Come Eat Mr. Bunny Rabbit (Completed)

Original Title: 可以吃兔兔
Author: KLBB
Original Link:

Fleming Giant rabbits—— one of the largest breed of rabbits in the world.
They can reach up to 1.8m in length, worthy of being a giant among rabbits.
But no matter how giant a rabbit is, they are still rabbits. With their bodies several times bigger, their need for a feeling of security would be several times bigger.
The rabbit teacher outside the nursery school getting on the bike ready to get off work, Wen Ming, was a textbook standard of that.
Born in a family with many children, and also taller than friends the same age in his childhood, Wen Ming, all this time, was never given the role of being spoiled and playing coy.
Not obtaining any satisfaction from the needs of love and care, after Wen Ming grew up, he went off to become an early childhood educator that cared for others.
All that he hoped for his entire life was extremely simple, he hoped that there would be one day his wish of being spoiled in his lover’s embrace could be realized.

The Wen Ming of today still rushes about on the broad, great path of blind dates.

Barbaric gong X beautiful shou, giant wolf X giant rabbit.

After Wen Ming met Jiang Rui:
Wen Ming: Hello.
Jiang Rui: How did you know I’m 196?
Wen Ming: …… I don’t.
Jiang Rui: Oh. (196)
Wen Ming: ?
Jiang Rui: Want to eat a meal together tonight? Dunno what is suitable to eat for a 196(cm) guy.
Wen Ming: ……

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