[Cry of the Midnight Jackdaw] Chapter 33

Chapter Thirty-three,

“Father, you look quite good today, has the medicine taken effect?” He Yang eagerly poured a cup of tea for He Heng, and stiffly waited around. He Heng glanced at him, slowly blew it, and seeing He Yang stare at him without even blinking, he then smiled and took a sip, then said, “You’ve worked hard, that medicine certainly is not bad, you’ve earned a merit for this. It just so happens that I(z have not yet planned for the ancestral ritual for spring, how about you arrange it, go gain some experience.”

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[Cry of the Midnight Jackdaw] Chapter 31

Chapter Thirty-one,

“Old Fourth’s inside too?” He Yang’s horse carriage was stopped in front of the ducal residence, He Xuan saw it from a distance, and felt that the heart that hurriedly wanted to rush here to see Xiao Zuo just before seemed to be completely dampened by icy water. In an instant, he seemed like he was choked abruptly on a sickeningly sweet cake, and made him suddenly bear the thought of wanting to turn the horse.

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[Cry of the Midnight Jackdaw] Chapter 29

Chapter Twenty-nine,

Approximately in the evening, Ling Xiang came over to say the preserved meat porridge was done.

He Xuan was marking official documents, Xiao Zuo was covered in a blanket curling on the small couch by the side, with his hands holding up some country annals. The charcoal in the room warmly made people all drowsy and wanting to sleep, his head nodded again and again, and sleepiness rose up to the point even the eyelids almost could not be propped up.

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[Cry of the Midnight Jackdaw] Chapter 28

Chapter Twenty-eight,
A Good Omen

“Since this is considered the first year I am in Jin, and everyone has usually worked hard, I prepared some small toys for everyone, add some good omens.”

Xiao Zuo took out pouches he prepared some time already, and handed one to everyone in the room. Other than Zi Wan and De Qing staying, it was late from the looks of it, so he urged the others to return to their own homes. On the day of the new year, one must always stay up with family.

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