Qi Feng’s Extra

At a time when he was still a low-level demonic being, he met a person who he would never forget in this lifetime.

That man sat up top, and casually smiled, “Quite interesting, make it him then.”

From the battlefield, he underwent a sudden transformation, and became the Demon Lord’s slave. After arriving at the Demon Palace, it was unlike how he imagined it to be- the inside was a bit quiet, with not much life to it.

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Bone Engraver and the Demon 005


Behind Chang Ge’s back, he secretly learned the demon realm’s techniques. He didn’t know whether or not he was being affected by the techniques, but he found that he could not control himself more and more, and began to find wreaking havoc as a form of enjoyment. At the start, it was with the flowers and grass, then demons and spirits in the later stages, and finally, even people.

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Shen Qing Yi’s Extra (Part 1)

The times had gone by far too long, that Shen Qing Yi had forgotten exactly how long he had lived already.

At the time when the six realms had not yet been completely separated, he became this world’s first evil spirit evolved with intelligence, born with wisdom; following along the passage of time, he oddly enough became the master of Qing Lun Mountain, and all the people of the world revered him as the Verdant Clothed Taoist[1].

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Mu Ying Sheng’s Extra

The thing that Mu Ying Sheng, who had witnessed people’s shallowness in the troupe since he was small, could not stand the most were those nobles and ones with imperial power that viewed the common people as ants.

Because of mother’s fleeting encounter during childhood, she had gloomily passed her lifetime away; and the auntie Yu who later on also came to love the same person, in the same fashion, died due to affection. All was because of that so called Emperor’s passion- using sweet, honeyed words to lure the women he had taken a fancy to, and on the other hand also looking down on their family background and quietly leaving, acting as though nothing had ever happened.

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Eldest Sister’s Extra (Part 2)

On the day Mo Yu Xi was to enter the palace, she had originally wanted to have Ya Ya knocked out, but she did not know where that wild girl got mixed into, and followed along right with her. All thanks to Mo Qi, the Emperor had not even seen her yet and already made her into a Promise[1]. And after the service of sleeping, she was immediately made an exception and raised to one of the Four Imperial Concubines.

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Mo Li's Extra

I know I said it’d be a few days, but then I remembered Animal Crossing came out with its new game and kinda got lost there for a few more days.

A huge fire broke in the village. He locked up the couple that normally mistreated him during the day inside the home, and escaped all by himself. Then, he was captured again by people and sent to Mo family’s back mountain, raised into an extremely loyal hidden guard who would not bat an eye when killing people.

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