[73842] Hospital of Horrors 6

Hide and Seek


Time and space become longitude and latitude.

Survival and substance become rewards.

The laying executors of chaos were like devils, enticing the ignorant souls dyed in the airs of death—— because only these souls could be guided to that place, and those being enticed, of course, was not only one planet, or perhaps one solar system- in the several billions of years, the civilizations born in the universe were of an innumerable count.

And know that at this moment, that enormous chaos existed all around. Melodies humans were unable to take still echoed about, but this was not enough, thus, the executors started conjecturing the creator’s will. At first, the Elder Gods and Great Old Ones fought, used their massacre to give the manic creator a peaceful slumber, and right now, countless human’s souls were in time and space’s coordinates struggling.

Anything and everything, was for the creator’s slumber.

「New information obtained……」
「Currently calculating new train of thought’s possibility of execution and effect……」
「Calculation complete. 」
「Level of Operation:Special priority 」
「Obtainable Deepness of Sleep:Exceeded estimated numbers, unable to calculate. 」


The second update of the Stairs of Desire already started, but everyone in the game still did not know of it yet. Kris looked at the security guard in front of her, and put on a defensive stance, but when directly looking at the security guard, she still could not avoid taking damage—— her sanity fell 5 points again, now, there was only 75 left, but her stamina was still at 180, so the situation was not considered to be too terrible.

She even used the corner of her eyes to look at the nurse’s station for a bit.

She was very sure.

When these two nurses rushed over to her, she certainly kicked the two into the staircase, but now……

The nurse’s station seemed to be a respawn point in a web game, and once again appeared with two nurses.

Kris had a kind of strange feeling—— as a woman, at the same time each of her abilities were not too bad, she also had a very strong sixth sense.

Once the two nurses respawned in front of her, this kind of six sense extremely intensely sparked up, making her unknowingly panic, and she started to think of one matter—— why would she panic? Just what exactly happened? These two nurses were certainly put into the staircase, the sixth sense made her feel like the staircase was very dangerous, and so she opened the door and took advantage of the two nurses’ pounce to have the two kicked inside, but right now they are…… could it be said that they died?

The front of the eyes suddenly flashed with an afterimage, and Kris reflexively turned her head and crouched down. The so-called defensive stance was merely a disguise, she was strong and vigorous, and directly took advantage of the restriction when the security guard was waving the stun baton, and went through from under his arms, then used a very quick pace to rush towards the nurse’s station. At this time, she paid some attention, and her body completely crouched down, and when passing by the nurse’s station, she did not get noticed.

The security guard at the back very quickly caught up, he looked to be overstuffed with a scary shape, but his speed was strangely quick, no wonder White Night turned that flustered……

Kris heard a question from the nurse’s station.

“Stop right there, what are you doing?”

“Ah, it’s the security brother. Today is New Years Day, there’s nobody in the hospital at all……”

This conversation and condition of activation pretty much could be said to be the same!

Beyond of Kris’ expectations was, the security guard actually stopped in his steps.

She was very curious, but did not stay for too long. She quickened her pace, and sent the information she got all into the group’s chat.

But uncoincidentally, Salt Fish’s side also updated with information.

「Salt Fish:My ability comes from my accessory, after levelling up, the forced delay this time has been held until now. It’s already the limit, everyone, Hide and Seek has started.」

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