[73842] Werewolf: the Circle Outside the Circle 6

“Spread Your Legs”/Why Can’t I Change My Underwear Myself!

How big of a possibility does one have to live to the end of the game after being discovered they deceived an important NPC in a survival game?

The spirit butler in front did not move at all, pressed in front of Chi Yu, completely enveloping Chi Yu between the butler’s body and the long table, and cleanly taking over the entire the line of sight. He could not see the spirit butler’s face, yet was strangely guilty. He could only lower his head and stare at the other person’s chest and buttons, the shut-off brain did not know what he should say at all, and in the end, he opened his mouth to say, “I-I can change myself.”

Chi Yu was also a normal person, after all. At this moment, he could practically be considered to be scared silly. The final bit of desire to live on made him make a compromise, and bearing the bit of thought that the spirit butler might not make things too difficult for him, he probed, “Turn over, I’ll change myself.”

And yet the spirit butler was unmoved, “Spread your legs.”

The white gloves turned underneath the white dress. The spirit butler lowered their head, and at this time, Chi Yu could finally see the circumstances behind the spirit butler.

Those stairs turned into a pool of viscous coffee-coloured sludge, like some unknown liquid steaming and boiling on the floorboards of the first level, constantly coming out with bubbles, while that black cat on the second floor hid within the darkness with its enormous body, with only that pair of pale-white eyes signalling its movement.

It was currently hesitantly looking down, as though undecided whether or not to jump down.

Other than being beside the long table and the spirit butler, there was actually no other safe place already.

It was right at this nervous-wracking moment that the sensitive area beneath the hips was suddenly slightly touched. Chi Yu’s face abruptly turned red. He realized that the spirit butler had already loosened the ties on both sides, and even pinched that narrow and small fabric, about to take that pitifully thin erotic underwear out.

The feeling of soft flesh and lace fabric rubbing together could not be said to be that comfortable, and much obviously seemed like it was flirtatious, even more so when that fabric was practically stuck to the deep part within his butt crack rubbing around. Chi Yu spread open his legs anxiously, and that fabric was pulled out without any obstruction.

Right now, it was empty and barren underneath Chi Yu’s dress.

He only went blank for a bit, and when he came to, the spirit butler’s hands already took out a new pair of white underwear- a triangular-shaped one, not the type that needs tying.

The butler gripped Chi Yu’s left calf, lifted it up, and the white dress opened in midair, meekly spreading with a fan shape. It was very hard for Chi Yu not to think if this pose would let the spirit butler see something.

Like the deeper area between the two cheeks.

The fabric with a bit of elasticity reined in the skin, and then was slowly pushed up. The further it got in, the curve of the legs would turn clearer, up until when it was pushed all the way to the base of the thigh. At this time, the other leg was then wrapped around, with the ankle grabbed, folding the calf towards the thigh. The white dress finally could no longer become shelter, and the slightly reddened toes peeked out from beneath the hem of the dress, with the two legs pressed and opened. One leg was folded up, one leg was held open by the spirit butler’s knee, and the white dress rising along the body finally revealed a half of the buttocks.

That daub of tight pink was exposed under the hem of the dress.

Exposed without any defence, and even thought it still being shielded by the white dress, and could properly hide away.

Without realizing at all, at this moment, it was eyed cleanly by another person.

This was practically like a kind of psychological act of indecency, but the spirit butler appeared not……

Chi Yu thought with a red face: Do the game NPCs have this high of an autonomy?

It might be only doing their duty…… providing guests changing services…… although changing underwear was too embarrassing!

But Chi Yu did not dare to do anything.

Fright stifled ambition, while he only had the necessities of living- right now, either way, being beside the spirit butler was safe, he only needed to hold past this while, and run out of the castle quickly, then it will be okay. According to the summary of the game before, Chi Yu felt, barring any accidents, the game should end at the daytime of the next day—— travellers can’t possibly leave the castle and return home in the middle of the night, they must play enough, sleep once, and then leave on the second day.

As for the third floor……

Chi Yu looked at the barren place that should originally be the stairs.

