[73842] Gu Wen Qiao’s World-Level Problem

Gu Wen Qiao’s World-Level Problem

Currently, Chi Yu already has 36 hourglasses, enough to live a whole six days in the real world. After he came out from the personal space, he first looked at his cellphone, and discovered Gu Wen Qiao replied to his message as expected and got a bit excited for the time being. His mouth hummed a small tune, and slid open the cellphone and quickly searched if there were some movies they could watch as of late- he and Gu Wen Qiao both met at the library before, but obviously, if one wanted to have a much more intimate relationship, one could not possibly always stay in the library.

When he pushed open the door and went out, he just saw a not bad movie, and then dressed in a pair of shorts that went to the knees and a half-sleeved white t-shirt, with his entire brain thinking once they watch the movie, he could lean and touch Gu Wen Qiao, and his fingers quickly tapped the pay button, and bought two movie tickets.

The time he chose was in the afternoon. The number of people watching movies at this time period were few, also, he could first eat a lunch with Gu Wen Qiao, then eat dinner with him again, he already thought of the excuse too- first pretend to casually mention the movie was at 1:30, eating a lunch first then going might make them late, and then suggest along the way that why don’t the two meet up earlier and eat lunch together—— they were acquaintances who normally read books in the library, there was nothing wrong about eating a meal together! Right, Chi Yu! Good thinking! Afterwards, go watch the movie together, then after finishing the movie, discuss the movie or something, and after that, he could even continue to say that it’s just about time to eat dinner, and then eat a dinner or something along the way!!!

Chi Yu silently gripped his fist, madly clapping for himself for his plan!

As for how Chi Yu who did not work for a long time had the money?

This was because the survival world’s exchangeable goods also had currency. One point could exchange for one hundred RMB, the currency would change according to the exchange rate as well—— on this point, Chi Yu could not help but complain that this game paid quite the attention to the engagement with the real world.

He naturally exchanged 13 points, so right now, there were still 1090 points left. If Chi Yu needed to completely break away from his reliance on the hourglasses, he would need to pay 19999 points, but compared to continuously purchasing hourglasses, this was actually very profitable—— but to a majority of the people, this number of points was very hard to accumulate. A portion of people entered the game when they met with impending death, and among these, there were some people who, after entering the game and returned to the real world, could break away from the end of death. For example, people who almost crashed into by a car could quickly turn to the side and change it into a scrape, thus, they did not need hourglasses to extend their lives, but the other portion of people could be said to enter after death, their lives already stopped flowing, and had to rely much more on the points shop to exchange for props.

Previously, there were also people who tried to pick up props to exchange, but one, because each game’s obtainable quest props that could be exchanged for points were too little, two, because of the survival game’s horrifying atmosphere, very few people could still remember to pick up props.

Chi Yu obviously got an extra advantage, the marriage outfit and eggs from the creator made him slightly wealthy- he saw the numbers adjustment in the shop before, one shop point(dian) needed ten points(ji fen), and then saw the needed numbers for exchangeable abilities, the cheapest abilities like writing and reading needed 50 each.

When seeing this reading ability, Chi Yu could not help but look at the description of the ability—— he thought this ability would at least show off something cool, but in the end, he saw the ability’s description: Could obtain a set number of words recognizable through a normal nine-year education.

Can the game be this outrageous?!!

What was more outrageous was, Chi Yu saw the bottom display the number of times exchanged in the month was actually 200+ times!

Chi Yu, in this instant, felt the world’s diversity.

He did his best to put himself in their shoes, and imagine, how painful it must be for those exchangers when they first entered the game, with this kind of tragedy of not knowing words- it practically hurt the hearts of those who heard and fell tears of those who saw, don’t mention how if one didn’t open the new player’s guide, they wouldn’t activate the guiding ability……

Too tragic……

And then, Chi Yu accidentally glanced, and saw another even more outrageous ability—— Sleep: Allow users obtain the ability to sleep.

To the other side of the sold ability, there was even a wheel that would turn once for 30 points.

