Teacher and Disciple 008


During the long period of time, Chang Ge tried out methods of pulling out the soul[1]. He wanted the part of the soul interlaced with Wang Rui stripped, and after that, be able to possess his teacher in his entirety.

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Teacher and Disciple 006


Everyone said that the god was fickle and apathetic. In the beginning, Chang Ge did not think that was true, but today, when he took a look after knowing the truth, it was most certainly like that.

Long since his state of mind was unstable and after he was injured, he didn’t know if it was because the person who invoked the spell disappeared, or if Heaven was to bring retribution to him, but the originally alternated life destiny gradually changed back. Don’t mention the Teacher who often paid attention to him, even he himself could foretell his constellation was obscure, that the day was gradually coming down [for him].

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Engraved in Bone: Unable to Let Go: Teacher and Disciple 001

There appears to be a few typos more than usual that may or may not change the meaning of some things, but the overall direction should stay the same.


It was night. Within the torrential rain, sounds of footsteps were particularly noisy that one could only hear an aged voice anxiously yell out, “Madam!”

The woman’s voice carried an irrefutable dignity and a bit of feebleness that could not be avoided, “Shut up, and have the person dealt with.”

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