[Zhao Ge] Chapter 17

Chapter Seventeen, Spirit, Oh, Spirit, to What Place Do You Return to.
(魂兮魄兮, 归者何兮)

  Inside Li Xin’s “domain”, the sound of wind was shrill and bitter, sorrowful like ghosts crying. Held within the ghostly howls and demonic cries, was the sound of the blade’s edge cutting apart the air. Bai Li Shu hung down his eyes, and the long eyelashes covered up his emotions, and also covered up the shower of blades that filled the sky.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen, Anticipate the Enemy to Go First, Then Calculate to the Point of Leaving Nothing.
(料敌先机, 算无遗漏)

  Sly Swallow’s crescent-shaped evil aura flew up high in the sky. Not only all the disciples beneath the stage, but even Li Xin on top of the stage was paying attention to Bai Li Shu’s reaction.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen, A Blade of Demon Eyes, Jackdaw Like a Sabre.
(妖瞳之刃, 寒鸦如刀)

  When the black-robed youth said this, the surroundings immediately turned into sounds of whispers.

  Qin Jiu raised his eyebrows, and smiled, “Senior Li Xin[1] truly is full of excitement. However, Senior Bai Li and I still have a deal that is not complete. Don’t know if Senior here can just wait for a moment.”

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen, a Few Pointers, From the Country’s Beauty.
(指点一二, 天下美色)

  “Senior Brother?”
  The grey-clothed disciple looked at him in surprise. Regarding his own Senior Brother’s personality, he still understood a few things. Even if it was Shen Chang Ge, with his temperament, the most he’d do was probably let Senior Brother laugh two times and give a few taunts, far unlike this extremely shocked look.
  But speaking of which……

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve, the Immortal Ascends Through the Clouds, and Observes the Sea’s Blueness From Above.
(仙人凌云, 俯观海苍)

  The original host’s cave-dwelling was not far from Jiu Xuan’s main peak, positioned on top of a lone leaning summit to its rear left.

  The summit was named Qing Hua. With stones erected several hundred zhang[1], its appearance seemed to be formed by being cut, and the cliff-sides were extremely steep, with only the stone steps winding within the clouds, circling upwards. The cave-dwelling was located at the end of the stone steps, as though to be floating on top of the clouds, distant and indistinct, just like an immortal.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven, Praise of a Hundred Miles, Herd to the East Tome.
(朝歌百里, 牧之东陵)

  When Bai Li Shu came to, he smelled the faint aroma of sandalwood.

  When he smelled this scent famed for being able to soothe the nerves, Bai Li Shu had a few guesses as to what kind of place he was in. He got up and looked around to observe this room. In the room neither big nor small, blue water cloud patterns were present all around, no different from the needlework on that man’s garments he saw on the third floor of the library.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 10

I realize readers may have a hard time recalling past footnotes with relevant info at times (especially with frequent references and puns based on names and especially more so later on), so I’ve decided to create a separate page with all the footnotes thus far. These will be updated after each chapter upload, and can be accessed via the main header under translations > Zhao Ge and not created so I can personally keep track of what I’ve explained so far and not have to reconsider doing this at a later time and increase my load

Chapter Ten, the Mortal Realm Has No Attachment, thus Freedom Belongs to the Immortal.
(红尘不恋, 自在为仙)

  Not knowing that Shen Chang Ge blocked off He Zhou half way for a fight after he left, Bai Li Shu did not directly return to his cave-dwelling, and instead went to the library pavilion located to the right of the main peak.

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[Zhao Ge] Chapter 8

Chapter Eight, Jin Tang’s Mausoleum of Ten Million, the Mortal Realm’s Peng Lai.
(金唐京陵, 俗世蓬莱)

  When they turned around, at a time unknown and a place not far from them, an elder appeared out of nowhere. A deep-black robe draped over that elder, with no decorative patterns whatsoever on the robe. The elder’s hair and beard was completely white, he bore a grim face, while his expression did not any relation with intimacy. Chilling, stern.

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