The Beauty Stirs Lanterns and Strikes

Stand-in until the novel’s finished and I can properly evaluate if it’s worth translating even though I like it so far as to do this.

Original Title: 美人挑灯看剑
Author: 吾九殿
Original link:

Qiu Bo Deng transmigrated, and became 《Chronicle of Gods’》 number one playboy.
The playboy’s skin was fair and good-looking, wore glamorous and gaudy red clothes, flaunted a shockingly-high position, and caused trouble for no reason.
That by the end, caused himself to die.

According to logic, once one received this kind of script, they should behave properly like a human being, then hug onto the leading character’s big golden legs.
But then, Qiu Bo Deng calculated and discovered, there was a whole EIGHT! HUNDRED! YEARS! from when the story would start to the day he was able to reap in the rewards!
—— He was able to recklessly live on happily for eight hundred years, yet they want him to stoop down and compromise?
Nah, nah, not behaving anymore.

Thus, the immortal sect discovered, their little ancestor’s behaviour turned from bad to worse.
Today, they roasted Elder Jun’s phoenix.
The next day, they fished out Elder Ye’s roc.
The day after……
The day after, he went down the mountain all by himself!

All around the sect: Holy shit! Their little ancestor won’t be beaten dead on the first day, would they?

Not only did the little ancestor not get beat dead, they even thrived, with a gang of bad friends that stretched over the three realms:
The Medicine Valley Master’s son that would not save people, Mountain Sea Pavilion’s ultra stingy scoundrel, Buddhist Sect’s degenerate that did not ferry the poor, Gui Valley’s work of art that did not understand how to fortune-tell……
Later on, even the well-raised main character got bent.
The first alliance of playboys was thus born.

Everyone felt like these three realms would be done in.

Until the day the Great Desolation came upon the world, and the natural laws collapsed.

The Medicine King’s son killed tens of thousands of demons using poison, the Beast-taming Sect’s garbage turned into a black dragon, and the Buddhist Sect’s degenerate offered the nine transformations of bodhi……
And the alliance’s number one playboy Qiu Bo Deng——

He, dressed in red clothing, cut off the primordial world with one strike.

2 thoughts on “The Beauty Stirs Lanterns and Strikes

  1. I was originally going to translate this another day after some time, but with recent news, I’m just going to make it public and leave it like this since I already translated the summary.

    If Zhao Ge was a prototype, this would be the live version. Beautiful writing style, precise choice of words, large ties to Chinese mythology, and a sense of overarching unity, but this time, with some more romance (but still not what ties the story together).

    Not suggested to MTL due to language.


  2. This looks so good! It’s so sad that you can’t translate it but oh well. The summary honestly really makes me want to MTL even though it would be no good.


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