[Zhao Ge] Qixi Extra

Zhao Ge: the Snow of the Night in Gua Province

Note: This takes place at the start of the second volume, after Ye Qiu Sheng carried Bai Li Shu into Ghost City, and Bai Li Shu woke up after being injured, when Ye Qiu Sheng asked him about his circumstances and Bai Li Shu answered he was fine. (~Chp 109)

Ye Qiu Sheng turned around and glanced into the cavern.

He carefully observed Bai Li Shu underneath the glows of the bonfire once. This person’s features were shrouded with a layer of blue-white frostiness due to suffering from a cold poison, with not even a sliver of colour to the face.

This was called fine?

“Lord Bai Li’s fine is quite amazing,” Ye Qiu Sheng bent his finger and flicked the blade, making the body of the blade shake with a ruthless echo, he said with ridicule, “Those who did not know would even think I tossed you into an ice lake and froze you for a bit before fishing you out.”

His words carried a bit of a fire, Bai Li Shu then turned his head to look at him, except he still did not have any intent on saying anything.

As though he did not feel that he had to tell anyone whether his circumstances were good or bad.

Ye Qiu Sheng lifted his eyebrow in between a smile, and said, “Great, just now, I saw a suspicious figure at Gua Province, I’m afraid it might be some nefarious cultivator. Since Lord Bai Li is fine, then this lowly one will first go check.”

After finishing, he really stood up, and with a bend of the waist, he exited the cavern.

The back was tranquil and soundless.

…… Really not even calling out once.

Ye Qiu Sheng’s long legs crossed each other and leaned on the rock outside the cavern.

His momentary suppressed anger went out of the cavern, and with a blow from the winds outside, it also gradually calmed down.

It wasn’t like he didn’t know that Bai Li Shu was exactly that type of bastard who, as long as he had a breath remaining that he could sustain himself with, would definitely hold out until death. Just what misfortune did he meet with tonight that he had to pick a fight with this person.

Ye Qiu Sheng carried his blade, and thought about going in to take a look, yet there was an irritation, and gave a kick to those annoying desert wolf corpses. When he turned his head to look again, he saw that the fires inside the cavern were dim, and faintly seeped out with a frosty mist.

The nights of Gua Province’s Ghost City had frosty winds, and once Ye Qiu Sheng left, the wind immediately blew into the cavern, mingling with some snowflakes. Bai Li Shu’s body’s cold poison was currently at its peak, so with a stimulation from the cold winds, the eyelashes and hair iced over with some white frost, even the few clothes that Ye Qiu Sheng spread on the rock before also suffused with ice from the outside.

Bai Li Shu coughed with a muffled sound, and barely used his stagnate primordial energy to suppress the cold poison surged to the heart meridians.

When the entire being was so cold it slightly shook, a thick cloak was tossed to the body.

Ye Qiu Sheng appeared at the entrance of the cavern.

“Did you not go to check the nefarious cultivator?”

“That’s right.”
Ye Qiu Sheng thrust the Qiu dragon blade into the ground, and his long legs took one step to cross over the bonfire.

“I came back to see if you were dead yet first. If you were dead, I can just dig a hole and bury you, save on an additional trip afterwards.” He spoke sarcastically, undoing his outer robe, revealing a solid and healthy chest while lifting up the thick cloak covered over Bai Li Shu, then with a reach of the arm, without any reserve, dragged Jiu Xuan Sect’s eldest disciple brother who was clear as a bright moon and as noble as a banished immortal into his embrace.

With a wrap of the outer robe and a cover of the thick cloak again, he directly embraced him tightly and safely.

An aura and temperature that belonged to a man immediately wrapped over Bai Li Shu. Ye Qiu Sheng was a blade cultivator who walked on the path of forging the body, and was also young with vigorous strength, so the body was more scorching than typical people by a bit. Bai Li Shu was pressed onto his bare chest in a surprise, just like he had fallen into a burning stove, unspeakably nice and warm.

Ye Qiu Sheng lowered his head, and as expected, saw a sliver of astonishment from that constantly indifferent face of Bai Li Shu’s.

He was immediately in a very good mood.

With the back pressing on Ye Qiu Sheng’s muscly and firm arms, Bai Li Shu coldly said, “Let go.”

Ye Qiu Sheng turned his body- his physique was tall, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist, so the broad back blocked the winds of the night closely. When Bai Li Shu was struggling, with a gather of the arms, a press from the long legs, he pressed the person into his embrace firmly.

He held Bai Li Shu within his clothes, like he held a piece of ice in his arms.

“Make do with it for a bit, Lord Bai Li.” Ye Qiu Sheng’s jaws clenched tight, and was also quite cold as well, “Ghost City is all sandbanks, I don’t have any way of finding what fire essence or phoenix rock for you here.”

Bai Li Shu turned his head, and glanced at Ye Qiu Sheng.

Ye Qiu Sheng fearlessly reached out with the hand, and pressed Bai Li Shu’s face to the dip in his own shoulder, saying, “Your Jiu Xuan brothers and sisters originally found me enough of an eyesore already, fine, this time, they will definitely have me skinned and deboned—— who let me be blasphemous to their far-reaching flower of an eldest brother?”

Bai Li Shu’s cold poison was spilling over to his body.

Ye Qiu Sheng was so cold his face turned a bluish white, and actually still had the heart to joke.

“Then you can let go.”

Ye Qiu Sheng’s eyebrows lifted up, and appeared a bit impudent, “Since I’m going to have be skinned and deboned anyways, shouldn’t I be a bit more thoroughly blasphemous?”

As he said this, he half-real half-playingly approached close to Bai Li Shu.

The interior of the cavern was burning with a bonfire, and the lighting was a bit dim.
But in the dim light, Bai Li Shu’s close face was outlined with a layer of hazy glow from the fire, flickering about, and instead made him look more like a jade statue with snowy bones and a fairy-like beauty.

Ye Qiu Sheng suddenly stopped talking.

He forgot.
Bai Li Shu was Jiu Xuan Sect’s respectable and elegant heir of the sect leader, and was unlike him, the type of fellow who ran around all year and dealt with even the lowest of people and was accustomed to seeing the town’s secular vulgarity. Bai Li Shu probably never even heard that between people, there could actually exist with those lowly, insolent, fallen, lingering desires of the flesh mixed with sweat and dust.

This was not hard to imagine either.

——With this kind of face Bai Li Shu had, making him know about this filth and sweat and dust within the town, was practically defiling an immortal beyond Heaven in white clothes like snow.

For the time being, Ye Qiu Sheng felt complicated inside, then closed his eyes, and no longer spoke.

Bai Li Shu was in his arms, [Ye Qiu Sheng’s] chest was barren, with a secular courage unlike regular immortal sect cultivators. He was Tai Shang Sect’s eldest disciple brother, yet was often outside running around, disguising as all sorts and shapes of people in the year, and after a long time, came out with a secular aura mixed with blood and sweat after tumbling around on top of tips of blades.

He seemed to be sleeping, his long brows extended to the hair, while a pair of always seemingly smiling and slightly frivolous eyes were closed, appearing with a fierce and resolute shape to them.

Bai Li Shu watched him.

And strangely did not feel averse.

Ye Qiu Sheng slightly opened a sliver, the gaps of the eyes were narrow and very frivolous, yet seeped out with a bit of something that he did not know was teasing, or if it was a genuine looseness, “Don’t look at me like that, Beauty Bai Li, I can only be gentlemanly this one time.”


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