[73842] Special Forces Examination

Special Forces Examination/《Sleeping Beauty》

The two got down from Red’s car, but before they could stand steady, someone ran over and brought them separately to a special room. Before this, Red already explained the general situation to Chi Yu, and told Chi Yu this involved a slight “paranormal event”.

“It’s just like the survival game, so I hope you can cooperate and have your friend brought over too. The government has always known about this matter,” Red explained to Chi Yu like this, “You don’t hope that your friend would be wrapped in it too, right?”

Chi Yu naturally did not hope for it, to the point he got even more worried about Gu Wen Qiao’s circumstances. Before he entered the survival game, when Gu Wen Qiao was describing those strange contents that he could not remember too clearly from his dreams, Chi Yu only felt it was curious, but if Gu Wen Qiao was always having these kinds of nightmares, to the point……

So, once he heard Red say she was going to have Gu Wen Qiao undergo a mental health examination, Chi Yu completely agreed to it.

—— If one had that kind of dream everyday, it would be very hard not to consider if Gu Wen Qiao actually had a mental health problem. Or perhaps it should be said, if the Creator used this pitiful passerby, Gu Wen Qiao’s dreams as a game quest, if he were to have those dreams for a long period of time, would there be some hidden problem left over?

If they were able to discover Gu Wen Qiao’s problem in time, then that would naturally be for the best.

Red changed out the member who was examining Chi Yu, and chatted with Chi Yu in a tightly-closed square room, “You will need to lie down in a bit, and then we will scan over the results, cooperate with the questions I ask you, then everything will be over.”

“Where is this?”

“Just a normal office building.” Red curved her eyes, but did not tell Chi Yu that at this moment, this big building was also containing that so-called level III danger, Chi Yu truthfully looked to too easy to deceive, so when Feng Cheng was tailing Chi Yu, [Chi Yu] completely did not discover anything.

There was never a need to be too vigilant towards this kind of person, so when Chi Yu asked questions, Red subconsciously answered them.


Once this en came out, Red herself immediately got shocked, her hairs stood up hair by hair, this was a kind of stress response after discovering she had committed a mistake, a kind of remorse quickly assaulted the inside her heart, but the good training made these emotions quickly get suppressed.

Red started completely focusing on Chi Yu.

And yet, Chi Yu’s behaviour was still relaxed, he even asked Red without avoiding any taboos, “Since there are no cameras here, then how do you office workers…… go inside the game?”

Red’s expression froze a bit, she actually could say this was all confidential, but unknown why, when facing Chi Yu, the bottom of her heart had a kind of intense feeling of not willing to reject the other person, thus, she actually opened up word by word, “Our origins vary a lot, some are originally [members], there are also some who, after entering the game, then came inside here…… but there is also another type of circumstance……”

Red’s expression suddenly stiffened, Chi Yu saw her expression, then wrinkled his eyebrows and thought for a bit……

“It can’t be that there would be some people, to enter the game, would intentionally try……”

Before these words finished, Chi Yu himself also froze, at this instant, he had a kind of indescribable feeling towards this so-called organization.

“Then you and Rock are……”

“It’s fake. Every so often, this game would forcefully ask each player to go in, we both have ciphers……” Red suddenly stopped, and did not say anything more, but instead vigilantly looked at Chi Yu, “You should go now.”

Red pushed opened the door, and when going out, Chi Yu saw a young person make a small run towards Red.

—— It was that person who was always following him and observing him before.

Chi Yu laid on the machine, then silently closed his eyes.

He felt like the officials in the special department had it quite tough……

And at the same time, Gu Wen Qiao also laid on a table.

“Please close your eyes.”

Gu Wen Qiao’s eyes flashed by with a sliver of irritation, he did not understand why Chi Yu had to bring him to this kind of place, and to Gu Wen Qiao, this place was too noisy.

The entire spotless and clean floor, echoed with trembling groans and some certain manic calls.

It was all some insignificant organisms and existences, yet annoyed Gu Wen Qiao’s human body to the point he turned tired, and that gloominess and anger at the bottom of his heart from Chi Yu’s abandonment clamoured while going to and fro in between his nerves.

“Wait a minute!”

Red’s expression was not that good, she quickly opened her mouth to Feng Cheng beside her, “The passageway to the game opened up, I have to go in, you go watch Room A306’s Chi Yu, he is also nearby here, it’s very possible he will go in too, the examiners haven’t dealt with this kind of situation before, you must stabilize the situation.”

After Red quickly communicated this, the spreading black shadows on the ground suddenly swallowed her from the legs up in an instant.

