[73842] Werewolf: the Circle Outside the Circle 5

Can It Be Considered a Failure if the Butt Sits on the Butler’s Face When Running Away?

After the voting in the daytime finished, the group was directly sent to the second floor, and the time automatically switched into the night. The clothes on Chi Yu also changed into a long white dress, and Turtledove who was the guard very quickly disappeared from Chi Yu’s line of sight, while Chi Yu also half-held the hand railing about to rush down. However, he suddenly forcefully stopped, and quickly turned, stepping past the ghost hands reaching out from the gaps of the wooden boards, running back to his own room without hesitation.

The mirror broken into several pieces quietly laid on the carpet in the room, and when Chi Yu quickly passed by it, the mirror reflected with countless similarly running figures. The curtains were drawn, and everything outside the window was tranquil and dark, so dark it was a bit too unnatural.

Chi Yu took away the candle and leg ring on top of the bed, and when he got up to run outside, he couldn’t help it, and looked outside the window.

In such a dark night, there was a bright castle across from the window.

Was that there a few nights ago? There wasn’t, right? But a few nights ago, Chi Yu very quickly pulled the curtains and shut the door and windows, and certainly did not seriously pay attention to the scenery outside the window, and right now in this much urgent situation, naturally, he would quickly go out from the room, and then run away from this castle just as Turtledove said.

But because this was not completely a game that is cleared with a team, Chi Yu’s suspicions could only be pressed to the bottom of his heart and was unable to go through his mind to communicate with his teammates.

The black cat from the painting came out from the wall, and after Chi Yu took the leg ring, he did not stay around. He no longer turned to look outside the window, but rapidly reached out to slam the door at the back, and make a mad dash towards the stairs. He took three steps with two, and went down from the stairs with very big steps.

He heard that black cat at the back madly slamming at the door. The floorboards came out with many black shadows extending out their feelers about to trip him, so Chi Yu reached out to grab the hand railing about to jump off, but just as the hand touched the railing, he immediately felt a kind of icy, sticky feeling. Chi Yu’s head immediately went numb, and hurriedly flung it out, however, the action of him jumping up did not properly stop in time, and the entire person tumbled down in a fluster. The bottom of the stairs was a corner, so Chi Yu could not see what was at the bottom at all. After abruptly tumbling onto the floor, both legs and knees first transmitted with an overly intense pain, and following, the two calves also started hurting.

But compared to the pain, what made Chi Yu panicked was the pose he was in right now, and the person beneath him.

He used a pose of both legs kneeling down, and sat down on an icy bundle with his bottom.

The taut-to-the-extreme nerves snapped at this instant. Even if Chi Yu still remembered to go back to the room to get the game props in midst of extreme fear, at this moment, his sanity meter already reached its end, behind him was the chasing black cat, the unnamed ghosts, the sticky railings with a scary sensation, as well as……

Chi Yu’s facial colour went white, his body abruptly shook, and his legs buckled, so he could not stand anymore.

Two disappointing lines of tears flowed out with a gurgle as well. That fair and soft genitalia wrapped around by the lace underwear as well as the mellow and full buttocks all trembled, the base of the legs shook, clipping that bunch of iciness beneath the hips- what was scarier than directly crashing onto a ghost’s body in the middle of escaping from the chase of ghosts!!

Right now, the Werewolf game already ended, he will definitely get killed!

A slightly cool breath came out from beneath Chi Yu, a hint of coolness climbed over the sensitive skin, and Chi Yu turned even more despaired.

“If…… if you are going to kill me, then, then hurry up and do it.”

Wuuuu can you not kill me I don’t want to die!

However, out of Chi Yu’s expectations, a pair of spotless-white gloves hauled up his buttocks, and as the body was lifted high, the person beneath came out.

It was that spirit butler.

Chi Yu immediately realized just what he did!

He used his butt to sit on the face, and sat right on the spirit butler’s face!

Because the dress was too long, the spirit butler would then accidentally get pounced by him, and the spotless-white long dress completely covered over the person, and his two legs even clipped on the other person’s head.

God, is this something someone would do! Just a few nights ago he even treated the butler as a monster handyman! And before, the butler even kindly reminded him, he actually “repaid” the other person like this!

Chi Yu’s buttocks were still held up by the palms, and he hurriedly apologized, “Sorry, sorry.”

He struggled a bit, wanting to come down from the butler’s hands, and had a bit of a delight at the bottom of his heart from the close escape from death- after all, the butler looked to not chase after the travellers.

However, he did not manage to struggle out from it.

That ghost-fire-like face of the butler’s still had no facial features to it, it only hauled Chi Yu’s buttocks, and lifted the person up. Chi Yu’s legs were spread open, and had to hang from the butler’s arms both left and right, and both hands, to maintain balance, could only grab at the butler’s clothes.

This pose and the hands on the buttocks finally brought about another kind of pressure. The long dress covered over everything below the dress, the bare legs were spread apart by the neatly dressed white gloves, and he also had his buttocks grabbed. That thin lace underwear did not properly wrap over the buttocks, and at this moment, because the cheeks were separately grabbed by a pair of hands, it shrunk inside between the butt crack, creating a strong discomfort, like a hemp rope pressing against Chi Yu so much he turned flustered.

Chi Yu already did not dare to think how OOC his actions were now, he anxiously opened his mouth to ask, “Wh-what are you doing.”

The spirit butler acted very indifferently, did not answer him, and only held him and placed him on the long table to sit. Chi Yu saw the other person let go, and when he sat on the much icier table, he let out a breath, but in the next instance, immediately held it in!

The butler’s hands reached beneath the dress, and was pressed on Chi Yu’s hip bone.

This practically made Chi Yu about to scream out!

What did he want to do?

“Just what is it that you want to do!”

This tone practically had no threat whatsoever. Chi Yu pressed on that rioting hand through the dress. Past the long table would be the castle’s main doors, the chance to escape from the haunted castle was just within reach. Chi Yu’s hands were all shaking, yet wanted to run away from beneath the butler’s hands as much as possible.

“I want to leave now, you won’t block me right, just what do you want to do……”

The butler suddenly opened their mouth, with their voice all cold.

“Don’t you love cleanliness a lot? The bedsheets needed changing, the blanket covers needed changing, even the pillowcase that hasn’t been leaned on also needed changing, just now, didn’t the underwear get dirty?”

That flame head raised up, the tears on the corners of Chi Yu’s eyes just dried up, but completely went into a daze due to this, as though he was stunned in fright.

The spirit butler’s words seemed like an interrogation.

“Why do you not ask that I change your underwear for you right now?”


Chi Yu’s nervous big brain slightly arduously circulated.

S-so right now……

The two long legs gathered together suddenly slightly uncomfortably rubbed against the surface of the table.

And the underwear pinched between the butt crack declared its existence much more clearly.

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