Engraved in Bone (Completed)

Original Title: 刻骨
Author: 日花花葉晔
Original Link: https://www.gongzicp.com/novel-134193.html

There exists eight hardships of human life- living, aging, being sick, dying, resenting, leaving loved ones, being unable to let go (the Five Skandhas), and being unable obtain something.

In each life, each person will experience their own hardship. Once they obtain happiness, they are furthermore unable to let go. Whether it would be heartfelt love or resenting someone down to the bone, would it matter? As long as that person’s bone has my name, it would be enough.

  • First story (Living) – The “Princess” and the Grand Tutor
  • Second story (Aging) – The Rabbit Gentleman and the Fox Demon
  • Third story (Illness) The Miracle Doctor and the Demon Head
  • Fourth story (Dying) The Traitorous Subject and the Emperor
  • Fifth story (Leaving Loved Ones) The Master and the Bodyguard
  • Sixth story (Resentment) Guo Shi and the Young Master
  • Seventh story (Five Skandhas) The Teacher and Disciple
  • Eighth story (Unable to Obtain) The Bone Engraver and The Demon (Final)

17 thoughts on “Engraved in Bone (Completed)

  1. Hello good day, today I write to request permission to translate into Spanish “Engraved in bone”, from now on sorry for the inconvenience.


    1. Hi Sizhui!

      Thank you for the interest in this novel! I don’t mind if you want to use my translation for a Spanish re-translation, just do be aware that it is not completely accurate, so I do hope that in the future you are able to translate it from its original language ^^ Have fun translating!



  2. Thank you very much (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

    Your translation is really good, I love it and this novel too :”3 I was very excited when I found out that someone had started translating it, unfortunately I am very bad with Chinese, so I had to read it with mtl, I will always be grateful to you for such a beautiful translation ( ˘ ³˘)❤


  3. Hello, i’m Angel. I love this story so i was very interested to translate it into Indonesian. Can i ask your permission for translate it and post it on my wattpad account? Of course i will include this site as the English Translator.

    Thanks for the time. I hope you can consider it. I will wait for your reply.


    1. Hi Angel,

      Thank you for your interest in this novel! You do not need my permission to translate the novel if you are looking to translate from the original Chinese to Indonesian, but if you’re looking to use my translation, then I don’t mind giving you permission either. Just be aware that I may go back to older chapters in the future to do some minor edits and post-proofreading to catch any typos and clarify some lines.

      Regards, kahka.


  4. Hey there Kahka! I read about this novel on novel updates and finally ended up here :D. Its beautifully translated and i cried when i finished reading the first arc. Im not a native english speaker and i wanted to translate this into my mother language; indonesian. It would be great if i have the permission for it from the english translator since my chinese isn’t that great yet hahah your translation is a big help for me.

    Looking forward for ur reply!!

    Warmest hugs,


    1. Hi Xiaokay,

      Thanks for your interest in the novel!
      I believe I’ve already given permission to someone else in these comments on translating my work to Indonesian, but you are very welcome to use my translation as a point of reference in your own translations. I would maybe try to contact the other person to see their progress or see if a collaborated effort is possible ^^



      1. Thank u so much for granted me the permission! I did read the comment but i haven’t find anything about the novel’s indonesian translation works everywhere so i decided to ask u the permission to do it 🙂 Anyway, still big thanks to u for this wonderful work and for granted me the permission❤️

        Warmest hugs,


  5. ah, this story really caught my attention and I wanted to thank you for translating it ~

    I wanted to ask for your authorization to be able to translate it into Spanish, because the person who did it, did not finish it and I want to follow it in my original language, I would appreciate it very much uvu


    1. Hi Angelica,
      Thank your for your interest in the novel. If you have attempted contact with the original Spanish re-translator, and have confirmed they are dropping the re-translation, I would be happy to give you the permission as I have before for the other person. Do be warned that my translations are not exactly accurate, and if possible please translate from the original. Also, remember to credit the original novel and my translation, and provide links if you do end up pursuing the re-translation.



      1. Sure, I plan to follow all your requests, because actually I also use the original text to translate alongside the English version as I don’t know Chinese, for a version closer to the original, as much as possible. The credits will obviously be there. I am really sorry for the lateness of my responses, but I did not check my notifications for my college admission. I hope and if you can give me your authorization.


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