Mo Qi’s Extra

When he was still a fifteen, sixteen year old young boy, he had been egged into climbing Liu Yuan’s maternal family’s walls. It was said that Liu Yuan’s family’s pretty daughter was extremely good-looking, so those playboys requested to take a look and see if they were as good-looking as was said in the rumours- he was only dragged along there.

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Eldest Sister’s Extra (Part 2)

On the day Mo Yu Xi was to enter the palace, she had originally wanted to have Ya Ya knocked out, but she did not know where that wild girl got mixed into, and followed along right with her. All thanks to Mo Qi, the Emperor had not even seen her yet and already made her into a Promise[1]. And after the service of sleeping, she was immediately made an exception and raised to one of the Four Imperial Concubines.

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Mo Li's Extra

I know I said it’d be a few days, but then I remembered Animal Crossing came out with its new game and kinda got lost there for a few more days.

A huge fire broke in the village. He locked up the couple that normally mistreated him during the day inside the home, and escaped all by himself. Then, he was captured again by people and sent to Mo family’s back mountain, raised into an extremely loyal hidden guard who would not bat an eye when killing people.

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The Master and the Bodyguard 008


Without waiting for Sahada to capture Zhou, Mo Qi died.

When he heard the news, Mo Jing Yu was still a bit stupefied. He knew that this day would eventually come, but did not think it would be this fast. Even though he had already thought of if Zhou were to be captured, how he would torture the other person- but he just died in the next moment. He didn’t even have a direction to go in any more.

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The Master and the Bodyguard 006


As a toy, Mo Jing Yu was, without a doubt, up to par.

Nai Man Jin was always very annoyed by the relationships held between the wives and concubines, but they were all inherited from the previous chief- it was not like he could have them returned and given back to a dead person. Fortunately, a tent could be made to let them argue among themselves. When Mo Jing Yu first arrived and lived with him, to avoid trouble, the other person would go out very little. Even if they were to run across each other by accident it would be taken care of properly, as to avoid leading into being the source of trouble, and causing him to be irritated.

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