[73842] Werewolf: the Circle Outside the Circle 8

To Clear With High Points, He Had to Let the Butler See His Own Style of Underwear……

Chi Yu could completely confirm, that was another self of his.

Wait a minute, he is clearly the seer lady…… why is there another him wearing the witch’s costume? If it was said like this, Turtledove was clearly the guard, but the clothes he is wearing now is clearly different from before, furthermore, when Turtledove was leaving the castle, his intentions were very clear—— since he already won the game, he only needed to wait for the countdown to end and could be sent away, and right now, they haven’t triggered the countdown. Compared to waiting in the castle in a fluster and difficultly hiding from all sorts of ghosts, why not just directly wait outside the castle.

Turtledove certainly had no possibility of coming back, and this Turtledove that was beside him right now, also clearly said it before.

It was to find the cellar that he then left the castle.

This clearly said they lost, and because they lost, they would then need to find the cellar or skylight. They couldn’t find the cellar on the first floor of the castle or outside, so with no alternative, they could only go upstairs to find a skylight…… if it is like this, why did he have to go down from the third floor to find the cellar, then when he couldn’t find the cellar, then go a roundabout way to go back upstairs to find the skylight?

Chi Yu once again turned a bit at a loss. In truth, he did not know what a cellar or skylight was, only, other players mentioned it, and so he would guess it should be another kind of exit in the game. That being said, why would the veteran players like Salt Fish who have abilities be that dishevelled then?

—— No wonder Flying Cat complained saying there must be a very big slip up, however, that kind of film plot that Salt Fish and the others met certainly was very hard to break away from……

Chi Yu’s brain suddenly very quickly flashed by a light.

“A twelve-player game should have four theocrats……”

Right, it should have been like this!

Chi Yu trembled with a start, and thought of a point he had always been ignoring—— a group of rabid Werewolf fans, especially ran out to this kind of castle for vacation to play a real-life version of Werewolf, how could they allow for the game settings to be illogical? How could they randomly take a ten-person game and then casually add one wolf and one civilian and just start? And from listening to everyone, this originally had versions for different numbers of people.

This bug that did not conform with the settings at the very beginning did not draw in anyone’s attention, even Chi Yu, because he didn’t know how to play Werewolf at all, did not think too much because of it.

Corresponding with this current Turtledove, must exist another Chi Yu, a Chi Yu #2. The other’s role must also be a seer, otherwise at the first time they saw each other, Turtledove would discover something wrong.

And on the third floor just now, Chi Yu #3, their identity was a witch.

Chi Yu’s heart emerged with an extremely audacious hypothesis.

With this analogy, there must be a Chi Yu whose identity was a civilian, a Chi Yu whose identity was a werewolf, a Chi Yu whose identity was a guard……

The initial game identity distribution did not have any problems with it.

The reason that created everything right now, was all that added setting, and all of this…… matched with a movie in Chi Yu’s mind.

But before Chi Yu could completely make clear of everything, he had to sever his thoughts. His forehead smashed into a door plank with a bam, and was in so much pain he sucked in a breath of cold air, and had to look towards the room in front.

The fourth floor, compared to the overly tall third floor, was clearly much narrower and more cramped.

Dust flew up because of this collision, and in that moment Chi Yu abruptly breathed in, he pretty much sucked in a big breath of dust, and constantly coughed. The lighting in this place was not good, and one could barely make out that there were many human-shaped things laying on the floor. While Chi Yu painfully coughed, he asked Turtledove, “What is all this?”

But didn’t think that Turtledove instead turned blank, and could not come to for a good while.


Chi Yu looked over along Turtledove’s gaze——

Turtledove #3 with a pair of wolf ears on top of his head was currently looking at the two vigilantly.

“Who are you guys!”

With matters up to here, Chi Yu couldn’t care for too much, and immediately took one step forward, blocking in front of Turtledove #2, “Listen to me, this is all because of the hidden……”

Before he finished speaking, his legs stepped onto a cylindrical item, and lost his balance, then suddenly slid down. After a muffled sound of a crash, Chi Yu fell within the figures that pretty much spread all across the room.

Chi Yu first thought these were just wooden dolls, but the instant he made contact with them, after he crashed into these things and suddenly felt a sensation that was like human skin, he just about froze from head to toe. That scariest line, the original self survives, made Chi Yu unable to help but pretty much think if Turtledove killed a room of people.

He was so scared in this instant that his face turned a pale white, but the dolls in front instead still only had half-opened eyes, and from the dim lighting, he could see that the other person had a skin so white it made people hard to believe in it.

What was more frightening was, the other person had a pair of inky green eyeballs.

Making Chi Yu uncontrollably think of Cinderella from the last world……

The dolls’ hair was also like a real person’s too, spreading over the floor in long locks. The different dolls piled up together, with the degree of completion different in each one, like there was previously someone here fiddling with them, choosing the most beautiful one from them.

In the gloomy attic, was a person sitting on the floorboards, continuously creating dolls.

That was his skin.

Just which one would draw in that person’s gaze the most? Which one would be better? What kind of person did the other party like? What kind of eyes, what kind of hair colour, what kind of skin colour, what kind of facial features……

The abandoned dolls would pile up more and more. Someone would continuously leave, and then disappointingly toss the doll they brought out into the pile abandoned dolls, and then start creating a new work.

Finally, as the door to the attic was opened and closed again and again, someone left satisfactorily, and brought out their most satisfying work, and couldn’t wait to appear in front of that person. He succeeded, and thus would never come back, and these dolls left here that were used to guess the other person’s inner heart, were laden with dust in the attic.