This game really was familiar in the ways of duping people’s money- no, duping people’s points……

After flipping through it for a while, Chi Yu discovered that combative abilities all needed 200 points, and he himself discovered he did not want to waste money to exchange for these—— his stamina was too low, so once he activated it, one half of his stamina would be lost, and so he did not buy any other items, and went out of the shop.

And now, he was sitting in a restaurant, waiting for Gu Wen Qiao to make the date.

The people in the restaurant were many. He chose a normal Chinese restaurant, and each table would have a low partition in between them. Chi Yu was originally laying on the table watching the window in a daze, when suddenly, he seemed like he recalled something, and still maintained his appearance of looking at the window, then held up his cellphone, and took a picture towards the window. Afterwards, he silently raised the volume on the media, then pressed on W█chat’s voice message button, and sent a message to Gu Wen Qiao, “Did you not find the place? I took a picture for you, go search across from the picture, then come in.”

Because the media volume was raised up, after Chi Yu let go, the sound that it let out could be heard even by the neighbouring table.

Chi Yu then continued lowering his head to play with the cellphone. All the time, he appeared very normal, that even when the waitress poured water for him, he lifted his hand to block it, and then looked at the waitress’ eyes, and said to her, “Big Sis, I don’t want to drink tea, I want to drink coke, iced.”

His appearance was sunny and cute, and when speaking to others like this, it made the waitress go soft in the heart, and hurriedly nodded her head, asking him if he wanted the big bottle or small one, Chi Yu chose a small one, and his hand carelessly covered over the cellphone.

The waitress did not see the screen on his cellphone, and once the waitress left, he then continued lowering his head to look.

That picture, was the one that he sent to Gu Wen Qiao.

On the picture, through the reflection of the glass, Chi Yu confirmed that his own eyes were not wrong.

A young person with a normal appearance was inconspicuously observing him. Just now, when he suddenly straightened his body and held up the cellphone to take the picture, because the other person was always observing him, they also slightly lifted his head up, and all of this was recorded by the camera.

Chi Yu could not help but think inside: So strange…… why would they observe me?

Just as he was thinking, to the back, there was suddenly a voice.

“Am I late?”

Gu Wen Qiao’s voice actually was a bit unnatural. Chi Yu hurriedly said no, and then asked if there was anything he wanted to eat.

And at the same time, Chi Yu heard a bit of a sucking air sound.

Being together with Gu Wen Qiao was always like this- this person was too dazzling, however…… however, this face of Gu Wen Qiao’s was certainly very handsome……

Chi Yu felt his ears burn up. He used his fingers to pinch the auricle to hide it, while the big sister waitress already brought the iced coke he wanted, and the items Chi Yu ordered were all served up as well.

Gu Wen Qiao looked at the dishes in front of him, and his expression turned a bit imposing. But he was accustomed with a cold face, so it made other people not realize, instead, Chi Yu slightly nervously put both his hands on the table and asked him, “Do you not like it?”

In front of them was a fresh and delicious, fragrant eggplant bursting with vegetable juices that went easy with rice formed into a big pancake with flour paste, golden corn with a light and crunchy scent, smooth and tender griddled beef fried with garlic paste and various spices cooked carefully……

But they were clearly very delicious……

Chi Yu thought with slight difficulty, oh no, Gu Wen Qiao must not like it.

And yet, Gu Wen Qiao was also very nervous.

He did not know how to eat things……

He was worried Chi Yu would be disappointed, and hurriedly denied it, “N-no, I like it very much.”

Chi Yu thus hopefully looked at him, “Then hurry and try it!”

Gu Wen Qiao looked at the two chopsticks in front of him, and entered the biggest predicament in history.

He attempted to pinch them, and then lifted them up, but, what should he do afterwards?

Even though Gu Wen Qiao had wandered for several tens of years in the human world, he had certainly, up to the present, never eaten human food.

Before going out the door, Gu Wen Qiao carefully checked his own face- he was very worried his face would suddenly collapse, and thus very seriously patched it up once over.

But unknown why, at this time and moment, Gu Wen Qiao felt like his face turned very tight.

He looked at the dish in front of him, and the chopsticks in his hands turned as heavy as several tons.

A nonexistent sweat drop slid down along his brow ridge……


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