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[Cry of the Midnight Jackdaw] Chapter 51

Chapter Fifty-one,
Lotus Seed

Bao Pu opened the door, said something to the person outside, then that person lightly laughed and came inside.

Xiao Zuo was a bit curious, so he stood beside Fu Zhan Chuan, and secretly peeked at the incoming person. That person was big and tall, had wide shoulders and a narrow waist, dressed sturdy, and looked to be a member of a military aristocratic background with one look. Xiao Zuo inconspicuously moved his gaze to his face, the person was handsome, the light wheat-coloured skin bathed by the strong sun in the borders rolled with a few beads of sweat, adding some bits of wildness to him.

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[Cry of the Midnight Jackdaw] Chapter 49

Chapter Forty-nine,
Tong Province

As expected, He Heng had Sun De Lu prepare the carriage to go to Jin Yang Palace, he did not even finish drinking his favourite soup and hurriedly left already. Empress Liu’s face turned into a series of bluish whites, probably feeling that she lost her face in front of He Xuan. Once He Heng left, she also excused herself saying her body was feeling unwell, and went back to the Han Yuan Palace with He Yang.

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[Cry of the Midnight Jackdaw] Chapter 48

Chapter Forty-eight,
Morning Dew

Xiao Zuo nervously and anxiously stared at He Xuan, and constantly shook his head at him, wanting He Xuan to help him once, and pull Qing Shuang out from the swamp. He hopefully met gazes with He Xuan, then personally saw He Xuan indifferently look away, change into a more comfortable pose and lean on the couch, and indifferently extend his hand to rub his temples, as though that gaze just now was out of his extra generosity.

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