Shen Qing Yi’s Extra (Part 2)

If one were to ask what kind of feelings did Shen Qing Yi have toward Jiang Zi Yu, he was afraid he himself would not be able to answer as well; but towards the person that was beside him, would instead be loathing of a hundred ways possible.

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Shen Qing Yi’s Extra (Part 1)

The times had gone by far too long, that Shen Qing Yi had forgotten exactly how long he had lived already.

At the time when the six realms had not yet been completely separated, he became this world’s first evil spirit evolved with intelligence, born with wisdom; following along the passage of time, he oddly enough became the master of Qing Lun Mountain, and all the people of the world revered him as the Verdant Clothed Taoist[1].

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Mu Ying Sheng’s Extra

The thing that Mu Ying Sheng, who had witnessed people’s shallowness in the troupe since he was small, could not stand the most were those nobles and ones with imperial power that viewed the common people as ants.

Because of mother’s fleeting encounter during childhood, she had gloomily passed her lifetime away; and the auntie Yu who later on also came to love the same person, in the same fashion, died due to affection. All was because of that so called Emperor’s passion- using sweet, honeyed words to lure the women he had taken a fancy to, and on the other hand also looking down on their family background and quietly leaving, acting as though nothing had ever happened.

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Guo Shi and the Young Master 007


These few nights, Jiang Zi Yu could always hear the sound of rain coming from the outside. Within the ticking sounds of water, he would enter sleep, and then countlessly dream of the time Mu Ying Sheng’s figure was up on the stage, graceful and mesmerizing. Like when they met the first time, the other person would wave his sleeve towards himself, and then when he extended his hand, he would catch a blank.

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Guo Shi and the Young Master 006


Inside the dim and dark dungeon, the front line of sight was a bit hazy. Forcefully enduring the discomfort, Jiang Zi Yu walked into the deepest part of the dungeon.

Mu Ying Sheng’s body had long already been worn-out. The other person’s face also had a long, hideous scar. After forcing the jailer to have the wooden door opened, when he sat by the other person’s side, and could only hear Mu Ying Sheng softly speak, “You’ve come.”

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Guo Shi and the Young Master 004


Although Jiang Zi Yu was much more free at the Guo Shi residence compared to the Jiang residence, going out of it was a lot more strict. Those who came in and out of the Guo Shi residence all needed to undergo an inspection. He had also thought about entering by going over the walls, but there were many troops outside on guard. If he were to be caught, there was bound to be a session of reprimanding.

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Guo Shi and the Young Master 002


On the night of the Dragon Boat festival, there were many people, and on the Flower Boat whose attendance was long already chosen, sat a variety of people. The number of girls were on the higher side. Jiang Zi Yu heard that every year, the Flower Boat would tacitly acknowledge there to be more girls, with very few men on the boat. Those supposed young lords all liked to sit by themselves in a small boat, and recite poems in opposition.

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Engraved in Bone: Resentment: The Guo Shi and the Young Master 001


Within the palace on the very peak of Qing Lun mountain, a man extended his hand to touch the small balls of light circling around his body. The rays of light suddenly enveloped his entire body, and when it disappeared and the eyes were open, the eyes bore more of a slightly unclear[1] expression.

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