[73842] Hospital of Horrors 9

If Xiao’Chi Kisses Me, Then I’ll Go

Kris’ group all went to the underground parking lot, but because the staircase of the hospital was closed, they used another way to enter the parking lot—— wind out the hospital doors, and then go in from the other entrance.

At this time, not one of them thought to escape from the hospital- the original goal of going into a game was to finish the quest, and what was more important was, although this hospital was named the Third Municipal General Hospital, it did not have much of a presence, to the point that it looked to not even be constructed in the city. The surrounding landscape was desolate, like it bordered on the outskirts, and one side was even an extensive chain of mountains. Even further out, one could even see a wide road, like it was an abandoned highway very few people used, from the extension of the road, a line entered this desolate area, and went to the front of this hospital.

This road drew in Nightingale’s attention.

She walked to the road, and then looked towards the underground parking lot to the side of the hospital, and just happened to see that ten-seater van.

She closed her eyes, and imagined a scene.

A group of people riding in a van and came down from the highway, and just so happened to see a hospital. Today was the first day of the new year, so the number of people staying in this hospital were very few, and only had one security guard. They arrived, the bloodstains and indents on the car, should be from a car accident, the people in the car perhaps all got injured, so they went inside the hospital, yes……

“Just as we arrived and went into the hospital, the story certainly activated and started from that moment we went inside.” Nightingale muttered, she was not certain on some parts, so she did not dare to say it with confidence.

Kris took over the thread of conversation, “Because there were suddenly ten people arriving, the emergency ward would be very busy, this says that the injured people should be very many…… so many that that doctor on duty at the in-patient ward also came down from upstairs…… when we were at the first floor, we did not see anybody else, because the ‘patients’ did not go to the emergency ward, and did not go to the place that activated the story……”

“And we passed by the security guard’s side, and so the guard would be activated……”

“Then how about that in-patient ward doctor…… according to what everyone’s saying, the security guard and the nurses at the first floor were activated, then that doctor should also……”

Kris abruptly recalled the sound of the elevator opening when she and Chi Yu were walking up the escalator.

Could it be that it was that doctor coming downstairs……

Everything seemed to match up.

—— So “we” are patients?

The instant this conclusion was reached, everyone at the scene all thought one part of the quest was finished, but the quest window did not have any changes to it at all.

「Main Quest:         1. Recreate the truth of the matter.
2. Number of deaths lower than four times.
3. Confirm your own identity within the quest. 」
「Duration of Quest: 7 days 」
「Side Quest: Recreate the reason of death for the characters. 」

Kris looked at the quest window. She originally looked at it randomly, because familiarizing with the quest’s goals was a basic demand, but once her eyes swept by the second line, that kind of uneasy feeling appeared once again.

Just like when she saw the two nurses respawn after she got them in the staircase.

“Number of deaths less than four times.”

Whose number of deaths should be less than four times? Or could it be said, was it all the number of deaths in this quest is less than four?

If it was like this, White Night already died once, two nurses also died once, they were only left with one chance to die!

Kris went cold in the bottom of her heart.

“We might only have one chance of death remaining, if this number of deaths pointed to all the characters in the quest……”

White Night proposed another possibility, “Have you ever thought, perhaps we already don’t have any more chances.”

There was a pool of filth-like thing by the entrance, like it had been burned and then stuck to the ground, while White Night who respawned at the entrance after being revived saw something that the others did not see.

“The security guard should have also died once.”

“Wait a minute, you guys come look at this.”

Black Walnut pulled open the van, revealing the inside structure.

Compared to the hospital, this van was clearly much newer. The bloodstains on the surface might have already turned very dark, but one could still see, the inside of this van, once stained with a lot of blood.

This was not right.

With Conman’s intuition, this was very wrong, “If this was a human’s blood, then the people in the car should have long died ago…… then why did us ten enter the quest?”

Clock and Conman’s states were not very good. Last night, they heard a strange sound, and up until now, their sanities appeared very negative.

“This hospital must have some very abnormal thing, we were clearly in the cardboard box, that cardboard box was made into a safehouse through deception, but we still……”

“And the ten people’s identities, are also not patients either……”

If they were patients, long at that instant they came out with the conclusion, the quest would appear with a completion notification.

Right now it was only the second day, yet they already used up all their number of deaths, and according to White Night’s circumstances, even if it was a quest where they could revive after death, they also needed to pay a very big price.

If it was the second night, the third night……

First don’t mention if they could finish the quest, only holding out to the very last day, leaving through the cellar, already……

Furthermore, there was the issue with the quest’s points calculation……

After removing percentage calculation from acting, if they were unable to complete the quest, just how many points would be subtracted?

Night was going to come soon, due to “Hide and Seek”, everyone did not have much of an opportunity to move around, and could only hide and run.

After Salt Fish’s accessory levelled up, it already turned into a decree that could forcefully postpone any action, but the needed sanity did not allow him to unlimitedly use the ability. Once the vengeful spirit left, Salt Fish was not in a hurry to come out, and as expected, the other party made a turn back, and smashed towards the cabinet he was hiding in earlier with a crash, and the cabinet was instantly dented. This vengeful spirit had an outward appearance of a man, and his side always followed with a ghost of a small child.

