Qi Feng’s Extra

At a time when he was still a low-level demonic being, he met a person who he would never forget in this lifetime.

That man sat up top, and casually smiled, “Quite interesting, make it him then.”

From the battlefield, he underwent a sudden transformation, and became the Demon Lord’s slave. After arriving at the Demon Palace, it was unlike how he imagined it to be- the inside was a bit quiet, with not much life to it.

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Bone Engraver and the Demon 005


Behind Chang Ge’s back, he secretly learned the demon realm’s techniques. He didn’t know whether or not he was being affected by the techniques, but he found that he could not control himself more and more, and began to find wreaking havoc as a form of enjoyment. At the start, it was with the flowers and grass, then demons and spirits in the later stages, and finally, even people.

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Engraved In Bone: The Unobtainable: Bone Engraver and the Demon 001

This is the last story of the novel! As the author has also commented, this is more like an extra, considering that the previous/main stories have been about the love triangle between Shen Qing Yi/Jiang Zi Yu/Chang Ge.


The young child’s face was all dirty. Behind him, the wave of heat scorched his back, and he raised his head to look at the bright and clear youth in front of him. On the waist of the other person hung a folding fan, the clean and good-looking hand lowered down and was placed in front of him, and they softly asked, “If you are willing to come with me, I will protect you without any worries.”

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