Why can’t we be it? Why was only that one chosen?

Those dolls that were born in the intense desire to touch that person, created a hard-to-contain resentment.

Why were we forsaken here!

Chi Yu let out a breath of relief—— He really thought Turtledove turned into a murderer.

Good, good, they’re only dolls, there were a lot, but it was not enough to make people so stressed that an uncanny valley effect would appear.

He stood up straight from the ground, and discovered that the two Turtledoves in the room already fought with each other intensely. With an oh no inside, he then hurriedly ran to block them, yet suddenly had his ankle caught by a hand!

Sounds of pulling and dragging echoed in the attic, with many, many sounds of dragging, resounding from many different places.

Chi Yu trembled as he lowered his head.

There was a doll’s hand on his ankle.

And in many places, a countless number of dolls were climbing toward him……

This kind of scene made people’s hairs stand on end. Even if these dolls of different completions and different appearances looked to be pleasing to the eye from a single look, when they lifted their heads to look at you all at once, climbing towards you, it would be too terrifying. Chi Yu did not want to touch the dolls at all, their overly human skin made Chi Yu feel like goosebumps were all going to come out, and thus used strength to kick the other party’s wrist. He was practically in despair, and also finally understood why they would go search for the cellar and not the skylight in the very beginning.

Much more dolls stuck on, grabbing at any place they could grab onto, climbing up from the ground. These dolls seemed to be unable to normally stand up, climbing or walking in distorted manners- joints that should originally be used to move let out scary sounds in the pulling, making people’s heads go numb, and as time flowed, their movements turned faster and faster, and seemed to be nimbler and nimbler. A lot of of dolls stuck on, and the dolls hugging Chi Yu’s body all widened their eyes looking at him. Those beautiful, eyes of an assortment of colours made people unable to have the heart to appreciate them at this kind of time. Chi Yu could not help but cough from the dust brought up from their movements, and these terrifying scenes made him scared as well. The white dress was covered in dust, the dolls enveloped Chi Yu, using their beautiful limbs to encircle him, while many more dolls surrounded him, that to the very end, Chi Yu was only left with one hand arduously reaching outside.

He felt like he was about to die from a lack of oxygen.

So hot, so stuffy……

The body was tightly wrapped around, with no way of struggling out at all. These dolls were not satisfied in simply hugging, and even continuously touched Chi Yu……

The dress was messed up, the cloak was pulled off, both legs were touched by countless hands, and the neck was being finely traced by fingers……

Dammit…… was it because they felt smothering me to death was too good for me and so planned on strangling me to death!

Chi Yu arduously gasped for breath. He tried his best to struggle, but the effects of its were very small. That hand exposed outside used strength to grab onto something—— once he came to, he then discovered he held onto a doll’s hand, resulting in goosebumps. The narrow and small space made Chi Yu completely red in the face, with both eyes permeating with mist, “No more…… le-let go……”

He arduously let out this complaint, bearing a bit of an unspeakable erotic seductiveness to it.

“Really, no more…… I’ll, I’ll die……”

Chi Yu was completely surrounded by the dolls, confined in the nest formed by them.

The corner of his eyes flowed down a drop of sweat, or perhaps a teardrop caused by the suffocation.

Feels so terrible.

Sweat dropped to the ground.

The sticky feeling climbed all over the body. So hot, so suffocating, can’t breathe.

In the daze, the dressed got wet too.

There was too much sweat, with this many dolls piled together, there is no way……

Chi Yu’s pupils gradually turned scattered. He only saw the floorboards of the attic and a bit of the wall, all that his eyes could see turned more and more obscured, and his eyelids were about to close up, unable to hold it in.

What time is it…… when will the countdown start……

Not right, I’m at another castle right now…… the me in this castle is a witch, on the third floor, so they need to find a skylight or a cellar…… I must get out…… where…… where is the skylight……

「Player: Chi Yu」
「Role:the Dauntless Traveller —— 80%」
「Main Quest:  1. Your team wins      
                                2. Survive
3. The original self survives」
「Special Quest: Solve the hidden setting」
「Countdown to the end: 00:59:59」

Chi Yu was startled awake all of a sudden.

The system did not judge his team to have won as expected!

He used all his might to struggle, but the number of dolls hanging on him were that many, all tightly sticking onto him. Even if he had woken up now, there was no way about it at all!

But what was good was, a giant outside power pulled the dolls on him away.

Chi Yu climbed out from inside all dishevelled, and saw that there were quite a few people standing in front of him.

Two Turtledoves, one X, one Flying Cat, one Red……

Chi Yu quickly sucked in the air. The oxygen deficiency just now made him sucking on air at this time extremely flustered, intensely taking in breaths in big mouthfuls, and before he could say anything, Red in front of him already opened her mouth.

“Thanks, Chi Yu.”


2 thoughts on “[73842] Werewolf: the Circle Outside the Circle 8

  1. For those who still feel a bit confused regarding the game itself.
    As mentioned, the distribution of roles in the first place was correct. The additional setting comes from a real movie by the name of Coherence, where mid-conversation, one person might be swapped with an alternate self, making conversations seem jarring and incoherent. The game had 4 werewolves, 4 civilians and 4 theocrats/special humans at the start, but the swapping started before the game did, therefore, by the time the butler answered Chi Yu, there was already someone changed out, hence the “bad distribution”.

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