“Daddy, I want to play Hide and Seek.”

After Salt Fish and Black Walnut surprisingly discovered the floor they were at appeared with a pediatrics sign, they heard a much more frightening conversation.

The appearance of this conversation, in the film, genuinely activated everyone’s escape from death, because this vengeful spirit was extremely manic. They made the main character party not only have to hide from their chase, but even needed to not be discovered- once they were seen by the vengeful spirit, they would be locked on, and only until death would the other person then find another target.

Salt Fish was holding his breath in, when he suddenly felt something was not right, he abruptly turned his head, and then, the other cabinet he was at had its door broken.

Through the cracked cabinet door, Salt Fish saw a pair of manic bloody-red eyes.

Salt Fish immediately activated his ability, and postponed the other person’s action. This action made his sanity drop ten points, but he no longer hesitated, and ruthlessly kicked at the cabinet door a few times, then ran out from within, and then made a mad dash towards the stairs. The group system immediately appeared with his position, and Shadow also fearfully notified everyone the security guard was walking up towards the escalator, and the elevator…… the elevator absolutely cannot be entered! As for the stairs…… that place…… compared to the elevator, that place was even more……

Salt Fish looked towards the staircase in front of him in despair.

He might only be left with three ways to die, or perhaps if he were to enter the elevator, there might be a chance to revive, for example, like Chi Yu, his name turned greyed, but did not appear with a notification of death or something.

Just at the time his face was pale and despairingly looked towards that door.


The door to the staircase was opened.

Salt Fish’s eyes first saw a ball of dazzling colours, like the continuously swirling colours on a soap bubble, and then, his brain went empty. Many things he could not understand surged into his brain, then he vaguely saw something, that seemed like a conch, and many extending feelers……

But in the next second, a familiar voice resounded, and Salt Fish’s sanity meter that originally fell to 0 forcefully recovered, and his reasoning was pulled out from the preposterous fear.

“Ah, it’s Salt Fish…… what are you doing here?”

Chi Yu was hugging a man’s neck, wearily looking at him. That face that had a lot of vigour to it before revealed a kind of exhaustion, and the body was changed out with a set of clothes, like a suit from the medieval times.

Once Chi Yu said these words, his eyelids drooped down, “So tired.”

Salt Fish could not understand what happened, and even did not dare to recall the image he saw just now, he only felt that Chi Yu’s body had something strange to it in this instant.

Chi Yu looked to be very cowardly, but his behaviour was very abnormal……

In the haunted castle, Chi Yu actually dared to ask what was clearly the boss a question, and in this quest, Chi Yu may have appeared cowardly, but……

Would a person who was truly cowardly, at each time they entered a horror-type quest, appear like it was the first time they met with it—— yes, Salt Fish quickly thought, Chi Yu’s behaviour was just like this, and Chi Yu’s current state was very strange too……

Chi Yu, seemed like he would have no fear when he had something to fall back on…… but this should not be, if it really was like this, Chi Yu’s behaviour when interacting with them appeared completely unlike someone with tricks up their hands, it could only be said, in the deep part of Chi Yu’s consciousness, he would have no fear when he had something to fall back on……

Salt Fish tried something.

“Chi Yu, can you take care of the fellow chasing me?”

Although he said it like this, Salt Fish’s eyes instead uncontrollably looked towards that man holding Chi Yu—— their position was very dubious, and emerged with a kind of strange romanticism in this kind of scary quest, and the contents of what Clock and Conman said, also made Salt Fish in doubt.

Chi Yu looked at Salt Fish in front, unsure how to explain it, but he was very excited about the request Salt Fish made.

Only the heavens knew just him saying a single sentence already made him very exhausted, the property of a dodder was practically outrageous, Chi Yu arduously opposed with that consciousness coming from the deep of the body only wanting to rely on Gu Wen Qiao and not willing to do anything by himself, like a person who had an all-nighter arduously opposing the drowsiness that came afterwards- good thing Salt Fish himself suggested it, so Chi Yu could also test it.

—— Chi Yu had an immature idea, this kind of idea was far too insolent, and even was a bit haughty.

He was thinking, could this be Gu Wen Qiao’s dream?

But this was too surreal, a game with this many people participating being a single person’s dream was too surreal, so surreal that Chi Yu felt it was preposterous—— just who was Gu Wen Qiao, what kind of existence was he that he was able to have this kind of level of dream?

Could it be that the Creator actually put their stages into many ordinary people’s dreams?

If it was like that, he’d suggest that society pay more attention to the problem of the current generation’s mental health. The horrors the game stuffed in each quest…… everyone’s mental health problem was far too severe.

Chi Yu got worried about Gu Wen Qiao, what if he couldn’t fight it? But another side of his reasoning told him too, didn’t he already test it last night? It certainly had no problems.

“How about you do it?”

Chi Yu slowly said to Gu Wen Qiao.

Gu Wen Qiao made an en sound, went forward, but very soon revealed a frivolous and energetic smile that should originally not belong on his face, “If xiao’Chi kisses me, then I’ll go.”

That’s right.

The Gu Wen Qiao who was much closer to the one Chi Yu knew in the real world, and that surgeon, had merged in front of Chi Yu.

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