[73842] Hospital of Horrors 10

Warning: More light gore.

After the Quest Finished, the System Updated

Nightingale had a head full of sweat, the high level of concentration made her pretty much about to collapse.

“Found it!”

She cried out, and hurriedly started flipping through the contents.

This was a haphazardly handwritten admittance form. The surface was written with a hard-to-make-out name, but behind it was the gender, age, as well as the exams to be done, and at the same time, the group also popped up with Black Walnut’s message.

He found a child’s examination results in Pediatrics.

The second floor once had a man who came to have a checkup, and the first floor once stayed with a child.

In this instant, everyone had a guess as to the vengeful spirit’s identity.

Their hairs all stood like trees- the truth seemed to be separated by a layer of veil, oh so reachable, yet was certainly shrouded in smoke and mist, and was unable to be completely seen through.

“What is the truth of the matter?”

“What is the cause of death for the characters?”

“And who, are we?”

However, new clues also finally appeared. When Salt Fish was noticed by the monster, the remaining others quickly rushed to the emergency ward, and when they stepped into this place, all of a sudden, the entire hospital changed.

A clearly young-faced male doctor looked at the few people in front of him, “You guys are the injured patients? Where are you hurt?”

While he spoke, he turned and walked towards the emergency ward, and at the time he walked out a few steps, his back suddenly sprayed out with a gush of blood, and then, this young doctor’s body convulsed a few times. In this process, it was like there was some parasite swimming in his bones and muscles, making his body appear with a strange bump.

In the next second, this body suddenly broke out from the stomach, and squeezed out a seemingly oddly-shaped organism. This organism did not have eyes, the face was surrounded by pieces of flesh, with a sharp and long nose, while the opened mouth lined with several rows of sharp teeth.

This thing actually still spat out human words, “Mm? No ID? Why do all ten people not have ID?”

“Senior, what is with their situation?”

Along with his question, a seemingly different character was also activated.

A young female doctor whose neck was spread with red and purple fingerprints knitted her eyebrows and said, “No can do, have them first lay down, the nurses pretty much all went back for New Years……”

At this time, another male doctor opened his mouth.

“That’s not right, why is there only six people?”

Kris boldened her courage and answered, “The other people’s injuries are not as bad, they went to find our IDs.”

The odd shape turned around, and the split open mouth spat out a terrifyingly long tongue. Directly facing this kind of face was a rather big mental burden for Kris’ group, but Conman suddenly opened his mouth, “We did not lie to you.”

Conman’s ability activated, and after this sentence was spoken out, his sanity directly jumped down 20 points, but at the same time, that enmity the three people faced certainly lessened.

“Fine, come lay down then.”

Everyone made glances at each other, and obediently laid down, except, when passing by the work desk, Kris seemed to walk unsteadily, and after propping on the table, she then stood steady. After this, she then walked to the patient bed and lied down, while the three doctors started asking questions one at a time.

Kris was last, and thus was lined at the last one.

She just stole a newspaper.

This newspaper was folded squarely, and was clearly something that a doctor did when they were bored, but this was convenient for Kris to take.

Kris quickly skimmed over the newspaper, and with a sway of the eyes, she saw a certain piece of information.

——“City XX’s mountainous area appeared with a landslide.”

After this, Kris saw the accompanying image.

On that small little map, in the area where the landslide appeared, was a jail.

The newspaper wrote with affection: Under the brilliant decision of the mayor, all the prisoners have all been caught, and the travellers who ignored warnings and entered the mountainous area are still missing, the police will continue their search.

Kris’ brain’s blood vessels suddenly thumped, she sent the information to the group as she read it.

Right at this time, that female doctor walked over.

“What are you looking at?”

The gloomy voice unhappily resounded.

“It got too boring, so I was looking at the poster.”

Kris’ finger slightly moved a bit, the female doctor looked to the place where her finger was pointing, a supplement advertisement.

The female doctor’s eyes had no life in them at all, she opened her mouth, “Put your hand out.”

And then, she strangely said another thing.

“You bunch of men, not going home on New Years, what were you guys doing? You’re all bloody.”

The female doctor stopped, and took her things and walked towards the work desk, “Junior, give the police a call, with their circumstances, they might have met something……”

Her voice suddenly got cut off like a bird that had been clutched at the neck, and after a few arduous struggles, she no longer let out any sound.

Kris watched this female doctor’s body in front of her immediately droop down, but afterwards, stood up like nothing happened at all.

A kind of conjecture no one dared to believe floated up to the surface.

Chi Yu’s words and the thing floating in her brain right now overlapped.

Nightingale and Black Walnut’s information also surged in together……

Before she could open her mouth, there was already somebody in the group who said that conclusion.

「Shadow:Kris, if the time matches with the contents you saw in the newspaper……」
「Lilith:This is too cruel……」

Yes, this was too cruel.

The air suddenly turned scorching. The emergency ward spontaneously appeared with a fire, and got more and more bigger, an unpredictable big fire swept over this space.

Kris shouted, “Chi Yu! He is still at the staircase!”

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