The Rabbit Gentleman and the Fox Demon 002


A noble that Shen Hang Zhi seduced had fallen for him so much that he completely lost his mind, to the point that he even went and captured the few men he had mentioned before for him.

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The Grand Tutor’s Extra

When Fu Hong Wen had met Zhao Li Xin that year, he was just a little ‘girl’ no taller than a beansprout. His lovely appearance had pierced his heart in an instant. He had thought, how nice it would be if he had a beautiful daughter that was as lovely as the Tenth Princess. Of course, he had only thought about it.

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The “Princess” and the Grand Tutor 009


The position of the Crown Prince had been decided on after all, and as expected, it was the Third Prince.

But they did not know when it started- among the common people, there was a rumour going around saying the Third Prince was a leftover from the previous dynasty, and that all the other princes‘ misfortunes were a product of Imperial Concubine Liu’s doing.

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The “Princess” and the Grand Tutor 003


Foreigners would soon arrive at the capital in the next few days. And along with them, a prince. The outside had long spread that they were looking to propose a marriage.

At the request of her mother, Fu Miao Han entered her brother’s room to open the windows to have some air flowing as to avoid the already sick person becoming even more sick.

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