The Traitorous Subject and the Emperor 008

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The little Highness that suffered the pain from bone engraving once had already learned to be obedient. If Xu Hao Ran were to let him go east, he would definitely not go west. Only, whenever he came in contact with him, the other person would always unconsciously evade it, and after realizing it, he would look at him with fear.

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The Traitorous Subject and the Emperor 003

All instances of his Highness (possessive, like ‘that’s mine/hers/his) will be shortened his(pos.) Highness as so not to be confused with your/her/his Highness (title/address).


With a single trip to the borderlands, three years had gone by.

The Emperor had constantly kept in touch through mail with him- for Xu Hao Ran, even if rations were cut, the little Highness’ letters could not be cut. Every time it was hard to endure the treatment of his wounds, he would always need to bring the Highness’ handwriting close to his chest.

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The Traitorous Subject and the Emperor 002


Xu Hao Ran is Zhou Jun Yan’s blade- if he can say it, he would be able to do it as well.

He had the other person protected extremely well from a youth up until now, and at the time when the previous emperor fell sick and the palace fell into chaos, even he used his own influence he brought up with much difficulty, and raised the other person up to the position of the Emperor.

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Engraved in Bone: Death: The Traitorous Subject and the Emperor 001

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As one who is able to bring the country peace, favourable winds and suitable rain, towards the Guo Shi[1] who was up above in the tall towers in the imperial palace[*], all the citizens worshipped him- that they respected him more compared to others and even the imperial family. Having relied on the Guo Shi to deal with the successive few years of various natural and man made disasters, pulling back the raging waves, the already indulgent[2] and muddleheaded monarch was happy to let himself be a monarch in name only.

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