterfly knots over the jutting hip bones- this underwear was a tied style, angering Chi Yu so much he could only silently cry inside.

—— Sheer and white and tied with butterfly knots! This kind of underwear must be an erotic type!

And the little pervert wearing erotic underwear was pressed onto the bed to thoroughly have the leg ring checked.

The right hand touched all around, yet could not find a clasp- it could be seen that this leg ring was slid on and could only be taken down along the leg.

Using both hands to grip it, slowly removing it.

This was bound to thoroughly touch over Chi Yu’s thigh, kneecap, calf, while gripping the ankle, to have it completely taken off.

This leg would have to be lifted up high, and separate from the other leg currently closed tight, and reveal the secret between the legs.

The scene at this very moment perfectly interpreted how asking for a god was easy but sending them away was not. The hand wearing the white glove wound around the leg ring and slid down, Chi Yu even had a misconception that he was currently being that’d by someone, and once the leg ring really was taken off, Chi Yu was dripping with sweat, then immediately covered his two legs, and awkwardly and shamelessly said, “Please help me change out the pillowcase and blanket covers.”

“They’ve also been dirtied?”

“Right, they-they’ve also been dirtied!”

The spirit butler seemed to have laughed a bit, Chi Yu suspected if this might be his own misconception.

“Was it dirtied just now when I was taking off the leg ring for you?”


Chi Yu turned silly.

But there was no other excuse, and actually said, “Yes.”

The ghastly flame seemed to turn a bit darker, “When did it start getting wet…… dirty?”

Chi Yu did not hear wet clearly- this word was a bit too obscure, so he did not notice it, only because at this moment, he was a bit embarrassed. All the things from before over-stimulated his brain, and thus he answered rapidly while slightly choking, “I said just now!”

These words even carried a bit of a strange righteousness to it.

“I didn’t hear clearly, I will get the blanket covers and pillowcase for you.”

The spirit butler immediately disappeared. Chi Yu practically let out a long breath, but in the next second, he suddenly whitened his face.

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  1. Looks like its the start of this smutty journey lmao. Guess chi yu’s crush will be having a wet dream because of this

    Thanks for this chapter!


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