[73842] Werewolf: the Circle Outside the Circle 7

Don’t Lie to Me, Why Is the Witch’s Antidote That Kind of Thing??

Since Chi Yu entered the game, for the first time, he seriously started doubting if he really was a game newbie.

He only pushed opened the castle’s main doors and took one step out. The person went out, but no matter how it was said, he did not leave the castle. But after he went back with Turtledove, the appearance of the castle was already completely different from before.

The main reception was practically like a wasteland after a windstorm passed by, in a complete mess. A bitumen-like deep-green liquid splattered just about everywhere, and to the side, the stairs instead seemed fine, except a strange chant coming from the second floor that made people’ hairs stand, and from time to time, the sounds of scampering and fighting made people worry even more.

The unarmed Chi Yu really, very seriously thought a bit about his own power and the situation in front of him.

And then came to the result that he was a purely burdening young man as expected.

Always unlucky.

Even though the insides were falling apart in numbers, Chi Yu’s expression was still the same as before, and even after seeing Turtledove beside him unsuspectingly rushing up the stairs, he did not reveal a shocked expression either, and only followed behind them, and could not help but ask, “You’re sure……”

You’re sure you want to up?

Turtledove did not even turn his head back, and robustly avoided each ghost’s attack, “I’m sure, just now outside the castle, I didn’t find the cellar, so we can only go through the skylight. What were you doing standing in front of the reception just now? (Turtledove reached out for an ornament by the stairs and tossed it to the back in a panic, then a miserable meow came from their backs) This cat is too disgusting! Always chasing me since last night!”

Chi Yu silently lowered his head to look at his own white dress.

And looked at the clothes on Turtledove.

—— He was certain what Turtledove wore before leaving were not these clothes……

And…… the castle has also changed……

Before Chi Yu left, the stairs at the reception had disappeared, and the long table was intact, with the spirit butler was standing by the table.

And the most important thing was……

Chi Yu finally saw the full view of the third floor.

It was taller than the second floor by a full floor, with a flooring that was like glass or the surface of the water, and on the empty floor, was a chair in the furthest place.

The spirit butler wore a white uniform, holding a person draped in a red cloak.

Chi Yu who knew each picture’s identity after the game ended recognized this was a witch.

Chi Yu’s eyes shook!

He recalled the game just before. He remembered, in the game, X was the witch! Oh God, is this the punishment after losing in the werewolf game on the second floor? Being forced to change clothes by the spirit butler after losing!

This kind of thought practically shocked Chi Yu. The gaze he looked at that witch with turned sympathizing, especially when he remembered that X was a rather masculine-looking man, and thus, even if he was following Turtledove running up towards the top floor, he could not help but turn to look……

Chi Yu’s pupils suddenly contracted.

At the time he completely disappeared from the third floor’s line of sight, he saw the witch turn their head over.

That profile was that familiar, that each time he looked in the mirror, he could see it.

That was himself!

That witch was also looked alarmed, and froze while looking at him.

“What is it?”

The spirit butler reached out and turned the witch version Chi Yu’s face.

“You did not successfully outrun the ghosts on the third floor, no? Didn’t you want to live on? And that was why you would ask me what to do.”

The witch Chi Yu suddenly shook, and the entire person tightened up.

That hand of the spirit butler’s that was buried beneath the red dress finally pulled out and was lifted up.

The white glove was dampened by a liquid.

“Look, now you have the antidote to revive.”

The lips got pressed, the erotic liquid on the gloves was very close to the nasal cavity, and that white murky liquid made people unable to look at it directly.

“The rules of the game are as such, go on, eat it.”

The witch Chi Yu held in his tears, and arduously stuck his tongue out, licking it bit by bit.

And the barren lower half was held by the man with their big palms on the buttocks, the legs were spread apart by the arms, being propped at the middle of the legs.

If Chi Yu was there, he would then discover that at this time, that spirit butler, compared to that one he met before, was much scarier, and could not be resisted.

And the witch Chi Yu silently cried inside……

Clearly when they were playing the game, they were using the proper antidote!!

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