Never mind.

Once the ankle passed by the hole, the hand holding the ankle then loosened up. Afterwards, it held the middle of the calf from the other side, and brought out this fair long leg out, then, the fingers with distinctive bones to them deeply reached under Chi Yu’s buttocks through the glove. Chi Yu almost yelled out in surprise, and almost thought the spirit butler really was going to do something to him.

However, those two fingers merely padded the bottom, and hooked the underwear up, then, the fingers reached into ladder-shaped line between the private area and the base of the two legs, and pulled up the underwear’s crotch strip—— nestling against that soft bunched-up penis, raising that white fabric up. This extremely intimate action made Chi Yu’s legs buckle. His knees practically lost all feeling, and only felt the two legs were all stiff, with no strength to them. His buttocks were like bright-red fruit pounded by a pestle, all piled onto the table, unable to even struggle at all. The toes scrunched up together in a fluster and embarrassment, practically about to cry out, but this time, it was not due to fright, but because of the embarrassment and the nervous emotions at the bottom of his heart, and bit of a strange temper.

Too insulting.

And yet it was at this time that the spirit butler let go, and the fabric in the hands lightly sprung back, and the positioned fabric immediately fell back to the private area that should originally be covered. At this moment, forget mentioning how that limp penis was lightly squeezed for a bit by the fabric bearing wind, the place in the butt crack was also slapped a bit by the thin, one-finger wide fabric.

It was a very light pa ta.

But that numbing fire caused by the glove touching through, the bit of tremor from the fabric slapping, the stirring cool breeze stimulating the tender flesh……

Made Chi Yu feel overly ashamed.

He really couldn’t hold it in, and the corners of his eyes fell with tears with a pitter patter.

One hand propped on the long table, the two legs opened in front spirit butler, with a pose of clipping a person’s waist, while the other hand rubbed the single teardrop about to fall down.

“Shitty pervert!”

These words were cursed out very weakly, but because Chi Yu acted like he was wronged too much, it made the spirit butler unbearably take one step back, and lower their head and not say anything.

Chi Yu went down from the long table, the fitted triangular underwear wrapped over his butt, making him feel uncomfortable when he took a step, and could not help but make a criticism inside even more.

They got a pair of underwear one size too small!

Damned spirit butler!

He even did not go to ask the butler where the underwear that was changed out was, and pulled the corners of his dress, and ran forward with a tap tap tap, rushing in the direction of the castle’s main doors.

As for the spirit butler……

Chi Yu expresses: I already let him change my underwear, what else could he block me for! No matter if it was the butler or this haunted castle, I don’t want to stay anymore!

This journey was actually oddly smooth. After Chi Yu pushed open the door, he saw the black scenery out the door, and turned timid for a second, but in the next second, he still steadily walked out.

—— He only took one step out.

Because even if the outside was very dark, by borrowing the light coming out from the inside of the castle behind him, Chi Yu saw a person running right at him.

That person’s figure was a bit flustered. In a place a fair distance behind the other person, was a castle similarly emitting light.

That person got close, and because Chi Yu was standing against the light, after he got close he then saw Chi Yu’s face, and let out a very surprised expression.

“Chi Yu, weren’t you on the third floor?”

And Chi Yu was also very surprised too, but he lowered his eyes, and held the grumbling in his mind, “Eh, Turtledove, don’t mention it, I’m really down on my luck.”

But Chi Yu instead could not help but get nervous inside.

Why did Turtledove go and come back, why did he say that he was on the third floor?

He was blocking in front of the door, and for the time being, did not turn to the side to let Turtledove in. This action actually made Turtledove immediately go cold in the face, and look at him vigilantly.

“Chi Yu?”

Chi Yu naturally let out a small path, and continued to say, “I feel like I’m really constantly unlucky.”

These words were said from the bottom of the heart.

Chi Yu once again felt from the bottom of his heart, if he could, he should have let the spirit butler change out a night’s worth of underwear, and change until the day of the next day, until the timer is finished!

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