One minute later, Chi Yu who closed his eyes felt it was not right more and more.

He opened his eyes, and was dazzled by gem-blue and clear skies to the point his eyeballs swelled, and uncontrollably lifted his hand to block the light, and then, he felt a slight wind blowing by, and smelled the damp air of green grasses and dirt.

「Congratulations for activating the chance quest, Player」
「Current Game:《Sleeping Beauty》」
「Main Quest:Call awake Sleeping Beauty」
「Quest Item:The Many-sided Die. 」
「Many-sided Die: 1d100= 100 —— Of course, this is just a joke, but in such a broad quest, the result of the player’s every move, all needs a die to determine its success. 」
「Directions: A tool often seen in a human’s party game. A simple cast and the Goddess of Fortune’s joke often brings about an unexpected result. Example of use: 1d3=1, means that the player used a three-sided die to roll once, and the result is 1. 」
「Game start. 」

Chi Yu climbed up from the grass, and vacantly looked all around.

No map, no guide, in all that he could see, he could not see a target to communicate with……

He opened the window once again. This time, Chi Yu discovered his window was different, there were many entries after his ID, with the numbers all different. After he exited from the page, Chi Yu looked all around, there was a field of wheat in front of him was, to the back was a small hill, and where he just laid was a patch of grass.

Chi Yu used “Item Appraisal”.

First was the hill behind him—— “A background hill with nothing special to it”.

Then was the field of wheat in front—— “One of the products of the feudal lord, a majority of the residents in the fief work here”.

And then was a wide road in between the fields of wheat—— “A path that leads to the city, very long”.

Chi Yu considered his own stamina, then chose the wheat field.

When he entered the wheat field, a window suddenly popped out.

「You hope to find a person able to give you some clues in the wheat field, [Fortune]  Check/Result: 70/60 Success」

This kind of method of playing is too new!

Chi Yu’s ears suddenly heard a rustling sound, he walked over to where the sound was coming from, and saw a young boy whose face had freckles.

“Hello, I want to……” Chi Yu hesitantly opened his mouth, yet did not know how to ask for the time being. He carefully observed this young boy, then suddenly changed the topic, “You seem to be injured? Can I take a look?”

The young boy in front of him was dressed in rags, and was searching for something in the wheat field. On the inner part of his arm, was a not too conspicuous scrape.

「You attempt to charm an NPC, [Charm] Check/Result: 100/30 Huge Success」

Chi Yu was shocked, he did not have this intent at all, and yet, the system notified him on its own, and why is charm that high, could it be…… the rose? That’s not right, shouldn’t the die be random?

Chi Yu for now still did not understand the rules of the game this time, and quickly took it as a game of high or low.

Compared to the so-called rules of the game, the young boy in front actually acted like that—— he watched the young boy in front of him go red in the face, and bashfully lowered his head and looked at his feet, “My lord, I-I was only scraped by wheat stalks.”

Chi Yu did not believe it too much, why would wheat stalks scrap the inner side of the skin? He approached the young boy, and lifted the other person’s arm.

「You discover the young boy’s injury, [Medicine] Check/Result: 10/35 Failure」
「You did not obtain any information.」

Chi Yu went silent for a moment……

His head was originally hung low to check the young boy’s arm, but at this time, it suddenly lightly lifted up, and he used both eyes to earnestly look at the other person, “Was it really scraped by wheat stalks? Good child, don’t lie to me.”

The young boy in front went in a trance, and suddenly opened his mouth, “Actually, it-it was thorns.”

Chi Yu used an inciting gaze to continue looking at him.

“I heard that when the feudal lord was patrolling, he lost his gold ring in the wheat field, I wanted to get the reward, so I secretly came in, but when I was passing by Thorn Castle, I accidentally got scraped.”

Thorn Castle? Isn’t that the place where Sleeping Beauty is staying at!

Chi Yu smiled, “Can you tell me where the castle is?”

The young boy pointed the road for Chi Yu, and seeing how Chi Yu seemed to want to leave, the young boy hesitantly opened his mouth, “Mister, I don’t know where you are from, but, the lord has been searching for new xue(blood) servants lately, perhaps it is best if you do not approach the castle at night……”

And then, he pulled on Chi Yu’s hand, “Y-you can come to my home, I will take care of you……”

Chi Yu: Yes but there aren’t any points at your side……

Yet, the time was certainly not early anymore, and quickly, the curtain of the night fell down. Chi Yu gave it some thought, and decided to borrow a place at the young boy’s home to sleep for the night.

——Something like walking at night for Chi Yu was still too challenging.


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