Qin Huai’s Extra

I’ll be taking a short break to concentrate on exams. I’ll be back around mid December. Probably a bit later considering holiday activities. Have a great holiday!

When Qin Huai was at the age where he started to remember things, he was already in this place of debauchery[1]. He did not know who his father was, and only knew that his mother was a lady of this Mansion. After giving birth to him, she started to thin out, her good looks were no longer, and thus the thought of selling him to become a rabbit gentlemen had been birthed.

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The Rabbit Gentleman and the Fox Demon 009


In the end, the fox could only hold out until the new year. It went from a young and healthy little fox to an old fox, lazily lying down on Shen Hang Zhi’s bed, then constantly looking at the door. When Shen Hang Zhi pushed open the door, he would seem to be yawning, like completing a duty, then slowly lie back down, closing its eyes.

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The Rabbit Gentleman and the Fox Demon 007


Shen Hang Zhi finally understood why so many people liked to ask for divine advice, and seek ways to become immortal. After the day Lan Yi transferred his internal pill to him, he had felt he had become even more seductive. His eyes had brought about an inherent kind of charm, and was comparatively even more youthful and beautiful than before.

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